Putting this web site together gave me the impulse to bring together everything I’ve worked on that has been released.  Titles I don’t have copies of won’t be on this list.  While I’d love to hear them someday, I don’t keep a list of the ones that got away, so to speak.  So, directly off the racks, in no particular order other then year, comes this fascinating collection of music and artists.   Internet only releases on, for example, Bandcamp or Sound Cloud are now also included in this discography.   If I can help you with your project then email me and we can think it through.  doughaire2@gmail.com

KEY:  producer (prod)  recording engineer (rec)  mix (mix)  live to 2-track (live mix)  editing (edit)  radio broadcast live mix and production (Sonarchy)  sound for picture (sound design) mastering (mastering)


372. Toshi Ichiyanagi / Sapporo / Edition Wandelweiser Records EWR 1801 / performance by EYE MUSIC, a Seattle based ensemble specializing in the interpretation of graphic and text scores. (wandelweiser.de) (rec)(mix).

371. Peter Vukmirovic Stevens / Panacea 3 String Quartets / ArpaViva CD 009 / Mikhail Shmidt – violin 1, Blayne Barnes – violin 2, Mara Gearman – viola and Paige Stockley – cello.  A major effort in new music for string quartet by this composer.  Masterful performance of music that is likely to heard for many years to come. (petervukmirovicstevens.com)  (rec)(edit)(mix)

370. Jeff Greinke / Before Sunrise / Spotted Peccary SPM – 3701  A fine-tuned mastery of  the electro-acoustic experience.  7 players of acoustic instruments join Jeff on keys, electronics, samples and processing. (rec) (jeffgreinke.com)

369. Todd Steven Davis / Sun + Moon Rendezvous  / double CD reissue of this 1993 project.  Exceptional blend of powerful poetry with music and ambience. (rec)(mix)(master)

368. Mike Antone / Lamplighter/ a fine set of solo music from this composer, vocalist and string instrument specialist.  Joined by Lori Goldston – cello.  (rec)(mix)(master)

367. Ball of Wax 51/ Long Songs/ Levi Fuller’s long running compilation series turns to Bandcamp to present 7 hours of long songs.  I’m in there with a piece called Ilwaco plus two artists used work from their Sonarchy performance. http://ballofwax.org/2018/03/ball-of-wax-51-songs-doug-haire-ilwaco/  (Sonarchy)

366. Making the Cut / various artists comp. / Songs of the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Ballard Locks. Big, deep Seattle thing.  (co-eng)(mastering)

365. Strong Sun Moon / The Memory of Water/ Camelia Jade, Mike Antone – composers, singers, various instruments, Gabe Herbert –  bass, Dawn Reardon – frame drum, Samantha Hiatt- voice and percussion.  World music flowing from the Pac NW.  (strongsunmoon.org)  (rec)(mix)

364. Ramen Trio / Doug Lilla – electric bass, James Dejoie – clarinets and Jay Weaver – drums.  Superb new jazz music. (rec)(mix)(master)

363. Blake Degraw / Sonarchy / 12 players + this composer, improviser. (Sonarchy) blakedegraw.bandcamp.com/album/sonarchy

362. Jason E. Anderson / Truth / Draft Records / Jason – electronics, Ian Halloran – voice. draftrecords.com (Sonarchy)

361. Tinkham Road / From Mountains to Sound / Jeremy Rule – cello, Ryan Donnelly – bass, vox, Bob Antone – violin, guitar, lead vox, Chase Rabideau – guitar, lead vox, Parker Antone – uke, banjo, saw, vox, Gavin Treglown – guitar.  Pac NW historical songs and gems from the North Bend, WA area. tinkhamroad.com  (rec)(mix)(master)

360. Garrett Fisher / The Iris / 16 Visions 16v008 / A stunningly beautiful chamber opera. Ryan Bede, Maria Mannisto, Jordan McClellan, Jose Luis Munoz and Matthew Richardson. (rec)(mix)

359. Sumiko Sato / Nanbu Sakaya Uta Project Vol. 1 / lovely new music adaptations of Sake-brewing songs from Japan.  Sumiko – compositions, piano,  Paul Taub – flute, Tari Nelson-Zagar – violin, Kevin Krentz, Lori Goldston – cello, Dennis Staskowski – contrabass, Paul Kikuchi – percussion, Joshua Kohl – conductor. (rec)(mix)(master)

358. Brad Gibson / Epilogue Procession / Brad – composition, percussion, Denney Goodhew – piano, Chris Symer – bass and Ryan Burns – moog opus 3. (rec)(mix)

357. Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces / The Box Set / 4 current releases repackaged as a collection. https://rikwright.bandcamp.com/merch/like-jazz-but-not-t-shirt-and-box-set

356. Wes Weddell / Miles To Row/ song for Bushwick Book Club of Seattle/ w/ Geoff Larsen – bass and Joy & Tom of the Starlings – bgr. vox.  (rec)(mix)(master)  https://thebushwickbookclubseattle.bandcamp.com/

355. Swindler / Swindler / soul-jazz.  (mastering)

354. Stuart McLeod / Suspended Movements / music for guitar orchestra.  Stuart McLeod – compositions, drums & cues,  Robert Henson – guitar, Mark Schlipper – guitar, Guy Whitmore – guitar, Carl Farrow – guitar, Korby Sears – guitar, Marc Laurick – bass and Barbara Trentalange – bass & conductor on Suspended Movement 3.  stuartmcleod.bandcamp.com/album/suspended-movements (rec)(live mix)(sonarchy)

353. Steve Griggs Ensemble / A Cup of Joe Brazil / HipCity Music  Steve – narration, tenor sax, Jay Thomas – trumpet, alto sax, Susan Pascal – vibraphone, Phil Sparks – bass, Milo Petersen – drums. An homage to musican and educator Joe Brazil. (stevegriggsmusic.com)

352. the Ocular Proof / James DeJoie – flute, alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone sax, Steve Kirk – trombone, Matt McCluskey – keys, Walter White – bass, Greg Campbell – percussion.  New compositions from James.

351. Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces / Subtle Energy / HipSync Records/ Rik – guitar, James DeJoie – clarinet,  Geoff Harper – bass and Greg Campbell – drums.  Forth in a series of chart topping new jazz music. rikwright.com (rec)(mix)

350. Brandin Offichner / Water Watch / bassist and composer Geoff Harper put this project together.  Jacques Willis – vibes, singing, Byron Vannoy – drums, Hans Teuber – sax, piano, Marco De Carvalho – guitar. (geoffharpermusic.bandcamp.com) (rec)(mix)

349.  Dennis Rea Tanabata Ensemble / Black River Transect / Scoobietracks 002 / Dennis Rea – guitar, composer with Stuart Dempster, James Dejoie, Beth Fleenor, Kate Olson, John Seman, Tom Zgonc, Paul Kikuchi. (scoobietracks.com) (mastering)

348. Conspiratio / Wassail! / Conspiratio are: Sopranos: Amanda Keogh, Carol Monahan,Altos: Marie Cooley, Victoria Dzenis,Tenor: Ezra Homison  and Bass: William Elder.   (conspiratio.bandcamp.com/releases)
347. Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand / Abduction ABDT057 / Jeffrey Taylor – guitar, John Seman – contrabass and Mark Ostrowski – drums. Avant-primitive blues that takes the psychedelic fork in the road. (monktail.com) (mastering)

346. Ray Skjelbred / Piano Favorites / Orangapoid – 107 / A lifetime at the piano can be heard in every note. (rec)(mix)(mastering)

345. Steve Peters / Cancoes Profundas / Prefecture016 / A cinematic mix of field recordings, improvised music and electronics mapping Portuguese ancestors.   Steve – field recordings, processing, alto sax, Rafael Carvalho – viola da Terra, Lesli Dalaba – tumpet, Beth Fleenor – clarinets, Paul Kikuchi – percussion, Joshua Parmenter – electronic processing, Naomi Moon Siegel – trombone and Greg Sinibaldi – reeds. (rec)(mix)(master) (prefecturemusic.org)

344. 3 Hand Stephen / Talk To Me / Stephen Cohen – guitar, cigar box guitar, miniature guitar and 5-string thing.  Original thinking applied to unique arrangements on this 10″ EP. (rec)(mix)(master) (3handstephen.com)

343. Paul Kikuchi / Autonomic / Prefecture015 / Paul – percussion, composition, Taina Karr – oboe, english horn, Ivan Arteaga – clarinet, Greg Sinibaldi – bass clarinet, Natalie Mai Hall – cello and John Teske – contrabass.  New music for ensemble. (mix)(master) (prefecturemusic.org)

342. Brady Morrison / Kirtan / chanting with roots in India. Brady – voice and guitar. (rec)(mix)

341. Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces / Green / HipSync Records / Rik – guitar, James DeJoie – sax, clarinet, flute, Geoff Harper – bass and Greg Campbell – drums.  Third in a series of chart topping new jazz music. rikwright.com (rec)(mix)(co-produce)

340. Jacob Zimmerman Quintet / Recording Ban / Jacob – alto & tenor sax, Ray Larsen – trumpet, Jake Svendsen – piano, Nate Parker – bass, Julian MacDonough – drums and David Marriott – trombone.  A super tight and exciting visit to the land of Hard Bop. jacobzimmerman.com (rec)(mix)(master)

339.  Wes Weddell Band / Nobody’s Flag / Wes – vox, guitar, mandolin, Alicia Healey – bass, vox, Brian Hoskins – keys and David Bush – drums. Americana songwriter. wesweddell.com (rec)

338. Clallam County / Still Rising / Pat Mc Intyre – guitar, vox, Peter McKee – banjo, vox, Judy Oerkvitz – guitar, vox, percussion, Jim Douglas – bass, vox. “Seattle’s slowest rising folk group” (rec)(mix)(master)

337. Peter Vukmirovic Stevens / Feral Icons for Viola / Navona Records NV 6008 / Mara Gearman – viola.  Powerful, vivid performance of a remarkable score by PVS. (rec)(edit)(mix)

336. Wally Shoup Sax Trio + One / Copaesthetics / Astral Spirits AS016 / Monofonus MF098 cassette and download.  W.S. – alto sax, Jacob Zimmerman – alto sax, Neil Welch – tenor sax and Carmen Rothwell – double bass. (Sonarchy)

335. St. Helens String Quartet / American Dreams / Navona Records NV6004 / Stephen Bryant – violin, Adrianna Hulscher – violin, Michael Lieberman – viola, Paige Stockley – cello. Exceptional selection of new music  composed by Peter Schickele, Ken Benshoof, Janice Giteck and Bern Herbolsheimer. (rec)(edit)(mix)

334. Chamber music of Emily Doolittle / performed by the Seattle Chamber Players and Friends / all spring / Composers Concordance Records comcon 0025. Exceptional writing inspired by natural imagery and glowing performances lead to a delightful listening experience from front to back. (rec)(edit)(mix) emilydoolittle.com

333. FHTAGN / Sonarchy / experimental spatial sound ensemble. 12 players strong following in the large group tradition in Seattle of structured improvisation. Blake DeGraw lead this session. fhtagn.bandcamp.com/album/sonarchy

332. Choroloco / Choro Louco / a contemporary immersion in this Brazilian music tradition / Rosalynn De Roos – clarinet, Stuart Zobel – 7 string guitar, Naoyuki Sawada – cavaquinho, Brandi Ledferd – pandeiro, rebolo, shaker. With guest musicians – Tobi Stone, Louvergia Taylor, Cynthia Mullis, Christian Runge, Peter Fung and Madeleine Sosin. (rec)(mix)(mastering)

331. Big Crinkly Trio / This Is Not About The Pecking Order / deep and brilliant jazz music from a trio with a long history / Jim Knodle – trumpet, Doug Lilla – bass guitar, Pete Turner – drums. (rec)(mix)(master)

330. Paul Kikuchi / Bat Of No Bird Island / this is the 10″ limited edition vinyl companion to entry number 328.  These 2 releases + the website complete an exploration into history. batofnobirdisland.com (rec)(mix)

329. Rainbow Wolves / Sonarchy Radio Alpha / Randall Skrasek brings us extraterrestrial ambient electronics in a live setting. https://rainbowwolves.bandcamp.com/releases (sonarchy)

328. Paul Kikuchi / Bat Of No Bird Island / new music for family history / PK – composer, percussion, walkie talkie, Tari Nelson-Zagar – violin, Eyvind Kang – viola, Maria Scherer Wilson – cello, Stuart Dempster – trombone, conches, Rob Millis – 78rpm records and Bill Horist – guitar, walkie-talkie and dan nguyet. Brilliant. (rec)(mix) batofnobirdisland.com

327. Uneasy Chairs / On Sonarchy Radio / massive bomb-dropping skull music for solo electric guitar and Silvertone and Voice of Music amps.  Patrick Gundran brings a new chapter to extended technique and signal path. (sonarchy) dorisdayordie.blogspot.com/2015/03/uneasy-chairs-on-sonarchy-radio.html

326. Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces / Red / HipSync Records / RW – guitar, composer, James DeJoie – alto & bari sax, clarinet, flute, Geoff Harper – bass, Greg Campbell – drums, percussion.  as of 1.15 #1 on the CMJ jazz charts in the USA.  Yes it’s a good one. (rec)(mix)(co-produce) rikwright.com

325. Loscil / Sea Island / Kranky 191 / a gorgeous combination of acoustic instruments and electronics with a strong Vancouver, BC vibe.  (rec) loscil.ca

324. Beth Fleenor’s Workshop Ensemble / SILT / Bunny Blasto Records / Michele Khazak – voice, Kate Olson – soprano sax, Brian Bermudez -tenor sax, Chris Credit – bass clarinet, Sam Boshnak – trumpet, Naomi Seigel – trombone, Michael Owcharuk – piano, Geoff Larson – bass, Evan Flory-Barnes – bass, Greg Campbell – percussion, Adam Kozie – drums, Beth Fleenor – clarinet, voice, composer.  A 16 minute sonic meditation. (rec)(mix)

323. Margaret / various artists / 11 Records / produced by Jason Webley.  Fascinating book with CD project concerning a long lost artist and the town of Everett, WA.  I worked with Shenandoah Davis. (rec)


322.  Bryan Smith / The RE:Project  Music for solo saxophone and overdubs.  Powerful concept with exceptional execution.  (rec)(mix)

321. Cascadia 10 / Live / Tracy Ferrara -Tenor Sax,   Mike “Moose” Barber -Trumpet,  Jon Ryser- Baritone Sax,  Bucket-Bass , JJ Moon-Guitar,  Steve Steele- Guitar, Bele Bele- Percussion, Jayson Powell- Congas & Percussion,  Andy Sells- Drums.  The echo of afrobeat in the Pac. NW with sound resonating from Lagos to Seattle. (Sonarchy) (cascadia10.bandcamp.com/album/live)

320. The Yes, Well . . .  / 10″ clear vinyl  / Dave Knott &  Jeph Jerman / master inventors of new forms of music. (Sonarchy)

319. Loscil featuring Kelly Wyse / Intervalo / Frond 001 / adaptations for piano and laptop / white vinyl LP  (rec)

318. Wind Burial / Debut EP /windburial.bandcamp.com/album/debut-ep / psychrock (rec)

317. Gretchen Yanover / Waves Wash Over Us / GY: cello and composer / new music for the cello. (mastering)

316. Tom Varner Nonet / Nine Surprises / Tom Varner – composer, french horn, Thomas Marriott – trumpet, David Marriott – trombone, Steve Treseler – clarinet, Mark Taylor – alto sax, Eric Barber – tenor sax, Jim Dejoie – bari sax, Phil Sparks – bass and Byron Vannoy – drums.  Deep composing brings forth remarkable performances by this topnotch band. (rec)(mix)

315. Michael Vlatkovich Quartet / You’re Too Dimensional / pfMentum CD077 / Michael – compositions and trombone, Jim Knodle – trumpet, Phil Sparks – bass, Greg Campbell – drums, french horn.  New jazz music. (rec)

314. Penka Encheva and Friends / Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle / Penka Encheva – vocals with Bulgarian Voices of Seattle Women’s Choir, David Bilides – kaval, tambura, Aleksandr Eppler – kaval, Michael Lawson – accordion, Hristo Mollov – clarinet, Vladimir Mollov – accordion, Jody Rush – vocals. Produced by Mary Sherhart.  A divine presentation of this beautiful life in music. (rec)(mix)(master).

313. David Haney / Day For Night at Jack Straw / Slam Records SLAMCD541 / David – piano, Julian Priester – trombone, Buell Niedlinger – bass + The Primitive Art Ensemble.  A rare chance encounter of this remarkable new music trio. (rec)(mix)

312. Alex Krynytzky / Alex Unplugged / This singer, guitarist, bandura player and songwriter with a large cast of supporting artists calls his record “musings of a grumpy old man”.  To which I would add wise and only occasionally grumpy. (rec)(mix)(master).

311. Ruthie Dornfeld / Lay of The Waves / ruthiedornfeld.com / RD – vielle, composer, Shulamit Kleinerman – vielle, Kane Mathis – kora, oud, Ronnee Fullerton – viola da gamba, Ben Thomas –  vibes, Christos Govetas – bendir, Glenn Jones –  banjo, Terry Wergeland – accordion, Dorothy Shapiro – viola and Becca Baggenstoss – percussion.  Original music for medieval fiddle.  Lovely performances and compositions bring this very old instrument into the limelight once again. (rec)(mix)

310. The Pornadoes / In Space / Parlour Trick Music / Jason Goessl – guitar, Ethan Sobotta – bass, Tom Zgonc – drums and Robb Davidson – space.  Riding the surf music wave into outer space. (rec)(sonarchy)


309. Steve Griggs / Panama Hotel Jazz / Hip City Music HC-101042  Jay Thomas – trumpet, flugelhorn, Steve Griggs – sax and voice, Susan Pascal – vibraphone, Milo Peterson – guitar and Phil Sparks – bass.  New jazz music and an exploration into the Japanese situation during WWII in the Pacific NW.  Steve makes a beautiful statement with this music. (rec)(mix)

308. Storme Webber / Blues Divine / Noirish Lesbiana delivered as poetry by the real deal.  (rec)(mix)(master)

307.  Chris Pugh Jack Gold-Molina / One Hundred Years of Abstraction / Soldisk Sd0610   Chris – guitar and Jack – drums.  An intense description of time and abstraction.  (sonarchy)

306.  The Sourmash Stevedores / Sprintin’ to Hell / Tim Dunn – lead vocals, guitar, songwriter, Al Echison – drums, vox, Ed Hodge – bass, Paul Hutzler – pedal steel, Tim Moore – harmonica, vox and Ray Taylor – guitars and vox.  Country and honky tonk via Merle, Buck and the Hanks.  Every roadhouse whiskey drinker and 3am software programmer knows where this music is coming from.  Instant classic from this super-solid band. (prod) (rec)(mix)(master)

305. Live on Sonarchy Radio / Jared Hallock – drums, Krispen Hartung – electric guitar, computer, Brent Jensen – soprano sax and Cynthia Mullis – saxes and bass clarinet.  LP release of a broadcast from 12.29.12.  This is the sound of restless exploration. (sonarchy)

304. Beth Fleenor / Sweet Figeater Surprise / Bunny Blasto Records / Beth – composer, clarinetist, vocalist, troublemaker with a cast of over a dozen seattle improvisors.  A 5 year, 3 CD project in unique packaging.  A high-performance presentation of new music that holds a strong Seattle signal.  (rec)

303.  Dunava / Bulgaria  / women’s choir specializing in folk songs from the Balkans.  Dina Trageser (director).  A first-class trip into a region rich in music and culture.  (rec)(mix)

302.  Camelia Jade & Mike Antone / Strong Sun Moon / CJ – charango, ronroco, bombo, charchas, voice, guitar  Mike – harmonica, voice, guitar, lap steel and piano.  A brilliant combination of Chilean and Cascadian inspiration in song writing and performance. (rec)(mix)(master).

301.  Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces / Blue / HipSync Records / Rik Wright – guitar, compositions, James DeJoie – woodwinds, flute, Geoff Harper – bass and Greg Campbell – drums, percussion.  Crafty writing for a top-shelf jazz band. (rec)(mix)

300.  Suffering Fuckheads / Obnoxious Jazz for Sensitive Assholes / Grammercy Records CD-414 / Ron Weinstein – Hammond B-3, Roland Juno 2, Mike Peterson – drums and stompboxes.  These are the guys who figured out how to bring punk, noise and the jazz tradition into one sound and then spew the result on a suspecting public.  It’s an invention that busts the glass ceiling above organ groups.  (rec, mix)

299.  Fluke / Live on Sonarchy Radio / http://briankinsella.bandcamp.com/album/live-on-sonarchy-radio / Brian Kinsella – piano, Chris Symer – bass and Chris Icasiano – drums (sonarchy)

298.  Jeff Greinke / Scenes From a Train / Infectious Infect 155CD / A master of cinematic electronics brings the low desert into focus.  13 players of mostly acoustic instruments join Jeff to take this music into a deep place. (rec)(mix)

297. Peter Vukmirovic Stevens / August Ruins for Cello / Navona Records NV5912  Paige Stockley – cello   Skillful, intense and provocative writing with a fantastic performance by Paige. (rec, editing and mix)

296. Eric Apoe and THEY / Funny World / Soundtrack Blvd. Music / Eric Apoe – guitar and vocals , Danny Godinez – guitar, Alicia DeJoie – violin, Jim DeJoie – clarinets.  Master singer/songwriter reveals a large new collection of music that includes a parade of maybe 20 Seattle artists adding overdubs to the base band listed above.  I recorded the original band tracks which helped Eric get this big show on the road. (rec)

295. Crosstalk / Here Now / crosstalkseattle.bandcamp.com  /  Jesse Canterbury – clarinets, Tiffany Lin – piano, Brian Cobb – bass and Paul Kikuchi – drums.  Chamber jazz.  (rec)

294. Ray Skjelbred / Ragtime Piano / Orangapoid 106 / Ray plays piano and injects some new angles into this venerable genre. (rec)(mix)(mastering)

293. Two Trios / Victor Noriega and Gust Burns – piano, Jeff Johnson – bass, Greg Campbell – drums.  Two pianists share the same session, piano and rhythm section in exploration of the piano trio. (rec)(mix)(mastering).

292. The Christmas Story in Words and Music.  Mary M. Davis – vocals and spoken word, Ann Raphael – piano. (rec)(mix)(mastering)


291. Jackrabbit / A Better Place / GND004 / vinyl release / Tony Fulgham – gtr, vox, Aimee Zoe Tubbs – drums, vox, Moe Provencher – bass and vox. Super tight pop-rock americana. (rec.vocal overdubs)

290. Empty Cage Quartet / Prefecture Records 006 / vinyl release / Jason Mears – alto sax, clarinet, Kris Tiner – trumpet, Ivan Johnson – bass and Paul Kikuchi – drums, percussion. Original music for a west coast jazz quartet. Super tight. That will happen when a group stays together for years and writes their own music. Paul produced this and made this lovely vinyl addition happen on his label. emptycagequartet.com (rec)(mix)

289. Ply / Ply / owcharuk.bandcamp.com / Michael Owcharuk – piano, Beth Fleenor – clarinet, Paul Kemmish – contrabass and Max Wood – drums. Drawing from a vast array of music traditions and non-traditions this quartet has taken full advantage of Michael’s compositions. Fun to hear PK’s bass in this setting cause he has been all over the map. (rec)

288. The White Spot / Way Out Northwest / Relative Pitch Records RPR 1006 / John Butcher- tenor and soprano sax, Torsten Muller – contrabass and Dylan Van Der Schyff – drums. A trio of great listeners are bound to make exceptional freely-improvised music. Here is a lovely example. (Sonarchy)

287. Fungal Abyss / Transonic Migration ((Sonarchy Radio Session)) the live radio mix from 1.21.12. Arran McInnis, Dan LaRochelle and Nathan Smurthwaite -guitars, Durando Hodous – bass, Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy – drums and Sam Yoder – percussion. Superfine example of a pac. northwest band using sound pressure to reveal the beauty inside the guitar drone. (Sonarchy Radio)

286. The Alex Guilbert Trio / On The Ground / Alex Guilbert – piano, Brad Gibson – drums, Jeff Norwood – bass. Updating the classic piano jazz trio. (mix)(mastering)

285. Jason Parker Quartet / Five Leaves Left  a tribute to Nick Drake / Broken Time Records BT0016 / Jason –    trumpet, flugelhorn, producer, Josh Rawlings – piano, Evan Flory-Barnes – bass, D’Vonne Lewis – drums with Michele Khazak – vocals, Cynthia Mullis – sax and flute. A completely successful adaptation of a pop sound into the world of jazz music. Vocals second to none with a band that internalized the music and made it their own. (record)

284. Steve Peters + Steve Roden / Not A Leaf Remains As It Was / 12K 1069 / SP SR – voices, instruments and objects. the essence of quiet and utterly sublime. (rec)(mix)(produce)

283. Tom Baker / Hunger – The Journey of Tamsen Donner / Present Sounds Recordings PS 1103 / Maria Mannisto – soprano, Tom Baker – guitar, harmonium, harmonica, Greg Campbell – percussion, french horn, Brian Cobb – bass, harmonica, Jesse Canterbury – clarinet, harmonica.  A chamber opera. (rec)(mix)

282. Clave Gringa / Ann-ita Reynolds – piano, voice, Dan O’Brien – bass, Daniel Barry – trumpet, Edsson Otero – congas, cajon, Ernesto Pediangco – bongos, timbales, percusssion.  Latin originals. (rec)

281. Sankofa / Sankofa Sings / Gilda Turner, Michelle Phillips-Lotus, Pat Johnson, Dee Brown, Cheryl Wilder, Mercedes Nicole and Antoinette Pearson – vocals.  Conserving the African-American aural tradition of sing by ear.  (rec)(mix)(master)

280. Subduction Zone / Dennis Rea – guitar, Wally Shoup – alto sax, Tom Zgonc – drums.  freely improvised gales of sound.  (mix)

279. Del Rey / 4 and 6 / Hobemian Records HB016  Del – guitar and ukulele, Matt Weiner – bass, Ben Smith -drums.  Standards and originals skillfully performed and vibe heavy. (rec)

278. Rich Halley 4 / Back From Beyond / Pine Eagle Records 004 / Rich – tenor sax, flute, Michael Vlatkovich – trombone, percussion, Carson Halley – drums and Clyde Reed – bass.  New northwest jazz. (sonarchy)

277. Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble /SJCE Volume 1 /  Samantha Bosch – flute, Beth Fleenor – clarinet, bass clarinet, Ethan Thomas – saxes, Mike Dodge – tenor sax, clarinet, Brian Bermudez – tenor, bari saxes, Jim Knodle – trumpet, Samantha Boshnack – trumpet, Chad McCullough – trumpet, Nelson Bell – tuba, trombone, John Terpin – trombone, James Baumgart – guitar, Michael Owcharuk – piano, Nate Omdal – bass, Tim Carey – bass and Max Wood – drums.  (rec)(mastering)

276. Sentient Explosive / A Small Trace of Existence / noisepoetnobody – modular analog synthesizer, Dean Moore – electronic drums, analog rhythm generator and processed tam.  This kind of electronics interaction gets the “heavy on” designation in my world.  Beautiful packaging.  (sonarchy)


275. James Whetzel / Vibrance / OPL 006  James – multi-instrumentalist, Yaw Amponsah – asante drums and djembe, Viren Kamdar – cajon and congas.  (rec – drums)

274. Ronin / Outside The Box  Kenny Mandell – saxes, flutes, percussion, Nate Omdal – bass, Don Berman – drums.  New jazz music (rec)

273. The Graciela Project /  Mujer de la Luna  Erin Lau – vocals, harmonium, frame drum, palmas, Katrina Ellison – backing vocals, Sam Kraft – frame drum, cajon, Gustavo Lopez – flamenco guitar.  A tribute recording drawing from several music traditions.  (rec)(mix)

272. SYCH / Lunar Roulette / Strange Attractors SAAH 066  Wally Shoup – alto sax, C. Spencer Yeh – violin, voice, Chris Corsano – drums, percussion, sax neck, Bill Horist – electric guitar.  Heavy sound pressure from this heavy listening band. (rec)(mix) (CD and LP)

271. Grecian Sounds / Greek Panigyri  John Novakis – vocals and guitar, Hank Bradley – bouzouki, Cathie Whitesides – violin, Lakis Kazakos – doubeleki.  Traditional Greek folk music  (mix)

270. Angelitos Negros    Angelitos Negros  with Nacha Mendez and Foday Musa Suso. Contemporary.  (rec)(mastering)

269. Brian Cobb / Campfire Songs / Present Sounds Recordings PS1101 / Maria Mannisto – soprano voice, Craig Garretson – baritone voice, Jesse Canterbury – clarinets, Chung-Lin Lee – flute, Eric Rynes – violin, Brad Hawkins – cello, Brian Stone – guitar, Tchadd Siebken – banjo, Mark Wilson – banjo, Greg Campbell- percussion, Dale Speicher – percussion, Julia Tai – conductor.  New ensemble music composed by Brian Cobb.  (rec)(mix)

268. Noiseposetnobody and Vance Galloway / Uranium 238 / Lens Records 2011 / Noisepoetnobody – string board, analog modular synthesis, loopers, Vance Galloway – custom electric guitar, audio processing. Electro-acoustic music. (Sonarchy)

267. Lalage / Live On Sonarchy /Comprovise Records 2011 / Lara Candland – poetry, voice, Christian Asplund -live processing, voice.  Text and improvisation. (Sonarchy)

266. Dean Moore / Music for Resonant Metals / Premium Slabwax Records   Dean plays gongs and metal as music and ambience.  (rec)(mix)

265. Voices & Images From Bulgaria / Martin Koenig / Barking Rooster Press.  A compilation of years of field recordings of traditional music from this region.  (archive)(mastering)

264. Psyche / Garrett Fisher Ensemble / 16 Visions Records 16V007 / contemporary opera and web opera. (rec)(mix)

263. Double Yoko / Experiment no. 1 / The Frank Agency.org 2011 / Beth Fleenor – clarinets, vox, electronics, Paris Hurley – violin, tape players  (sonarchy)

262. In These Ozark Hills / Blackberry Winter / self-released / contemporary ozark folk music.  Produced by Steve Peters. (mix)

261. Bonnie McCoy / A Child of the Blues / Arcola Records CD 1009 / traditional delta blues.  Produced by Bob West. / (record)(mix)


260. A Clear Day And No Memories / Jim Hobbs and Kinski / LP release of this soundtrack for film and installation.

259. Ben Houge / Radiospace 040823 Ben – electronics, programming.  A sonic environment. (Sonarchy)

258. Guardian Ear / Sonority 002  Jethro Rollins Odom – guitar, tres cubano, Conor Apperson – percussion, Irene Alexander -oboe, John Delp – percussion, Clark Battle – cello.  New music for acoustic ensemble. (rec)(mix)

257. Wally Shoup / Dave Abramson  Good Curse     Wally – alto sax, Dave -drums   free improvisation. (rec)

256. Music Works Northwest / Nutville  various artists.  recorded in 1997, got a copy in 2010. jazz ensembles. (rec)

255. Baker / Moore  Seven Winds / Present Sounds Recordings PS0901   Tom Baker – guitar and fretless guitar, Dean Moore – gongs and resonant metals.  Structured improvisations with unique timbres and colors.

254. Christopher Roberts / /Last Cicada Singing / Cold Blue CB0034 / composition and performance for solo Qin.  (rec)(mix)

253. Dennis Rea / Views From Chicheng Precipice / Moonjune Records MJR 034  New east/west acoustic fusion music.   Alica Allen – violin, Greg Campbell – drums, James DeJoie – flute, clarinet, Caterina De Re – vox, Stuart Dempster- trombone, conchshell, Elizabeth Falconer – koto, John Falconer – shakuhachi, Paul Kikuchi – percussion  (rec)(mix)

252. BKO / Moon Over Mendocino  Hank Bradley – vocals, fiddle, banjo, bouzouki, baglama  Cathie Whitesides – vocals, fiddle, violin  Frannie Leopold – vocals, guitar.  international folk music. (rec)

251. Sha’ari Garfinkel and Dean Moore / From Metals Emerging   Music for gongs and resonant metals  (rec)(mix)

250. Jim Page and the Spokes / Ghost Bikes    folk music recorded live.  (mastering)

249. Suzy Thompson and Del Rey / Hen Party / Hobemian Records HBO14   Suzy – vocals, fiddle, guitar  Del Rey – vocals, resonator guitar, ukulele.   folk and acoustic blues originals and classics.  (rec)(mix)

248. Jabon / Live On Sonarchy / Gravelvoice Records GVR-024 Scott Colburn – amplified electronics.(Sonarchy rec.)

247. Passarim / Bossa Nova / BN2010 / Francesca Merlini – vocals, Leo Raymundo – bass, vocals, Brian Willett – guitar, Joseph Mascorella – drums and Nick Toretta – sax with Alex Starks – sax, Ed Weber – piano and Michelle Crumpler – vocals.  New versions of bossa nova classics.  (rec)(mix)

246. Jesse Canterbury / Vertigo / Present Sounds Recordings PS-1003 / Jesse – clarinet and bass clarinet, Tom Baker – guitar, Joanne de Mars – cello, Chris Stover – trombone.  New music for acoustic ensemble. (rec)(mix)

245. Paul Hoskin / Contrabass Clarinet / PH 01.  Solo performance. (Sonarchy)

244. Winter’s Bone / Music from the motion picture / Light In The Attic Recs. Ciniwax 800 / Produced by Steve Peters.  Classic folk music presentation (mix)

243. Seattle Percussion Collective  / Volume 1 / Present Sounds Recordings PS 1001 / Dale Speicher, Greg Campbell, Denali Williams, Chris Leonard: percussion.  New music for percussion ensemble.  (rec) (mix)


242. Christopher Roberts / Trios For Deep Voices / Cold Blue CB 0030  Mark Morton, James Bergman, Christopher Roberts – double basses.  New music for 3 basses.  (rec)(mix)

241. The Teaching / Josh Rawlings – fender rhodes, Evan Flory-Barnes – acoustic bass, Jeremy Jones – drums.  New jazz music  (rec)(mix)

240. Shulamit Kleinerman / New New Nothing / Shula – violin, Jacob Breedlove – viola da gamba, Charles Coldwell – recorder, Ruthie Dornfeld – violin, Arcana Ferlcke – violin, Lee Inman – viola da gamba, Lisa Michele Lewis – harpsichord.  English country dances of the 17th century. (rec)(mix)

239. Eric Glick Rieman Lesli Dalaba Stuart Dempster / Lung Tree / ReR Megacorp LC- 02677  / Eric – modified, prepared and extended rhodes electric piano, piano, stomp boxes, MOTM modular synthesizer, lesli – trumpet, Stuart – trombone, didjeridu, garden hoses.  Freely improvised music.  (rec)

238. Unused Lexical Variable  Robert Blatt and Jeremy Jolley – acoustic guitars, John Teske – double  bass.  Exploring the fine lines between composition and improvisation. (rec) (mix)

237. Manghis Khan / Live at Sonarchy / CD-200901  Yaw Amponsah – ashanti drums, djembe, Tim Carey – bass, Tony Grasso – trumpet, Viren Kamdar – cajon, congas.  A latin-african jazz hybrid. (rec)(mix)(sonarchy)

236. Moe Provencher / Blues Filter Through / Aimee Zoe Tubbs – drums, piano , vocals, Bob Rice – guitars, Joanna Maria Hussain –  bass, Michele Khazak – vocals, Chris Zashe – pedal steel, Tom Parker and Joy Mills – vocals, Meg Allen and Alan Loomis – trumpets.  Major singer songwriter talent with a country, americana honky tonk feel.

235. Dean Moore / First Vibrations  Music for gongs and cymbals / Premium Slabwax Records  (rec)(mix)

234. Christian Asplund / The Anatomy Series / Comprovise Records 200901 / Christian – piano, Greg Campbell – drums and Mark France – guitar.  Structured improvisations. (Sonarchy)

233. Andrew Oliver Kora Band / Just 4U / Andrew – piano and keys, Kane Mathis – kora and guitar, Jim Knodle – trumpet, Brady Millard-Kish – bass, Mark DiFlorio – drums and percussion, Chris Credit – alto sax, Kevin Van Geem – percussion. New jazz music informed by west and central African tradition and experience.  (rec)

232. Lower Monumental / Mayday Session Live On Sonarchy / Origin 82441  /  Todd Bishop – drums, Saul Cline – sax, Matt Wayne – guitar.  music composed live. (sonarchy)

231. Johanna Kunin / Sigh Lens   Johanna – vox, piano, Steve Moore and Karl Blau – various instruments.  (rec)

230. Brad Anderson / Juiced   Brad – piano and keys.  new music explorations.  (rec)(mix)

229. Tony Grasso Saxophone? Quartet! / The Cambodian Suite  Tony – trumpet, composer, Brian Kent – tenor sax, Dan Blunk – alto sax, bass clarinet, David Johnson – bari sax, alto flute, didgeridoo.  Impressionistic jazz compositions for this decade long project.  (rec) (mix)

228. Iron Kim Style / Iron Kim Style  Dennis Rea and Thaddaeus Brophy – guitars, Bill Jones – trumpet, Jay Jaskot – drums and Ryan Berg – bass with Izaak Mills – bass clarinet.  Prog-rock improvisations.  (rec)(mix)

227. Del Rey Blue Uke / At the Ukeshack #2 / Hobemian Records HB012 / Del – ukuleles and singing, Steve James – bottleneck guitar and mandolin, Hans Teuber – clarinet and horn arrangements, Craig Flory – clarinet and bass clarinet, Michael Bristow – ukulele, Jo Miller – harmony vocal and guitar, Lani Kurnik – guitar and Dom Turner – 12 string guitar.  It’s a party at the ukeshack!

226. Srivani Jade / Meera’s Love / Srivani – vocals, Dailbashish Gangopadhay – tampura, Kuntal Roy – tabla, Mohan hide – harmonium, Satish Gadagkar – violin.  16th century love poetry from northern India.

225. Tom Varner / Heaven and Hell / Omnitone 12210 /  Tom Varner – french horn, composer, conductor, Russ Johnson – trumpet, Chris Stover – trombone, Jesse Canterbury – clarinet, Saul Cline – soprano sax, Hans Teuber – soparano sax, Mark Taylor – alto sax, Eric Barber – tenor sax, Jim DeJoie – baritone sax, Phil Sparks – bass, Byron Vannoy – drums.  A gorgeous suite of new music for tentet.  (rec)(mix)

224. Reptet / Agendacide / Monktail Records MCMC vl /  John Ewing – drums, lead vocals, Samantha Boshnack – piccolo trumpet, vocals, Izaak Mills – bass clarinet, vocals, Chris Credit – baritone sax, vocals, Nelson Bell – tuba, sousaphone, Tim Carey – bass, Mark Oi – prepared guitar, vocals, Wayne Horvitz – hammond organ.  Red vinyl EP with major spanking power. (rec)

223. Crytzer’s Blue Rhythm Band / Chasin’ The Blues  13 piece big band led by Glenn Crytzer is focused on the big band swing era.  (rec)(mix)

222. Curtis Taylor / 3 Short Music Films DVD (rec)(sound design)

221. Garrett Fisher / The Passion of Saint Sebastian / 16 Visions 16v006   Katherine Hanson and Maria Mannisto – sopranos, Greg Bagley – 6 string fretted acoustic bass, Jack Quick – slide guitar, Garrett Fisher – Indian harmonium. New music drawing from several traditions that rarely speak together. (rec)(mix).

2006 to 2008 (now including genre notes)

220. Swampdweller / My Favorite Monster  / Marc Fendel – alto sax, Jay Roulston – trumpet, Dave Marriott – trombone, Joe Doria – B-3, Ari Zucker – guitar, Farko Dosumov – bass, Chris Stromquist – drums, Andy Sells – turntables and efx.  Seattle’s other jazz scene. (rec) (mix)

219. However / Live on Sonarchy / Lori Goldston – cello, Angelina Baldoz – trumpet, flutes, Jaison Scott – drums, Torben Ulrich – texts, voicings.  Genre bending improvisation. (Sonarchy)

218. Kesselgarden  Carl Shutoff – clarinet in C, Laurie Andres – accordion.  Klezmer music. (rec)(mix)

217. Picoso /  Eli Rosenblatt – vox, tres, guitar, Lalo Bello – congas, clave, vox, Evan Flory-Barnes – bass, Alfonso Gonzales – percussion, vox, Samantha Boshnack – trumpet, vox, Izaak Mills – ute, sax, vox, Adam Weiss – sax, vox. Crossing all the latin lines. (sonarchy)

216. Matt Weiner and Del Rey / At the Ukeshack #1 / Matt – bass, Del – numerous ukuleles.  Original bass and uke duets. (rec) (mix)

215. Mark Johnson / Big Metal Boxes / noise/order recordings n/o 007  Large-scale metal improvisation. (mix and master)

214. Iolet: Music from the World of Anathem  / David Stutz – production and voice.  Jeremy Bornstein, David Krueger, Mark Powell, Adam Steele, Thomas Thompson and James Whetzel – voices.  New music for vocal ensemble. (rec)

213. Loop 2.4.3. / Batterie / Thomas Kozumplik and Lorne Watson- snare drum, tom-toms, temple bowls, gongs, cowbells, woodblocks, temple blocks, cymbals, crotales, boom-bams, marimba, opera gongs, sleighbells, steel drum and samples.  Original music for percussion duo. (sonarchy)

212. Moe Provencher / 2+2  Singer songwriter  (rec) (mix)

211. Assisted Living / Sonarchy Radio / Jason Kopec and Dan Kaufman  / Noise/order n/o 003

210. The Rhythm Rollers / Grand Right and Left  / Bob McQuillen – piano, Cathie Whitesides – fiddle, Laurie Andres – accordion, WB Reid – banjo-guitar, fiddle, guitar.  Contra dance music.  (rec) (mix)

209. Wally Shoup – sax, Gust Burns – piano, Reuben Radding – bass, Greg Campbell – drums & percussion / The Levitation Shuffle / Clean Feed CF073CD   Improvisation. (mix)

208. Keeping The Devil Out / Pamela Moore Dionne – poetry and vocals, Jim Knodle – trumpet, composer, Lynette Westendorf – piano.  Poems and music for Sabina Spielrein. (rec) (mix).

207. Cynthia Marie / The Golden Tree Story / Cynthia – piano, vox, Cameron Peace – guitar, Dylan Rieck – cello, Birch Pereira – bass, David Bush – drums.  Singer songwriter. (rec)(mix)

206. Margaret Hemmen  / Tales from Abroad / Margaret – mezzo-soprano, Ann Raphael – piano.  Music by american, latin and european composers. (rec)(mix)

205. Seewall / Seewall / Ryan Berg – electric bass, Mike Weiser – keys, Tom Zgonc – drums.  Fusion music. (rec) (mix)

204. I’m Vocalizing 2! (with a world view) / Karen Oleson and Timothy Strong / Original voice building and warm-up excercises.  (rec) (mix)

203. David Paul Mesler / The Beautiful / Tony Grasso – trumpet, Cynthia Mullis – sax, clar, Sarah Bassingthwaite- flute, piccolo, Susan Pascal – vibraphone, Doug Miller –  bass, Brian Kirk – drums, David Paul Mesler – composer, conductor.  New music for  sextet.  (sonarchy)

202. M J Bishop / Pull of the Moon / singer/songwriter with a full band (rec) (mix)

201. Chenoa Egawa with Alex Turtle / Heartbeat of Life / Swan Clan Productions  / Lummi and S’Klallam Coast Salish indian prayer songs for voice and drum. (rec) (mix)

200. Casey MacGill’s Blue 4 Trio /  Casey – piano, uke, coronet, vocals, Mike Daugherty – drums, vocals, Matt Weiner – bass, vocals with Craig Flory – tenor sax and Hans Teuber – tenor sax.  30’s and 40’s swing and jump blues.  (rec) (mix).

199. The Bird Tribe Orchestra / Palace of the Birds / Thomasa Eckert – voice, recorder, melodica, drum, marimba, wolf flute, ocarina,  Rich Eckert – cello, voice, sheep’s horn, percussion, Matthew Lyon – guitars, voice, Sid Law – voice, guitar, drums, Holly Eckert – violin, Dave Lishner – bass.  multi-genre acoustic ensemble.  (rec) (mix)

198. Sacred Fire Choir / Ignite! /  21 voice choir with band conducted and arranged by Pamela Gerke. (rec)(mix)

197. The Primitivos / Blue Tarp /  Doug Conner – drums, Karen eliasen – sax, Dick Moritz – guitar, Sue Neuman – trumpet, Glenda Pearson – guitar, Kay Runciman – bass.  surf rock instrumentals from Vashon Island, WA. (live mix).

196. En /  Affinity / Koto World KW012 / John Falconer – shakuhachi bamboo flute, Elizabeth Falconer – koto and bass koto.  New music in the Japanese tradition.  (rec) (mix)

195. The Harmonica Pocket / Birds Falling From the Sky / Keeth Monta Apgar – guitar, harmonica, mbira and voice with Lorne Watson – percussion, big talk Jon Ryser – alto sax.  Singer/songwriter.  (rec) (mix)

194. The Kosher Red Hots / One With Everything On It  / Sheila Fox – vocals, Eugene Jablonsky – bass, guitar, vocals, Liz Dreisbach – clarinet, with Laurie Andre – accordian.  Yiddish dance and theatre songs and Ladino romanzas. (rec).

193. En / Stirring Autumn / Koto World KW 016 / Elizabeth Falconer – koto with Jessika Kenney – voice, Marcia Takamura – shamisen, Brian Falconer – koto, and John Falconer – shakuhachi.  Selected works fo Sawai Tadao Vol. 2.  (rec) (mix).

192. Duo En / Moonviewing / Koto World KW 014 / Elizabeth Falconer – koto, bass koto,  John Falconer – shakuhachi.  New perspectives on traditional Japaneses music.  (rec) (mix)

191. The Emerald City Mandolin Quartet  /  Night Music /  Alan Jacobson – first mandolin, Andrew Booker – second mandolin, Ken Carlson – mandola, David Stenerson – mandocello with Peter Caruso – guitar.  Music of Scarlatti, Mozart, Boccherini and Couperin arranged for mandolin quartet.  (rec) (mix)

190. Andrew Glassner / Firefly   Singer/songwriter  (rec) (mix)

189. Cytosoul / Balance / Adam Gross – drums, percussion, Art Brown – alto sax, Birch Pereira – bass, Cynthia Marie Dillard – piano, voice. New jazz music.  (rec).

188. Jim Page and Artis / Folkpunch /  Jim Page – vocals, guitar, Artis – cutlery, vocals with Mark Ettinger – bass and Sarah Scott – backing vocals.  New folk music. (rec) (mix)

187. Deal’s Number / Show Me What Ya Workin’ With / Monktail Creative Music Concern MCMC 7  /  Bill Monto – saxophones, John Seman – bass, Mark Ostrowski – drums. Power jazz trio  (sonarchy)

186. Del Rey / When The Levee Breaks / Hobemian Records 2006  Del Rey – metal resonator and electric guitars, Will Dowd – drums.  Blues and folk traditions.  (rec) (mix).

185. Breath Play  /  Byron Au Yong – water, gong, drum, voice, er-hu, piano  Christopher Yohmei Blasdel – shakuhachi   Genre busting sound art. (sonarchy)

184. Victor Noriega / Alay / T & D Records TD 01106  Victor Noriega – piano, Willie Blair – bass, Eric Eagle – drums.  Original compositions and interpretations of selected Fillipino songs.  (rec)

183. Rik Wright Quintet / After The Storm / Hipsync Records HSG 001   Rik Wright – guitar, Tony Grasso – trumpet, James DeJoie – saxophones, Walter White – bass, Jeremy Jones – drums. New Jazz. (rec) (mix).

182. Orkestar Zirkonium / OZCD-001   Samantha Boshnack – trumpet, Sari Breznau – percussion, Donn Cave – bari sax, Colin Ernst – trombone, Kevin Hinshaw – clarinet, Paul Kikuchi – percussion, Stephen Lohrentz – trumpet, Ted Lockery – trumpet, Matt Manges – drums, Anne Mathews – bass drum, Ivan Molton – alto sax, Jerry Neufild-Kaiser – tuba, Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser- alto horn, Jeff Walker – trombone.  Balken-inspired mobile brass and drum band. (rec) (mix).

181. Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators / Who Walks In   Sunga Rose – vocals, ukulele, Dayton Allemann – piano, Mark Bentz – coronet, Ericka Kendall – string bass.  Period American music.  (rec) (mix).

180. Tom Baker / The Gospel of the Red-Hot Stars / Present Sounds Recordings PS 0801 / Seattle EXperimental Opera (SEXO) Maria Mannisto – cast, Paul Karaitis – cast, Liz O’Donoghue, Alissa Rupp, Will Dean, Mark Johnson – chorus, Tom Swafford – violin, Jesse Canterbury – clarinet, Chris Stover- trombone, Tom Baker – guitar, Brian Cobb – bass, Greg Campbell – percussion, horn, Julia Tai – conductor.  An operatorio in one act by Tom Baker (rec) (mix)

179. Sunship  Michael Monhart – saxophones, Stuart Dempster – trombone, conch, didjeridu, found objects, David Revelli – drums, Andrew Luthringer – bass, Brian Heaney -guitar.  Jazz and improvisation. (sonarchy).

178. Garrett Fisher / Phonograph / 16visions 16V005  Garrett Fisher – vocals, indian harmonium, bass, keyboards, rhythms and sounds.  Singer/songwriter   (mix)

177. Dark Energy / Interstellar Pianos   Brad Anderson – piano and keyboards.  Compositions for piano and electronics. (rec) (mix).

176. Casey MacGill’s Blue 4 Trio / Three Cool Cats  Casey – piano, ukulele, coronet, vocals, Mike Daugherty – drums, vocals, Matt Weiner – bass, vocals with Orville Johnson – ampliphonic guitar, Craig Flory – tenor sax and clarinet, Del Rey – guitar.  30’s and 40’s swing and jump blues.  (rec) (mix)

175. Special Ops / Arm Me / MCMC 6   Mark Ostrowski – percussion, Stephen Parris – guitar, John Seman – bass. Fusion jazz and improv. (Sonarchy)

174. Island Jazz Quintet / Who Knows / Spring Beach Records SBM003    Maggie Laird – vocals, melodica, Richard Person – trumpet, flugelhorn, Tom Wilkins – piano, Todd Gowers – bass, Todd Zimberg – drums, percussion.  New jazz music.  (rec)(mix)

173. Duo En / Winter Cranes / Koto World KW 013   John Falconer – shakuhachi, Elizabeth Flaconer – koto.  New music and arrangements in the Japanese tradition. (rec)(mix)

172. Clallam County / Slow Rise    Pat McIntyre – guitar, vocals, Peter McKee – banjo, harmonica, vocals, Judy Oerkvitz – guitar, vocals, percussion, Jim Douglas – bass, vocals.  Folk music  (rec)(mix)

171. Greg Williamson & the Pony Boy Large Ensemble / Conversations and Deconstructions / Pony Boy Records PB 50153  Tracy Knoop, Travis Ranney, Alexey Nikolaev, Greg Metcalf – saxes, Dan Marcus, Dave Bentley – trombones, Vern Sielert, Thomas Marriott, Jay Thomas – trumpets, John Hanson – piano, Larry Holloway – bass, Greg Williamson – drums, John Silverman – laptop sampler.  New music for jazz big band.  (live to 2-trk mix)

170. Garrett Fisher  / Stargazer / 16 Visions 16V004  Eric Mentzel, Linda Stranberg, Dennis Kleinsmith – voices, Chorus leader – David Stutz, Chorus – Tony Bonjomo, Carrie Carter, Cheri Hoggard, Elise Kloter, Liz O’Donoghue, Philip Tschopp, David Stutz, Taina Karr – oboe, Mary Riles – cello, Dean Moore and Stan Shikuma – percussion, Garrett Fisher – harmonium, Justin Gerardy – sound design, Philip Tschop – conductor.  Opera  (rec)(mix)

169. Bert Wilson & Rebirth / Dedicated to Friends and Mothers / FMO productions 012   Bert Wilson – tenor and alto saxes, Nancy Curtis – flute and bass flute, Syd Potter – trumpet, Craig Hoyer – piano, Dan Schulte – bass, James Zitro – drums.  New jazz music.  (rec)(mix)

168. Seattle Experimental Opera / Liquid / SM 005  Christian Asplund – music and conductor, Laura Candland – text, Cynthia Dario – soprano, Alison Hopkins – soprano, Sue Neimoyer – mezzo soprano, piano, Mark France – guitar, Dan Scollard – bass, Greg Campbell – percussion.  An epistolary opera. (rec)(mix)

167. Brian Kinsella / Omen   Brian Kinsella – piano, Jay Thomas – trumpet, flugelhorn, Mark Taylor – alto sax, Chuck Kistler – bass, Royce Shorter, jr. – drums.  New jazz music. (rec)(mix)

166. Clifford Burke / Upside Down & Backwards   Clifford Burke – voice, Esther Sugai – flutes, Bob Antolin – flute, sax, percussion, Trudy Sussman – flutes and percussion, Mike Shannon – erhu.  Four performances of a graphic score. (live to 2-trk)

165. Seattle Harmonic Voices / Harmonic Voice / MCMC 5   Stephen Fandrich – voice and direction, Voices: Jeppa Hall, Jessika Kenney, Gretta Harley, Jarrad Powell, Scott Adams, Roger Nelson and Brandon Johnson.  New music and arrangements for harmonic singing, percussion and instruments. (sonarchy)

164. Duo En / Spell of Spring / Koto World KW015  John Falconer – shakuhachi, Elizabeth Falconer – koto, Tari Nelson-Zagar – violin,  Selected works of Sawai Tadao   (rec)(mix)

163. Jeremy Jones Xtet / Awakening to Life   Jeremy Jones – drums, percussions, vocals, Thomas Marriott – trumpet, flugelhorn, Steve Treseler – tenor sax, John Hansen – piano, Phil Sparks – bass.  New jazz music. (rec)(mix)

162. Nate Brown / Based on Actual Events    Nate Brown – saxes, Gary Fukushima – piano, Jamie Zyskowski – guitar, Dean Schmidt – bass, Jeff Busch – drums.  New jazz music (rec)(mix)

161. Owcharuk Sextet /  Brokentime Records /  Michael Owcharuk – piano, compositions, Beth Fleenor – clarinets, Jakob Breitbach – violin, Mike Hams – drums, Jim Knodle – trumpet, Nate Omdal – bass.  acoustic ensemble music  (rec)(mix)

160. Karin Kajita Jazz Quintet / Letting Go   Karin Kajita – piano, Clipper Anderson – bass, Ray Davis – drums, Steve Korn – drums, Tony Grasso – trumpet, Brian Kent – tenor sax, Greg Schroeder – trombone, Greta Matassa – vocals, Andy Shaw – vocals.  New jazz music  (rec)(mix)

159. William O. Smith & Jesse Canterbury / Collage/Decollage   Present Sounds Recordings PS0703   New music for extended techniques on clarinets.  (rec)(mix)

158. Nels Cline, Wally Shoup, Greg Campbell / Suite: Bittersweet  / Strange Attractors SAAH053  (LP)  Nels Cline – electric guitar, Wally Shoup – alto sax, Greg Campbell – percussion, french horn.  Free improvisation (sonarchy)


157. Rebirth / In the Moment / [Bert Wilson, James Zitro, Nancy Curtis, Craig Hoyer, Chris Symer] FMO Productions (rec, mix)

156. mtkj quartet / Making Room for Spaces / [Jason Mears, Kris Tiner, Paul Kikuchi, Ivan Johnson] Nine Winds NWCD 0245 (Sonarchy Radio)

155. Jack Gold Quartet / Daylight / [Michael Monhart, Jim Knodle, Michael Bisio, Jack Gold] Sol Disk SD 1102 (Sonarchy Radio)

154. Wally Shoup Trio / Blue Purge / [Wally Shoup, Reuben Radding, Bob Rees] Leo Records CD LR 412 (rec, mix)

153. Ray Holman / In Touch / [Ray Holman and large ensemble] Ramajay Records RR 70009-2 (rec)

152. Intonarumori / GTR Remixes / Singular Sphere 2004 (remix)

151. Rik Wright’s Zen Tornado / Zen Tornado / [Rik Wright, James deJoie, Alicia Allen, James Whiton, Simon Grant] Hipsync Records (rec, mix)

150. Carr / Nord / Hofmann / In Walks Art / [Richard Carr, Mike Nord, Georg Hofmann] Leo Records CD LR 401 (Sonarchy Radio)

149. Joan Frank Williams / A Retrospective [large ensemble] (live mix)

148. Pacific Yews / Fog on the Sound / [Terry Wergeland, Julie Waters, Janeen Shigley, Chuck Pliske, Sande Gillette, A.B. Adams] Pac Yews Records (rec, mix)

147. Shoup / Makihara / Arnold / Confluxus [Wally Shoup, Toshi Makihara, Brent Arnold] Leo Records CD LR 399 (Sonarchy Radio)

146. Yoojin Chung / P’ansori, Jeokbyok-ga / [Yoojin Chung, Gregory GY Pai] Synnara Music (live mix)

145. STAND / The Rock / [Cora Jackson with band and gospel choir] Sonojack Records (rec)

144. Wordblender & The Full Nut Explosion / Live on Sonarchy Radio / [RJ May, Pnapper, Jeff Miller, John Ransom, Josh Gilmore, Jon Oswalt, Dudley Taft] Grooveblender Records (Sonarchy Radio)

143. The Sound of the Northwest / The Gift: Love / [Juan Huey-Ray, choir director] (rec, mix)

142. Lesli Dalaba / Timelines / [Lesli Dalaba, Carla Kihlstedt, Zeena Parkins, Ikue Mori, Amy Denio] Oracles/Tzadik TZ 7713 (rec)

141. Brent Arnold and the Spheres / Last Boat / [Brent Arnold, Ben Blankenship, Quentin Ertel, Ollie Glatzer, Zeke Keeble] Up Records UP101 (rec)

140. KGB / In from the Cold / [Julie King, Claude Ginsburg, Dave Bartley] Mole Records (rec, mix)

139. Chuck Swaim with the Dead Air Fresheners / Pleasure Is Where All Labors End (Sonarchy Radio)


138. Taka Koto Ensemble / Koto World featuring Elizabeth Falconer / Koto World KW002  (rec, edit, mix)

136. Phillip Arnautoff / Soliloquy: A Ritual of Communion with Vibrating Strings / Periplum 0090  (live mix, edit)

135. Paul Scott / Nightvision  (rec, edit, mix)

134. Intonarumori / Intonarumori / Unit Circle Rekkids tUC062  (rec, mix)

133. Land / Archipelago / [Jeff Greinke, Lesli Dalaba, Dennis Rea, George Soler, Bill Moyer, Greg Gilmore, Ed Pias] / Periplum P00040  (rec, edit, mix)

132. Ela Lamblin / Tone Pond / lelavision  (rec, edit, mix)

131. Stackpole / Stackpole / [Dennis Rea, Wally Shoup, Geoffrey Harper, Gregg Keplinger] / First World  FWD 01.08  (rec, mix)

130. Rebecca Richardson w/ Chuck Deardorf, Randy Halberstadt, Milo Peterson  (rec, mix)

129. Rick Mandyck & Gregg Keplinger / Tribute / Origin Records 82369  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

128. Nervewheel / Be Safe Close Cover / [Bill Horist, Adam Gross, Ben Hadley]  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

127. Lynette Westendorf and Animal Dreams / Surrounded by Green / Salamander S699  (rec, edit, mix)

126. J. Greinke R. Angus / Crossing Ngoli / Ear-Rational ECD 1033  (live mix)

125. Jonathan Sampson / Tempete Dans Un Verre D’Eau  (rec)

124. Jon Jang & the Pan Asian Arkestra / Self Defense! / Soulnote 121203-2 (rec, mix)

123. Lunar Adventures / Alive in Seattle / 9 Winds NWCD 0132  (live mix)

122. Adam Ebenezer Jimson Boesel & the Stove Top Band / Budugudu Rec.  (rec, mix)

121. Jonny Hahn / Difference Of Opinion / HS 106  (rec)

120. Lesli Dalaba / Core Samples / Ear-Rational ECD 1025  (rec)

119. Ukulele Trance Project / Wannatakearide / Ruch Workshop Music  (rec)

118. Jackhammer Trio / Sonarchy & Synergy / [Rik Wright, Tannar Brewer, Simon Grant]  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

117. Ron Fein / Habitat  (live mix)

116. Bill Horist / Soylent Radio / [Rich Hinklin, Eveline Muller, Troy Swanson] / Unit Circle Rekkids tUc045  (Sonarchy Radio)

115. Ota Prota / Ota Prota / [Adam McCollum, Brent Arnold, Greg Campbell, Josh Stewart, Kevin Hudson]  (rec, mix)

114. Keith Eisenbrey / Slow Blues / [Karen Eisenbrey, Neal Meyer] / Skald Records 021799  (rec, mix)

113. Keith Eisenbrey / 2 Compositions / Skald Records 042903  (rec, mix)

112. Disjunkt / Disjunkt / [Rik Wright, Dan Blunk, Simon Grant]  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

111. Eyvind Kang / 7 NADEs / Tzadik tz 7013  (rec, mix)

110. Paul Taub / Oo-ee / Periplum P0070  (rec, edit, mix)

109. Byron Au Yong / Walking Stirring Weaving / Periplum P 0080  (rec, edit, mix)

108. Jeff Johnson Trio / Free / [Billy Mintz, Hans Teuber] / OriginArts 82370  (live mix)

107. Safarini in Transit / Music of African Immigrants / Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40457  (rec, mix)

106. Jeff Greinke / Ride / [Fred Chalenor, Greg Gilmore, Randy Neal, Craig Flory, Lori Goldston] / First World FWD 99.05  (rec, mix, prod)

105. Jeph Jerman / The Second Attention / Anomalous Records NOM 7  (live mix)

104. Bella Musica Woodwind Trio / Unrolling a Chinese Scroll  (rec, edit, mix)

103. Elizabeth Falconer / Water Colors / Sparkling Beatnik Records SBR 0018  (rec, edit, mix)

102. PISS / PISS / [Perkis, Ingalls, Shiurba, Sperry] / Limited Sedition LS 011  (live mix)

101. Rajkowski, Jerman, Kozawa, Knott, Shannon / Coincidentiae Mirabiles (live mix, edit)

100. Yerba Buena / Vaiven de Mar / YM 001  (rec, mix)

99. Manah / Manah / [Stephen Gauci, Elizabeth Pupo-Walker, Thomas Armstrong]  (rec, mix, prod)

98. Evergreen Classic Jazz Band / Music of the Century / Triangle Jazz t-121cd  (rec, edit, mix)

97. Dave Hollinden / Slender Beams / American Composers Series Gagliano GR-747-CD  (rec, edit, mix)

96. Garrett Fisher / Moon in the Bucket / 16 Visions 16v002  (rec, edit, mix)

95. St. Gregory Choir / Gregorian Chant – Music of Faith  (rec, edit, mix)

94. Joe McPhee Quintet / Common Threads / [Stuart Dempster, Loren Dempster, Michael Biso, Eyvind Kang] / Deep Listening DL 4-1996 CD  (live mix)

93. Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble / Vela Luka / VL 101  (rec, edit, mix)

92. Dan Blunck & Mike Bisio / Concerted / Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1121 (live mix)

91. Matt Jorgensen + 451 / The Sonarchy Session / [Mark Taylor, Ryan Burns, Phil Sparks] / Origin Records OLS 82001  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

90. David Haney Quartet / Caramel Topped Terrier / [Julian Priester, Wilbert de Joode, Han Bennink] / Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1136  (rec, mix)

89. Pangeo / Northern Borders / [Christos Govetas, Ruth Hunter, Sandra Dean, Dave Bartley, David Bilides] / CG8630  (rec, edit, mix)

88. Disjunkt / V2 / HSG03-003  (rec)(Sonarchy Radio)

87. Michael Bisio / Undulations / [Bob Nell, Rob Blakeslee, Jim Nolet, Ed Pias] / Omnitone 15001  (live mix)

86. Brainstun / Brainstun 2 / [Christian Asplund, Greg Campbell, Jessica Lurie, Matthew Sperry] / Present Sounds Recordings PS0301  (rec)

85. Island Jazz Quintet / Youkali / [Todd Gowers, Maggie Laird, Richard Person, Tom Wilkins, Todd Zimberg] / Spring Beach SBM 002  (rec, mix)

84. Wally Shoup Trio / Fusillades & Lamentations / [Reuben Radding, Bob Rees] / Leo Records LR 364  (rec, mix)

83. Jim Knodle & Anansi / Wending / [Michael Vlatkovich, Paul Sawyer, Lynette Westendorf, Dan O’Brien, Don Berman] / 9 Winds NWCD 0263  (live mix)

82. Annemarie Russell / Traveling With You  (rec)(mix)

81. Eric Apoe and They / Radioation/ [Dennis Rea, Damien Aitken, Alica Allen, Tige Decoster, Hugh Sutton] / Soundtrack Blvd. Music  (Sonarchy Radio)

80. The Brothers Of Max Catharsis / Collective Reverie / [Joe Messer, Jay Jaskot, Ryan Farris]  (rec, mix)

79. The Geoff Cooke Quintet / See You At The Bridge / [Tony Grasso, Brian Kent, Ryan Burns, Jose Martinez] / CAP 963  )(prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

78. Guardian Alien / Live On KCMU / [Erik Kubista, Rob Mitchell, Doug Sowers, Guy Davis, Harry Pierce, Christina Honeycutt]  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

77. Animist Orchestra / Wuwei / [Jeph Jerman, Dave Knott, Jeffrey Taylor, Marina Granger, Mike Shannon, Robert Millis] / Anomalous Records NOM 14 (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

76. Cynthia Mullis / Inside Job / [Jeff Hay, Becca Duran, Chris Spencer, Doug Miller, Steve Korn] / OA2 Records 22001  (rec)

75. Joanne Klein & Marc Smason / You’re My Thrill / CM 1004  (rec, mix)

74. Vessel / 180 Degrees / 003027  (rec, mix)

73. Glenn Jenks & Dan Grinstead / Ragtime Bigtime / Stomp Off CD1292  (rec, mix)

72. Paramount Hot Dance Jazz Band of Boston / March of the Hoodlums / Stomp Off CD1340  (mix)

71. Hal Smith’s Roadrunners / Absolutely! / [Bobby Gordon, Ray Skjelbred, Rebecca Kilgore, Mike Duffy] / Triangle Jazz T-120  (live mix)

70. Evergreen Classic Jazz Band / Early Recordings / [Craig Flory, Jake Powel, David Holo, David Loomis, Dan Grinstead, Dale Roach, Al LaTourette, Tom Jacobus] / Triangle Jazz T-116  (rec, edit, mix)

69. Rik Wright / Isomorphism / [Dan Blunck, Tony Grasso, Reuben Radding, Randy Doak, Jim Knodle, Fred Roth, Simon Grant ] / Hipsync Records HSG02-001 (rec, mix, prod)

68. Ain’t No Heaven Seven / Marching With Satisfaction / ANHS-1  (rec, mix)

67. Evergreen Classic Jazz Band / Jazz That Time Forgot / MF-101  (rec, mix)

66. Dan Grinstead / Secrets Of Ragtime / MF-102  (rec, mix)

65. Evergreen Ragtime Trio / It’s A Rouser / [ Pete Devine, Dan Grinstead, Jeff Woistman, Tom Jacobus] / Stomp Off CD1383  (edit, mix)

64. Horns & Vinyl / Sonarchy at the 700 Club / [John Wicks, Abigail Fein, PK, DC, Brian Ray, LSDJ, Marc Fendel, Jon Ryser, Daniel Flemming, Brian Sorum ] / Dig 006  (live mix, prod)

63. Metal Men / Follow the Metal Brick Road / [John Hawkley, Eric Muhs] (prod) Sonarchy Radio)

62. Mabuse / Mabuse / [Stephen Cavit, Troy Swanson]  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

61. Bill Rieflin & Chris Connelly / Largo / First World FWD 01.10  (rec)

60. Thomasa & the Bird Tribe Orch. / Red Ruby Palace  (rec, edit, mix)

59. The Imaginary Band / Sonarchy / [Harlan Mark Vale, Dick Metcalf, Peter Tomshany]  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

58. Ham And Treachery / In the Small Jars / ATT-108  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

57. Chris Stevens / Bankshot / Serape Records SER 9052  (rec, edit, mix)

56. Akoma Ensemble / Live! volume 1  (Sonarchy Radio)

55. Highrize / Highrize / [Ryan Berg, Bill Jones, Lauren Abady, Adan Schwartz, Russ Grabski, Jay Jaskot, Jeremy Stark]  (rec, mix)

54. William O. Smith / Solo Music / Ravenna Editions 2001  (rec, mix)

53. Bob Barraza / Residue Score / [Robert Hinrix, Paul Hoskin, Gina Sala] (rec, mix)

52. Land / Road Movies / [Fred Chalenor, Lesli Dalaba, Jeff Greinke, Dennis Rea, Bill Rieflin] / First World FWD 01.09  (rec)

51. Brothers Of Max Catharsis / Brothers of Max Catharsis / [Joe Messer, Ryan Farris, Jay Jaskot]  (rec, mix, prod)

50. Nate Brown / Based On Actual Events / [Gary Fukushima, Dean Schmidt, Jeff Busch, Jovino Santo-Neto]  (mix)

49. Infernal Noise Brigade / Insurgent Selections for Battery and Voice / Post World Industries  (prod, mix) (Sonarchy Radio)

48. Mowgli / Live on Sonarchy / [Eddie Nonog, Aaron Str8, Jordan Corbin, Steve Scalfati, Jon Ryser] / Dig Bootleg Series 003  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

47. Soundrangers / Sonarchy Radio / [Barry Dowsett, Kevin Tone, Bill Wolford] / (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

46. Quasi Nada / Quasi Nada live  (prod) (Sonarchy Radio)

45. J. Lee Kraft / Meditative Affirmations  (rec, mix)

44. The Wally Shoup/Jeph Jerman Duo / Rescue Mission / Shrat Records 9905 (edit)

43. Island Jazz Quintet / Island Jazz Quintet / Spring Beach Records  (rec, mix)

42. Project W / Project W / [Wally Shoup, Brent Arnold, Ed Pias] / Apraxia Records pxd 17442  (rec, mix)

41. Rubin-Clement / Piano Dialogues / [Amy Rubin, Dawn Clement ]  (edit, mix)

40. James Whetzel / Live, vol. 1 / [Yaw Amponsah, Gavin Douglas, Bill Moyer, Andrew Carras]  (Sonarchy Radio)

39. Pagan Babies / Pagan Babies / [Dave Nolet, Kenny Mandell, Stephen Flinn] / 9 Winds NWCD 0181  (live mix)

38. Ela Lamblin / Raga to the River / Lelavision  (rec, mix)

37. Kagel / Quartet 98, Trio 97 / [James Wood, Mark Collins, Douglas Theriault, Matthew Sperry  (live mix)

36. Matthew Horton / Emerald Bay Diamonds / Nimbus 2001  (rec, mix)

35. 20 Years of NW Folklife / Northwest Folklife Festival  (live mix)

34. Carl Stone / Mom’s / New Albion Records NA049 CD  (rec)

33. Eric Apoe / Songs of Love and Doom / Soundtrack Blvd. Music  (rec)

32. Suction / Post Neuro / [Eric Amrine, Cully Ewing, Steve Wied, Mike Mongrain, Paul Kay]  (rec)

31. Eric Ring / Solo Piano  (rec, edit)

30. Paul Scott / Essays  (rec, edit)

29. Michael Bisio Quintet / Covert Choreography / [Bob Nell, Eyvind Kang, Rob Blakeslee, Ed Pias] / Cadence CJR 1063  (rec, mix)

28. Omar Torres Band / Omar Torres Band / [Dale Fanning, Paul Hinklin, Jeffrey Mayo, Arnie Livingston] OTEP 89714  (rec, mix)

27. Todd Steven Davis / Sun + Moon Rendezvous / Tertium Non Data Publ. (rec, edit, mix)

26. Ellen Fullman / Body Music / Experimental International Foundation XI109  (live mix)

25. Leon & Eric Bibb / A Family Affair / Hatman 2007  (rec, mix)

24. Rebecca Richardson / In the Quiet Hours / [Dawn Clement, Dan Heck, Geoff Harper, Paul Townsend]  (rec, mix)

23. Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet / Saxhouse / [Marjorie de Muynck, Amy Denio, Jessica Lurie, Barbara Marino, Will Dowd] / Knitting Factory KWCD-143  (rec, mix)

22. Joe Heaney / Say a Song / Northwest Archive Series NWARCD 001  (edit)

21. Land / Land / [Jeff Greinke, Dennis Rea, Lesli Dalaba, Ed Pias] / Extreme LCD XCD032  (rec, mix)

20. The Seattle Poetry Slam Live 2000 / (rec, edit)

19. The Radost Folk Ensemble / Heirloom 25 Years / RFE-C01  (rec, edit, mix)

18. The Hub / Wrecking Ball / [Mark Trayle, Phil Stone, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Tim Perkis] / Artifact Recordings ART 1008  (rec)

17. Brent Arnold / Thickness / Rabid God Inoculator RGI 005  (rec, mix)

16. Free Consultation / [Paul Chuey, Ken Masters, Steven Cavit]  (live mix, rec, mix)

15. Michele Myers / Primordial Soup / Green Thumb 001  (rec, mix, prod)

14. Ed Pias / Ancestor’s Halo / Extreme XCD 043  (live mix)

13. Kolin Taylor & J.P Wittman w/ Linda Severt / Thinking of a Time  (rec, mix)

12. Eric Bibb / Roadworks / Hatman 2003  (rec)

11. Ki Ho’alu-Seattle Style / Live at NW Folklife 93 / [Ledward Ka’apana, Raymond Kane, Pekeko, Gary Haleamau, Haunani Apoliona, Milton Lau ] / NWFL 01  (rec, mix)

10. Dan Heck Trio / Go to Work / [Joe Doria, John Wicks] / Trio Records 84001  (live mix, edit)

9. Young Composers Collective / Metropolis / Unlabeled Records  (rec)

8. Ryan Shea Smith / volume 1 Brighter Days / True Blue 001  (live mix)

7. Ghidra / Strawberry Skinflint / [Wally Shoup, Bill Horist, Mike Peterson] / Soldisk SD 3720  (Sonarchy Radio)

6. Reptet / Reptet / [Tobi Stone, Stefan Nelson, Evan Flory-Barnes, John Ewing, Ron Barrow] / Monktail Creative Music Concern MCMC 2  (live mix)

5. Dave Caserio / Wisdom for a Dance in the Street / Gazoobi Tales Publ. (rec, edit, mix)

4. Charlie Smith Circle / Ahead and Behind / [Johanna Kunin, Mark Taylor,
Stuart MacDonald, Craig Flory, Jay Roulston, Dave Baldock, Chris Stover,
Beck Henderer-Pena, Dawn Clement, Willie Blair, Byron Vannoy] / Conduit
Records CR 1304 (rec)(Sonarchy Radio

3. Kane Mathis & Rusty Knorr / Kora and Percussion / Kaira Records Kari
0002 (live mix, Sonarchy Radio)

2. The Sound Of The Northwest / Faith / [Juan Huey-Ray – spirituals choir
director] CTO 301 (rec)(edit)(mix)

1. The Phonographers Union / Live on Sonarchy Radio / [Steve Barsotti,
Chris DeLaurenti, Marcos Fernandes, Mark Griswold, Alex Keller, Dale Lloyd,
Perri Lynch, Robert Millis, Toby Paddock] / Accretions Records ALP 033
(live mix)(Sonarchy Radio)