In 1996 Jack Straw Productions and KCMU, Seattle (now KEXP-fm, hired me to produce and engineer this weekly live studio performance broadcast. Now,  years later I’m still thrilled to be working on this project. Something bigger is happening now. Sonarchy is the most comprehensive archive of new music and sound art representing a region of the world on the internet. It’s massive and reflects the remarkable creative energy of the Pacific Northwest. This page holds the entire chronology of Sonarchy. To listen to an hour long performance starting from Oct.2005 onward go to Sonarchy Radio Archive .  If your interested in being on Sonarchy then please go to the FAQ at the Jack Straw Productions website to get more information.  I update this chronology once a year but there is work being done on Sonarchy Radio every day.  The initial broadcast of the show each week on KEXP – fm is heard on sunday evenings at midnight (pst).  It is then streamed at for 2 weeks and enters the podcast directory and archive the next day.  Thanks for your interest!


Jan 3nd  Subduction Zone  Acoustic – electric power trio scan the horizon.  Dennis Rea – guitar, Wally Shoup – alto sax and Tom Zgonc – drums. (

Jan10th   Jazz compositions for an acoustic ensemble.  Craig Flory – tenor sax, clarinet, Hans Teuber – alto sax, clarinet, flute, Matt Weiner – bass, Jose Martinez – drums.  Sit in a circle, play music.

Jan 17th  Tea With Mr. Patton  Michele Khazak and Beth Fleenor master the new art of  conversation with vocals and electronics. ( (

Jan 24rd Eric Verlinde / Steve Kindler   freely improvised music from two masters of their instruments.  Eric – piano and Steve on 6 and 9 string electric violins. (

Jan 31th  Popstronauts  Massive sound pressure in the exploration on new terrain. Clifford Kimbrel-Dunn – flute, piccolo, sax, custom supercollider driven electronics, Dio Jean – Baptiste – drums. 

Feb 7th The Daphnes  New chamber-pop compostions featuring Monica Schley – harp, vocals, Julie Baldridge – violin and Nate Omdal – bass. (

Feb 14th  Focus On Sanity  Ornette Coleman tribute band.  Don Berman and Steve Cavit – drums, Ken Masters and Dennis Rea – guitar, John Seman and Ryan Berg – bass, Matt Mckulskey – keys, James DeJoie – sax and Jim Knodle – trumpet.

Feb 21st  Carl Lierman explores textures, tones and mass with analog electronics (modular synthesizer), and heavily layered and processed recordings and digital sound sources. (

Feb 28th Istvan and Farko  A unique flamenco sound influenced by world, funk and jazz.  Istvan Rez – nylon-string guitar, Farko Dosumov – electric bass joined by Anil Prasad – tabla.

Mar 6th  Lowmen Markos  An orchestral post-rock soundtrack for hot weather and the desert magic hour. (

Mar 13th  Brad Linde and Patrick Booth  New music for soprano saxophones. (

Mar 20th  Benoit Pioulard  Beatific ambient explorations for guitar and voice. (

Mar 27th  Big Baron  Archive show from 2003. Original thinking in jazz music.  Byron Vannoy – drums, Delvon Lamaar – keys, Adam Arcano – guitar and Tige Decoster – bass.  (

April 3rd RM Francis  Computer music derived from randomly generated automatic musical phrases. (

April 10th  Congress  new music for a modern jazz trio.  Tim Kennedy – keys and compositions, Ian Sheridan – bass and Brad Gibson – drums (

April 17th  Threat of Beauty  First heard in May 2005, this is a quintet project from bassist and composer Evan Flory-Barnes.  Unique settings for strings, vibes and rhythm section.

April 24th  Christian Pincock  Composer and performer using trombone and electronics to create a cinematic experience. (

May 1st  Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces  New jazz music from this tight band.  Rik – electric guitar, Jim DeJoie – clarinet, Geoff Harper – bass and Greg Campbell – drums. (

May 8th  Yann Novak   A performance specific composition of altered field recordings.  Microscopic, ambient and luxurious.  (

May 15th  A Consecutive Sequence  Intense, powerhouse improvisation.  Bryan Lineberry – alto sax and Dio Jean-Baptiste – drums, voice.  (

May 22nd   Fraser Havens  Original solo compositions and improvisations for pedal steel guitar.

May 29th  Velocity   Fusion Jazz kicked into high gear.  Peter Adams – keys & compositions, Brian Smith – drums, Rob Hutchinson – bass and Cliff Colon – sax. (

June 5th  Interference Patterns  First heard on Sonarchy in 1996.  Rhythm, noise and theatre through synths, tapes, loopers and experimentation.  

June 12th  Jake Svendsen  Lots of great piano jazz music as Jake swings widely through the decades.  Joined for two tunes by Logan Heine on alto sax.

June 19th  Unsinkable Heavies  Super tight soul jazz with Nathan Spicer – Hammond B-3, clavinet, Ben Bloom – guitar, Jason Gray – bass, Art Brown – alto sax, flute and Grant Schroff – drums. (

June 26th  Kyle Hanson  Kyle’s technique for the accordion is “alternating transverse oscillation of the bellows”.  A new frame of reference that is supported by Lori Goldston – cello and Mark Hillard Wilson – classical guitar. (

July 3rd Jabon   Dark ambient avant garde disco comedy.  Scott Colburn is Jabon. (

july 10th The Ocular Proof New jazz music lead by James DeJoie with Matt McClusky – keys, Walter White -bass and Greg Campbell -drums. (

July 17th  Loscil  Variations on pieces from the Loscil electronic music catalog adapted for piano and electronics.  Scott Morgan – electronics and Kelly Wyse – piano.  (

July 24th Driftwood Orchestra  Freely improvising ensemble using driftwood and contact microphones as source material.  Casey C. Jones, Amanda Prince, Vanessa Skantze, Jim Deal and Scott Adams. 

July 31st  Triplifried  Andy Coe – guitar, Evan Flory-Barnes – bass and D’Vonne Lewis – drums.  Pac NW artists look into their southern roots and find a very soulful side of life. (

August 7th  Marisa Anderson  Super fine solo guitar and lapsteel performance of originals and public domain music in the folk, country and blues traditions. (

August 14th  Empty Boat  New jazz music from Dick Valentine – sax, Jim Knodle – trumpet, Simon Henneman – baritone guitar, Rik Wright – guitar and Don Berman – drums. 

August 21st  Greg Sinibaldi Fascinating solo music for electronic wind instrument (EWI) and software. (

August 28th  E R Don with Foscil   This Seattle based producer has built a palette of samples and techniques that leads to an original sound sure to please electronic, jazz and dance lovers worldwide.  He is joined by Foscil – Tyler Swan – drums, Adam Swan – rhodes/guitar and Anthony Moore on clarinets and trumpet.  First heard in 2008.

Sept 4th John Butcher – saxophones, Torsten Muller – bass and Dylan van der Schyff – drums.  a spectacular hour of free improvisation.  This show recorded in 2008 (

Sept 11th  Swindler  A funk, jazz and groove fusion band. Mike Saskor – guitar, Willow Goodine – keys, Rob Cochran – bass and Chris Martin – drums. (

Sept 18th  Martin Bland’s Randomized Controlled Trials   Original recordings edited, processed and put onto cdr’s then performed by 6 cd players in shuffle mode.   The results are highly entertaining and unique to each performance.

Sept 25th Stuart McLeod and Braintrust  Music for guitar orchestra featuring 4 guitars, 2 basses and Stuart on drums, brainwave sensors and compositions. A massive sound for radio. (

Oct. 2nd  Jacob Zimmerman and His Pals  Jazz from the 20’s and 30’s featuring Jacob on alto sax and clarinet, Ray Skjelbred – piano and poems and Matt Weiner on string bass. (

Oct 9th Gems   Deep, danceable grooves full of twists and turns.  Dan Rapport and Gary Palmer – synthesizers, Adrian Van Batenburg and Jacob Evans – drum kits. (

Oct. 16th  The Fabulous Party Boys  return to Sonarchy with their horn-heavy funk party.  Elliot Gray – keys, Tazlyn Gue – vocals, Jon Hansen – tuba, Ray Larsen – trumpet, Jason Cressey – trombone, Scott Macpherson – saxophone, Marshall Petryni – drums and Andy Short – guitar. (

Oct. 23rd  Zhongyu  Far-East influenced avant-rock.  Jon Davis – composer, guzheng, chapman stick, Jim DeJoie – sax, flute, clarinet, Alica DeJoie – electric violin, Dennis Rea – guitar and Randy Doak – drums. (

Oct 30th  Brad Anderson Dystopic space music and soundscapes.  (

Nov. 6th  Only Trio  Pacific NW chamber jazz ensemble featuring the trumpet and sublime compositions of Steve O”Brien, Jacob Herring – trombone, Kate Olson – soprano sax and Jake Brady – drums.

Nov. 13th Greg Kelly  Sink into the world of brass with this extended technique trumpet improvisation. (

Nov. 20th  Cavalerie  Jazz, funk and hiphop in the big house they built.  Jackie Pomeroy – vocals, Max Walker – guitar, Gabe Brooks-Lopez – drums, D.J. Rough – bass and Reuben Woodruff – steel pans. (

Nov 27th  Stenskogen – deep psychedelic electronic explorations from these Translinguistic   Other associates.  Garek Druss – vocals, beats, David Golightly – moog, Aubrey Nehring – guitar, vocals and Jamie Potter – jupiter.  (

Dec 4th  Janel & Anthony  Bucolic acoustic numbers and immersive dronescapes.  Janel Leppin – cello, electronics, Anthony Pirog – guitar, electronics.  (

Dec 11th  Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand  Avant-primitive blues that takes the psychedelic fork in the road.  Jeffery Taylor – guitar, John Seman – contrabass and Mark Ostrowski – drums. (

Dec 18th  Jason Goessl  Solo ambient electric guitar compositions inspired by fractal horizons.  One guitar, four amps and 18 pedals. (

Dec 25th  Roger Nelson  In May 2010 Eric Satie’s Vexations was performed at Jack Straw Productions.  This continuous 18 hour performance was made possible with the skill of numerous Seattle pianists.  Roger Nelson stands as one with the grand piano in this hour long performance. (


Jan 4th  Andrew Endres Collective  New jazz music from this Portland, OR  trio.  Andrew – guitar, Sam Hallam – bass and James Ford – drum kit.  (

Jan 11th Eric Apoe and They   Eric Apoe & They   Master songwriter and musician provides a cinematic view of the world we are living through.  Eric – guitar, vocals, Alicia Dejoie – violin, Danny Godinez – electric guitar and Tige DeCoster – bass. (

Jan 18th  94th Street   Archive show from 2001.  Pop drum n’ bass music played live.  Drummer KJ Sawka’s first band in Seattle.  Fascinating hybrid of influences. (

Jan 25th  Bardo Basho  Drone and techno influenced singer songwriter goes down her own electric trail. (sound

Feb 1st  Foday Musa Suso  A solo performance of new compositions for kora and voice by this world famous griot from Gambia and a Seattle resident.(

Feb 8th  KO Ensemble  New music written and performed by Kate Olson.  KO – soprano sax, Sam Boshnack – trumpet, Chris Credit – tenor sax, Tim Kennedy – piano, Geoff Harper – bass and Chris Icasiano – drums (

Feb 15th Helix   Four master improvisors in the classic sax and drum duo times two.  Very powerful.  Eric Barber and Greg Sinibaldi – tenor saxes, Greg Campbell and Paul Kicuchi – drums.

Feb 22nd  Gregg Belisle – Chi / Chelsea Crabtree  Adventures into the avant-garde.  Gregg- guitar, Chelsea – vocals. (

Mar 1st  Steve Roden  Improvised soundscapes from this visual and sound artist from LA who often works in the Seattle area.  This performance was made during a Jack Straw Productions artist residency. (

Mar 8th  Racer Session #2  Continuing this Sonarchy series featuring artists associated with The Racer Sessions collective.   Steve Treseler – tenor sax, bass clarinet, Kate Olson – soprano sax, clarinet, cracklebox, Don Berman, Brandon Lucia and Jen Gilleran – drums and percussion.  (

Mar 15th  Christian Pincock Group  New music for jazz ensemble. CP- valve trombone, electronics, composition, Levi Gillis – tenor sax, Jon Hansen – tuba, Chris Icasiano – drums. (

Mar 22nd  Newaxeyes  Sounds like the internet, funerals and gov’t conspiracies.  Tyler Coray – guitar, William Hayes – guitar, prepared guitar, Bret Gardin – electronics, Jordan Rundle – electronics. (

Mar 29th  Brent Jensen / Scott Farkas  The international sound of freely improvised music. BJ – saxes, flute, recorder, SF – percussion. (

April 5th  Kelly Wyse  Pac NW piano explorer starts with Aphex Twin covers and moves into some very exotic territory for solo piano. sound

April 12th David Marriott’s Pop Culture   Exploring the themes of popular culture through original compositions and arrangements.  David – trombone, Marc Fendel – alto sax, Geoff Harper – bass, Brad Gibson – drums.

April 19th  Garek Druss  An electronic music experience exploring time, space and ecstatic states.

April 26th  A superb hour of improvisation from 1999.  This archive performance features Matt Sperry, Paul Hoskin, Tari Nelson-Zagar and Matt Ingalls.

May 3rd  The Sky Is a Suitcase  New jazz music from Carmen Rothwell – bass, Mike Gebhart – drums, Raymond Larsen – trumpet and Levi Gillis – tenor sax. (

May 10th  Sentient Explosive  Now is the time for some industrial atmospheres to sink into.  Dean Moore – electro-acoustic percussion and Noisepoetnobody – modular synth and voice. (}

May 17th  Lori Goldston Solo cello from this renowned sonic explorer. (

May 24th  Gravity   A Fender Rhodes trio specializing in funky jazz and electronica.  Tim Kennedy – keys, Ian Sheridan – bass and Claudio Rochat – Felix – drums. (

May 31st  Gilles Aubry performs  “Amplified Souls”. an improvisation with field recordings from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. (

June 7th  Denney Goodhew  Solo piano improvisation autobiography. (

June 14th  Duet   Analog synthesis, field recording and signal processing employed to create shifting and habitable spaces.  Kaori Suzuki and Jonathan Carr. (

June 21st  Santos Ensemble  Drummer and MC Peter Schmeeckle brings contemporary music influences to a core jazz sound.  Phil Sparks – bass, Leif Totusek – guitar and Bob Antolin – saxes and flute.

June 28th  Uneasy Chairs  Cronic power ghosting created by a massive wall of sound pressure.  Patrick Gundran – guitar.  (uneasy

July 5th Chemical Clock  Reaching across the world to define new paths for instrumental music.  Ray Larsen – trumpet, Cameron Sharif – keys, Mark Hunter – bass and Evan Woodle – drums. (

July 12th  Spicer Trio  Archive show from 2006. Nathan Spicer – hammond organ and keys, Jeff Fielder – guitar/vocals and Chris Stromquist – drums.  We continue the Sonarchy survey of organ bands in the pacific NW.  This trio is particularly down and dirty and very roadhouse.

July 19th  Tim Held  fuzzy, noisy electronic music (

July 26th  Spontaneous Rex  An experimental jazz / avant-rock quartet based in Seattle. Jake Sele-keys, Matt Williams – guitars, Nick Lonien – bass and Joe Eck – drums. (

August 2nd  Charlie Bowlen – solar drum, Tom Faber – didgeridoo.  Quiet explorations in metal and wood.

August 9th  Eric Barber Quartet.  Acoustic instruments, ensemble listening and the message is delivered.  Eric – saxes, Jesse Canterbury – clarinets, Tom Swafford – violin, Gust Burns – piano. First heard in 2006.

August 16th  Sil2K Ensemble.  9 players perform the Graffica score.  Great example of Seattle’s large group improv history.  Sonarchy Archive Series show from 2000.

August 23rd  Analog America.   Hollow Earth Radio founders, Amber Kai Morgan and Garrett Kelly use phone machine tapes and found sounds to make the real world more real.  Joined by Doug Arney and Olie Esheleman on guitars, toys and effects.

August 30th  Jessica Lurie / Bill Horist Duo  Drawing from a massive gigbag of sounds and techniques these two will take you on a trip.

Sept 6th Burning Man 2007  an ambient soundtrack of night on the playa.  This utterly unique soundscape develops from countless sound systems  sending their message into miles of desert air.

Sept 13th  The Pornados   Drawing from The Ventures, country and western and jazz  influences, this band is making some highly cinematic music for the radio.  Jason Goessl – guitar, Ethan Sobotta – bass, Tom Zgonc – drums and Robb Davidson – space processing.  (

Sept 20th  Joshua Medina / Paurl Walsh  Noise power ambience for guitar, electronics and field recordings. (

Sept 27th  Jeff Johnson Trio  A unique setting to hear Jeff on electric bass.  Super-fine trio jazz with Ivan Arteaga – sax and Chris Icasiano – drums. (

Oct 4th Seattle Phonographers Union  Creating new sonic worlds with field recordings. Mark Cooper, Pete Comley, Steve Barsotti, Suzie Kozawa and Steve Peters. (

Oct 11th  Spontaneous Music Collective  New music from Kenny Mandell – woodwinds, percussion, Tim Volpicella – electric guitar and Curtis Dahl – piano and keys.

Oct 18th  Analog Honking Device  Cynthia Mullis leads this bass – heavy band on tenor sax, Chris Symer – upright bass, Steve Kim – electric bass, Chris Icasiano – drums and Chad McCullough – trumpet. (

Oct 25th  Marcus Price / Dustin Williams  A weird electric night out with Marcus on electronics and processing and Dustin on guitar and processing. (

nov 1st Lou Lou Hernandez   Electro-noise pop that ignores all the pop requirements.  Ryan Tranum – sampler, Kate Olson – bass clarinet, flute, Alan Gutierrez – circuit-bent keys, vocals and Daniel Comiskey – text/poetry.

Nov. 8th  FHTAGN  An experimental spatial sound ensemble exploring alternative conducting techniques, aleatory music operations and improvisation. 12 players lead by Blake DeGraw. (bandcamp.FHTAGN)

Nov. 15th  Erin Jorgensen  Our second visit from Erin draws french pop, marimba nod rock and acoustic psychedelic sadcore reflections from her voice, effects and a marimba. (

Nov. 22nd  Rippin’ Chicken  Seattle is soul jazz central and here is a fine example from 2012.  Delvon Lamarr – B-3, Ben Bloom – guitar and Ollie Klomp – drums.

Nov. 29th Dave Webb  Electric guitar and pedalboard leads to virtuosic hour of cinematic music. (

Dec. 6th Shelita Burke  Indie-jazz-folk sounds from this singer/songwriter and her band. (

Dec. 13th Racer Session #3  Continuing this Sonarchy series featuring artists associated with The Racer Sessions collective.  Simon Henneman – guitar, Natalie Hall – cello, Vincent LaBelle – trombone, Aaron Otheim – synth and Gregg Keplinger – drums. (

Dec. 20th  Gamma Male  Ben McAllister and Matt Wainwright perform long-form Herzogian explorations on synthesizers. (


Jan 5th  Wind Burial  70’s rock played into a box canyon with caribou present.  Kat Terran – vocals, synth, Derek Terran – drums, Alan Gutierrez – guitars and Justin McCormick – bass and guitar.

Jan 12th  Gust Burns Quartet  radical new interpretations of jazz standards through the technique of erasure.  Gust – piano, Jacob Zimmerman – alto sax, Carmen Rothwell – bass and Paul Kikuchi – percussion.

Jan 19th  Brother Raven  Underwater birth to temple spaceship incineration is the  description given to this duo of Jason E. Anderson and Jamie Potter – analog synthesis and tapes. (

Jan 26th  D’Vonne Lewis’ Limited Edition  A unique setting for this power trio to reveal true musical interaction.  Cliff Colon – sax, Farko Dosumov – electric bass and D’Vonne on drums.

Feb 2nd  Swindler  A fresh take on the deep pocket groove.  Chris Martin – drums, Bob Cochran – bass, Willow Goodine – keys and Mike Saskor – guitar. (

Feb 9th  Piano Piano  Seattle-based experimental ambient rock.  Doug Connelly – bass, synth, Kevin Malik – drums, Rob Piotrowski and Brian Toole – guitars.  (

Feb 16th  Yokai No Uta Trio  A late night song of the ghosts to breath another layer of mystery  into your life.

Feb 23rd  Ryan Burns – piano, Geoff Harper – bass, Brad Gibson – drums and Denny Goodhew – percussion.  Freely improvised music. (

March 2nd  Ron Weinstein  Follow your muse wherever  she may take you.  A lovely solo piano performance.

March 9th  Myth of Progress  A psychedelic, post-rock fusion from Jules Nickel – guitar, Todd Lui – bass and Chris Martin – drums.  (

March 16th  The Yes, Well . . .  Jeph Jerman and Dave Knott create a remarkable radioscape with guitar, piano, materials from nature, battery amps, objects and various inexplicable sound sources.

March 23rd  Paul Kikuchi’s Bat of No Bird Island  A new ensemble piece inspired by a family memoir and a 78rpm record collection.  The ensemble is Tari Nelson-Zagar, Maria Scherer Wilson, Eyvind Kang, Bill Horist, Stuart Dempster and Rob Millis. (

March 30th  Doomsday Device  In that fine Seattle tradition of the jazz, new music jam band.  Scott Morning – trumpet, Aaron Jenkins – sax, Adam Kessler – drums, Nate Omdal – bass and Rich Pellegrin – keys.

April 6th  Marisa Anderson  Super fine solo guitar and lapsteel performance of originals and public domain music in the folk, country and blues traditions. (

April 13th  Lara Candland and Christian Asplund layer text, drones and live sampling to create lush and evocative ecotopes for the ear.(

April 20th  Rainbow Wolves  Analog synthesizer explorations by Randall Skrasek. (

April 27th  Rich Pellegrin Quintet  New jazz music. Rich – composer, piano, R. Scott Morning – trumpet, Neil Welch – tenor sax, Mark Hunter – bass and Chris Icasiano – drums. (

May 4th  Daniel Carter, Reuben Radding and Gregg Keplinger.  An exceptional experience in freely improvised music.

May 11th  Space Weather Listening Booth  A live performance event based around the natural phenomena that come together to create the aurora borealis.  Nate Evans and John Teske – composers, Tom Baker – electronics, Neil Welch – sax and Greg Campbell – percussion.

May 18th  Septet of Darkness  This is bassist/composer Tim Carey’s new music project featuring Brian Bermudez – tenor sax, Cynthia Mullis – alto sax, Samantha Boshnack – trumpet, Nathan Vetter – trombone, Dan Taylor – piano and Jeff Busch – drums.

May 25th  Jason Wolford  solo electronics from this Seattle-based musician, producer and sound designer.  Jason’s other projects include Machmen and Teledubgnosis.

June 1st  McTuff Trio present The Dave Lewis Revue.  D’Vonne Lewis – drums, Joe Doria – B-3 organ and Andy Coe – guitar cover tunes from the 60’s that Seattle jazz hall-of-famer Dave Lewis had in his sets during those defining years for the organ trio sound.

June 8th  Existence Habit  3 sonic adventurers from Astoria, OR bring the sound of the columbia river.  Gregg Skloff – bass process, objects, Roger Hayes – guitar, object processing and Derek Ecklund – voice, keys, samples.

June 15th  Jesse Canterbury and Vertigo   New compositions for this acoustic ensemble.  Jesse – clarinets, Chris Stover – trombone, Lori Goldston – cello and Tom Baker – guitar.

June 22nd  Dean Moore / Dennis Rea  New music veterans find their  path through pure improvisation.  Dean – percussion and processing, Dennis – guitar.

June 29th  Spectral Waves  Gravity bending psychedelic rock.  Jack Gold-Molina -drums, Simon Henneman – guitar, Cary Kindberg – bass, Adam Kindberg – guitar.

July 6th  Bert Wilson and Rebirth  first heard in 2004, the late, great Mr. Wilson with Nancy Curtis – flutes, Craig Hoyer – piano, Chris Symer – bass and special guest James Zitro – drums.

July 13th  CLEE  6 members of the Cornish Live Electronics Ensemble in full exploration mode. (

July 20th  The Luna Moth  After shoegazing, stoner post-rock comes the heavy sister with her drone rock flag flying. Mark Schlipper – guitar, Levi Fuller – bass and Mark Colovito – drums. (

July 27th  The Melbatones  Original folk compositions for jazz quartet.  Led by David Milford –  violin, Stephen Fandrich – piano, Geoff Harper – bass and Greg Campbell – drums.

August 3rd  Dale Lloyd   Dale is a sound artist and founder of And/Oar records.  For this show he is primarily working with optical film print soundtracks.

August 10th  The Many Duo  Freely improvised music from Matt Williams – guitar and Kevin Haag – drums, loops and samples.

August 17th  Big Crinkly Trio  An ideal trio balance in a jazz music setting.  Pete Turner – drums, Doug Lilla – electric bass and Jim Knodle – trumpet.

August 24th  Lightning Kills Eagle   Ambient noise drone manipulations in service of the summer night.

August 31st  Crack Sabbath live at the 700 Club.  1998 performance.  Original band plus guests.  Soooo very heavy.  You must be crushed.

Sept. 7th  Labyrinth and the Desert    Maximum sound pressure and overtones from Andrew McInnis – juno 106, casio MT – 68, piano and harmonium.  Text by Martin Schilde.

Sept. 14th  John Seman’s Lil’ Coop Sextet  New compositions from the bassist.  Stephen Fandrich – piano, Mark Ostrowski – drums, Billy Monto – alto / tenor sax, Darian Asplund – tenor sax and Robby Beasley – trumpet / flugelhorn.

Sept. 21st  Raica  Hardware synth performance by DJ Chloe Harris.

Sept. 28th  Jason Parker Quartet   Jazz with a Pac. NW feel.   Jason on trumpet, Josh Rawlings – piano, Evan Flory-Barnes – bass, D’Vonne Lewis – drums and guest tenor sax player Cynthia Mullis.

Oct 5th  Ann Cummings   This pianist asks what a Bach masterpiece would sound like played backwards and then does it.  Inside the music time travels backwards.

Oct 12th  Afrocop  This return to Sonarchy brings a mix of gospel, dance, psychedelic soul and time-stretched video game soundtracks.  Music made in the moment.  Noel Brass Jr. – keys, Andy Sells – drums and Carlos Tulloss -bass with guest guitarist Bill Horist.

Oct 19th  Leviathan Worship Service  An organization who believes in total freedom of sound. Mack Fisher – laptop/field recordings, Justin James Taylor – keys, Brad Rouda – theremin, guitars and Mark Ostrowski – drums

Oct 26th Blue Cranes   Frame-shattering tonal and textural reconstructions from this Portland quintet.  Reed Wallsmith – alto sax, Sly Pig – tenor sax, Rebecca Sanborn – piano/keys, Keith Brush –  bass and Ji Tanzer – drums.

Nov 2nd Racer Session  This music collective presents a fascinating hour of improvisation.  Session includes Jared Borkowski – guitar, David Balatero – cello, Andrew Swanson – keys, sax, EWI, Rob Hanlon – EWI and Naomi Siegel – trombone. racer

Nov 9th  Jamie Potter  Solo electronics by this Portland perma-flow blade runner of I-5.

Nov 16th  Sue Ann Harkey  A unique and beautiful sound from this artist.  SAH – guitars, vocals, Tari Nelson-Zagar – violin, Angelina Baldoz – trumpet, voice, bass and Steve Peters – field recordings.

Nov 23rd  Hans Teuber, Jeff Johnson, Billy Mintz.  An archive session from Sept. 1998.  Clubdate in Seattle.  This is a jazz gift that comes from 3 lives in music.  Hans – sax, Jeff – bass and Billy – drums.

Nov 30th  Mike Gamble  Oregon guitarist, percussionist draws from many traditions leading to a very contemporary electric sound.  Joined by cellist Lori Goldston for the second half.

Dec 7th  Dub Championz Dub Championz    powerhouse  performance from the pacific northwest’s finest.  This dub is live and fully connected. (

Dec 14th  Spontaneous Music Ensemble    Wally Shoup – alto sax, Jacob Zimmerman – alto sax, Neil Welch – tenor sax and Carmen Rothwell – bass.  4 dedicated voices in freely improvised music.

Dec 21st  Eric Ring  A solo piano concert

Dec 28th  Infernal Noise Brigade  A Sonarchy Archive show from 2001.  Bring drumline, breakbeats, loud hailers, Balkan fanfares, taiko and heavy sound pressure to your next political protest holiday. (


Jan 6th Janel & Anthony  Bucolic acoustic numbers and immersive dronescapes.  Janel Leppin – cello, electronics, Anthony Pirog – guitar, electronics.  (

Jan 13th  Unlearn  Symphonic drums, massive bass, soundscapes and elegant melodies.  A band from the daydream nation.  Greg Ferguson – drums, James Kay – guitar, keys, Christian Taylor – keys, guitar, percussion and Jason Kopec – bass, keys and melodica.

Jan 20th  Lori Goldston (Seattle) – cello and Dana Reason (Corvallis, OR) – piano.  Freely improvised acoustic music  that feels like the weather.  (

Jan 27th  Noel Brass Jr.  “Soulgazer” number 1 brings us a psychedelic,  dystopian soundtrack for the midnight hour.

Feb 3rd  The Jefferson Rose Band combine world music influences with solid chops to make their own sound happen.  Jefferson Rose – bass, Naomi Siegel – trombone, Tobi Stone – sax, clarinet, flute, Aaron Walker-Loud – drums, Ivan Galvez – percussion and Dan Rapport – guitar. (

Feb 10th  Stenskogen – deep psychedelic electronic explorations from these Translinguistic   Other associates.  Garek Druss – vocals, beats, David Golightly – moog, Aubrey Nehring – guitar, vocals and Jamie Potter – jupiter.  (

Feb 17th  Jargon  a modern-jazz quartet focused on adventurous original compostion.  Bryan Smith – saxophone, Gregg Belisle-Chi – guitar, Carmen Rothwell – bass and Max Wood – drums.  (

Feb 24th  Panabrite  Analog synthesizers, beats and effects in service of the ambient drone.

March 3rd  Geist and the Sacred Ensemble   Dark, brooding, bluesy psychedelia that is haunting and hypnotic and harrowing in equal measure.  (

March 10th  The Fabulous Party Boys  return to Sonarchy with their horn-heavy funk party.  Elliot Gray – keys, Tazlyn Gue – vocals, Jon Hansen – tuba, Ray Larsen – trumpet, Jason Cressey – trombone, Scott Macpherson – saxophone, Marshall Petryni – drums and Andy Short – guitar. (

March 17th  Gems   Deep, danceable grooves full of twists and turns.  Dan Rapport and Gary Palmer – synthesizers, Adrian Van Batenburg and Jacob Evans – drum kits. (gems

March 24th  Sufferin’ Fuckheads   Breaking all the jazz, punk and noise rules.  Ron Weinstein – hammond B-3 organ and keys, Mike Peterson – drums and effects.

March 31st  Matt Carlson  Portland modular analog and digital synth dynamo brings deep tone and texture solos to the show.  (

April 7th  Simon Henneman Quintet + 6 guests fire a full broadside at the crossroads of jazz and creative music.  Simon – guitar, Kenny Mandel – saxes, Kate Olson – saxes, John Seman – bass, Mark Ostrowski – drums with Bill Monto, Bill Krautz, Jim Knodle, Amy Denio, Erica Carlson and Jen Gilleran.

April 14th  John Schuller and James Davis  This Sonarchy Archive show is a  two guitar attack with cinematic, extreme sound pressure results.  Originally broadcast in June 2002.

April 21st  Jon Sheckler’s Bodies of Water Ensemble.  New jazz music from drummer and composer, Jon Sheckler.  Reuel Lubag – piano, Bren Plummer – bass, Josh Williams – guitar, Mat Montgomery – trumpet, Ryan Shepard – trombone, Jory Tindall – soprano sax and Devin Duval – tenor sax. (

April 28th  Brain Fruit   An electronic duo that re-imagine classic kosmische/krautrock experimentation through modern hardware synthesis. (

May 5th  Jesse Paul Miller presents field recordings from Java, Bali, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos. (

May 12th  BoiSea Collective  New jazz music from this Boise / Seattle combination.  Brent Jensen – soprano sax, Cynthia Mullis – soprano and tenor sax, bass clarinet, Kris Hartung – guitar, laptop efx and Jared Hallock – drums. (

May 19th  The Pornados   Drawing from The Ventures, country and western and jazz  influences, this band is making some highly cinematic music for the radio.  Jason Goessl – guitar, Ethan Sobotta – bass, Tom Zgonc – drums and Robb Davidson – space processing.  (

May 26th  Loscil  Variations on pieces from the Loscil electronic music catalog adapted for piano and electronics.  Scott Morgan – electronics and Kelly Wyse – piano.  (

June 2nd  Michael Vlatkovich 4tet  New jazz music from this trombonist and composer.  Jim Knodle – trumpet, Phil Sparks –  bass and Greg Campbell – drums and french horn. (

June 9th  Madly In Dub   hip hop, dub style and funky beats played live.  Dartagnan – vocals, Michelle Tomyuk – tabla, beats and samples, Savvy – keys, guitar and beats, Todd Pruitt – bass and keys. (

June 16th   Phonon  The deterritorialization of the electron through the crafty use of electronics.  Chris Hanis is Phonon.

June 23rd  Lowmen Markos  An orchestral post-rock soundtrack for hot weather and the desert magic hour. (

June 30th  Mylar   Super tight rhythm section meets guitar ninja and space thinker.  Andy Coe – guitar, Maurice Caldwell – vocals, PK – bass and Olli Klomp – drums. (

July 7th  Grid  New music from bandleader and percussionist Jen Gilleran.  Neil Welch – sax, Bill Kautz – trumpet, euphonium, Simon Henneman – guitar and Erica Carlson – piano and percussion.

July 14th  Jim Haynes   an electro-acoustic performance using drones, field recordings and tactile objects.

July 21st  Scriptures  Dark western music for post-apocalyptic literature and the geography of the Pacific Northwest.  Blaine Craft – drums, Levi Fuller – bass, Casey Alexander, David Totten and Jeff Forrest – guitars. (scriptures

July 28th  Analog Honking Device  Cynthia Mullis leads this bass – heavy band on tenor sax, Chris Symer – upright bass, Steve Kim – electric bass, Chris Icasiano – drums and Chad McCullough – trumpet. (

August 4th  Ffej  Analog synthesis through digital processing leading to ambient electronic music.  (

August 11th  Jared Hallock  Solo marimba explorations from this Boise percussionist. (

August 18th  Breiner/Pineda/Kikuchi  Freely-improvised new music from this bi-coastal trio.  Patrick Breiner – sax and clarinet, Cathlene Pineda – piano and Paul Kikuchi – percussion.  (

August 25th   Diminished Men   psychedelic spaghetti-eastern music presented under the stark shadow tonalities of surf rock.

Sept 1st  Mouth of Gravity  Seattle genre mavericks navigate color, shape and velocity.  Denny Goodhew – piano, percussion, Mark Oi – guitar, electronics and Adam Kessler – drums, percussion.  (

Sept 8th  Wyndel Hunt   Compositions integrating melody and noise using electronics, acoustic instruments, field recordings and the occasional piece of amplified trash.

Sept 15th  Stephen Fandrich  Compositions and improvisations for piano. (

Sept 22nd  Kinski  this stalwart seattle band bends their sonics into a new direction while retaining the massive sound pressure.  Chris Martin- keys and guitar, Matthew Reid-Schwartz – guitar, keys and flute, Lucy Atkinson – bass and effects, Barrett Wilke – drums and triggers.

Sept 29th  New music from this LA / Seattle combination.  Vinny Golia – clarinets, flutes, Ross Hammond – guitars and Neil Welch – tenor and soprano sax.

Oct 6th  Total Life  From the perspective of Olympia, WA comes this compression of the world as noise. (debacle

Oct 13th  Only Trio  Pacific NW chamber jazz ensemble featuring the trumpet and sublime compositions of Steve O”Brien, Jacob Herring – trombone, Kate Olson – soprano sax and Jake Brady – drums.

Oct 20th  Raging Maggots First heard in 1984, these communists have there own take on alt. rock.  Denny Boyd and Dennis Bullis – guitar and vocals, Scott Grandlund – guitar, sax, Fran Lukas – sax, Jeff Couch – bass and Kevtone Guess – drums.

Oct 27th  Wally Shoup, Brent Arnold, Toshi Makihara   First heard on Sonarchy in 2004 this trio delivers a riveting free-inprov performance.  Wally – alto sax, Brent – cello and Toshi – percussion.

Nov 3rd  Polyrhythmics   Funk and afro-beat explorations with Ben Bloom – guitar, Nate Spicer – keys, Grant Schroff – drums, Jason Gray – bass, Lalo Bello – percussion, Scott Morning – trumpet, Eli Clark – trombone and Art Brown – alto sax. (

Nov 10th  Charles Stanyan   Post-consumption electronics for those lost at sea. (

Nov 17th  Ask the Ages   Channeling Sonny Sharrock and Sun Ra into this electric fusion hybrid.  Brian Heaney – guitar, Kate Olson – sax/efx, John Seman – bass and Greg Campbell – drums. (

Nov 24th  Of Magic  Wake up the living through profound interaction.  Paul Hoskin – bari sax, Lori Goldston – amplified cello, Jaison Scott, Dave Abramson and Greg Campbell – drum kits.

Dec 1st  Gyre Highly-skilled listeners form electronics trio to produce a spiral of atmospheric phenomena.  Michael Shannon, David Stanford and Carl Lierman. (

Dec 8th  Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces  New jazz music for quartet.  Rik – guitar, composer, James Dejoie – reeds, Geoff Harper – bass and Greg Campbell – drums. (

Dec 15th  Syrinx Effect  Naomi Siegel and Kate Olson start with trombone and soprano sax and finish with a deep electric sound informed by jazz and folk  music traditions. (

Dec 22nd  Ron Fein  Live improvisation at the piano with pre-recorded material finds this composer giving perspective to life on earth. (

Dec 29th  Trans-Pecos  A desert soundtrack for a long winter night.



1.13.96: full circle[michael hall]
hip hop
 Specs and friends

1.20.96: bebop & destruction 
acoustic jazz 
geoff harper,john wicks,marc fendel,dan heck

1.27.96: brainstun #1 
new acoustic music
 asplund,campbell, sperry,francois houle

2.3.96: utterence tongue   

2.10.96: cecil young quintet  

2.17.96: project w #1  
w.shoup,b.arnold, ed pias

2.24.96: sharkskins   
club groove       
kollers,libetz,valey,martin,kamp,and horns

3.2.96: honey junkies 
new jazz 

3.9.96: manah 
tribe vibe
s    gauci,e.pupo-walker,t.armstrong

3.16.96: honey boy 
 r & b,soul    

3.23.96: combo craig 
organ jazz   
c.flory, r.weinstein, m.stone

3.30.96: shakin’ ray levi’s 
southern stories and music 
w/jessica lurie and amy denio

4.6.96: critters buggin’ 
improv,club sound 
m.chamberlin,skerik, b. houser

4.13.96: omar torres 
ac.gtr, spanish etc 
w/ paul hinklin on electric bass

4.20.96: paul harding & juju detective agency

4.27.96: vinny golia quintet 
r.blakeslee, m.bisio, b.mintz, t.weed

5.11.96: land
 j.greinke,l.dalaba, d.rea,,e.pias, b.moyer

: charles gayle trio
 free jazz 
recorded live at OK Hotel in seattle.

5.25.96: fremont drum group 

bill matthews drum circle leader

6.1.96: dudley manlove quartet 
lounge w/vox 
retro lounge act

6.8.96: sukati mbira ensemble

 lora chiorah-dye and family

6.15.96: two duets (split show)
 sue ann harkey, jim knodle, wally shoup, brent arnold

6.22.96: jon butcher
w./ mathew sperry,paul hoskin,sean meehan

6.29.96: sexo
 seattle experimental opera 

7.6.96: patrick barber presents 
labrat,king frog, jeph jerman

2.10.96: cecil young quintet 

7.20.96: eyvind kang
 songs and improv
 fred chalenor,tim young, elaine defalco, angela lopes, dave nichols

7.27.96: bakshish
 original instruments 
p.rubenstein w/viren kamdar on perc.

8.1.96: climax golden twins
 improv soundscapes
 j.taylor,r.millis w/j.vallier,s.colburn

8.10.96: spaceweather
 improv w/beats 

8.17.96: pagan babies
 new jazz 
k.mandell-sax,d.nolet-gtr, r.whitwell -dr

8.24.96: chung king mansions 
dennis rea -gtr, geo.soler – stick, ed pias – dr

8.31.96: 1000 pieces
 elec. Jazz 
t.grugett  m.france, l.morrison, d.scollard

9.7.96: phil gelb, matthew sperry, susie kozawa 
acoustic improv phil-sakuhachi,electronics, susie – sounds, matt -bass

9.14.96: pagan agents 
jazz improv 
pete leninion, harlan mark vale, jeffrey morgan

9.21.96: shrecklich 
fusion noise 
r.dunn,b.houser, b.wallace, m.dettmer, s. severson

9.28.96: living daylights 
fusion jazz
 jessica lurie – sax, arnie livingston – bs, dale fanning – dr

1.27.96: brainstun #1 
new acoustic music

2.24.96: sharkskins
 club groove

3.9.96: manah
 tribe vibe

10.26.96: lynette westendorf project 
ac. Jazz
 earshot sponsor/knodle,moyer,jacobs,staskowski

11.2.96: stinkhorn
 fusion jazz and improv 
earshot sponsor/monhart, heaney,morris, ouchi

11.9.96: interference patterns #1 
lo-fi noise and beats 
michael colello, dave christie

11.16.96: dave knott and eric major
 structured improv 
songs and sounds, original instruments

11.23.96: hanamnan
 acoustic tribal jazz influences
 paul benoit-gtr, ben klein – flute, j.kaplan -perc, tige decoster – bs

11.30.96: andrew dury 
new music and jazz
 a.d.-drums, fred chalenor – bs, steve moore – trom/pno,b.arnold

12.7.96: Ponga improv bobby previte,skerik, wayne horvitz, dave palmer


3.23.96: combo craig 
organ jazz

12.21.96: guitar monks 
acoustic gtr music 
tim young and andre otraskin

12.28.96: unfolkus #1
 paul hoskin,rob bagent, seymour king


1.08.97: free consultation
 fusion jazz 
ken masters – elec.gtr, paul chuey – sax, steve cavitt – dr

1.11.97: rene strange
jazz vocalist 
ac. Jazz with rene, vocalist

1.18.97: honey junkie

1.25.97: mowgli #1 
tribal club sound
 arron str8 -digiri, jordon corbin -vox, dj nonog – turntable, john bush – perc, greg gilmore – perc

2.1.97: thingsomeQ 
string group improv
e.kang, b.arnold, t. nelson-zagar, c. asplund all string players

2.8.97: evan schiller / eyvind kang 
schiller – dr, kang – elec. Violin,

2.15.97: beth custer
 clarinet improv 
beth with paul hoskin, bev setzer, brad stevens, abby grush all on various clarinets.

2.22.97: kolada
 club soul,jazz, hip hop 
nikol kollars – vox davis martin – dr, kevin hudson – bs, alex veley – keys, reggie watts – keys,vox, kylea -vox, wordsayer- vox

3.1.97: thin line quartet 
new jazz
 troy grugett – sax, matthew sperry –, jim knodle – tr, andrew dury – dr

3.8.97: split show w/ spring trap hum and climax golden twins

 spring trap hum is bill horist and evieline graff improvs on gtr and perc. Cgt played a half hour of location recordings premixed.

3.15.97: free radical quartet 
fusion jazz 
brian heaney – gtr, bryan sorum – tr, mike peterson -dr, tony lucia – stick, john schuh -bs

3.22.97: ela lamblin
 improvs on original instruments built by ela
ela assisted by susie kozawa, bill blavelt and bill moyer

3.29.97: sauce 
steve gauci – tenor sax, bob heineman – elec. Bass, mike peterson – dr

4.5.97: kagel 
electroacoustic improv 
phil woodruff doug theriault – gtr process, mark collins-, matthew sperry – ac. Bs

4.12.97: greg lucas
vox with harry pierce and others.

4.19.97: the device
 improv and pieces 
steve moore – trom,pno, eric eagle – dr, gerrard solter – gtr, tucker martine – processing

4.26.97: free radical quartet 
fusion jazz

5.3.97: fred van hove / ladonna smith free improv 
van hove – pno, smith – viola co-produced by seattle improv festival.

5.10.97: radio chongching 
leslie dalaba – tr, greg gilmore – perc, george soler – stick.

5.17.97: shakin’ ray levi’s

5.24.97: elizabeth falconer ed pias
world improv 
liz – koto, ed – paquawage

5.31.97: brent arnold 
new music 
brent – cello,urhu etc, jarrad solter – gtr, greg campbell – dr, paul moore – keys, sperry and nelson-zagar on basses.

6.7.97: mabus e
original inst. Improv 
troy swanson – keys and electronics. Steve cavit – drums, electronics.

6.14.97: tactile 
lori goldston – cello, robert jenkins – elec.gtr, paul hoskin – contrabass clarinet, brad stevens – flute

6.21.97: dudley manlove quartet

6.28.97: lab rat invisible radio
theatre and sound improv 
patrick barber with inboil, dave knott, sheri cohen/john dixon – contact improv

7.5.97: state
ryan berg –, jay jaskot – dr, thaddaeus brophy-gtr, jeremy stark – soprano sax

7.12.97: ota prota 
new music
 adam mccollom – gtr, greg campbell -dr, loren dempster – cello, josh stewart – tr, kevin hudson – bs

7.26.97: dan heck trio 
dan – elec.gtr, joe doria b-3, john wicks – dr

8.2.97: zabumba
 world music 
charlie rowan robert hindrix, mike davidson-bs, freddie merrel – vox, adam baron – dr, ruthie doernfield – violin brazilian folk music

8.9.97: rick Mandyck Gregg Keplinger
 jazz and improv 
rick – tenor sax gregg – drums

8.16.97: wrick wolff
 solo improv and pieces 
solo electronics, pedal steel, fans and guitar

8.23.97: ladonna smith, wally shoup, sean meehan, brent arnold.
ladonna -viola,vox, wally -alto, brent – cello, sean – dr

6.8.96 8.30.97: sukati mbira ensemble

9.6.97: haiku 
new jazz 
eric eagle – dr, jim noriega – fender rhodes, aaron birrell-tenor sax

9.13.97: FIN 
electro improv
 randall dunn , george soler, bill horist

9.20.97: Motherland Ensemble 
middle european trad. Music 
paul beck – cymbalon, dinu parvulescu – violin, jason munger – oud,clarinet, bill moyer – perc.

9.27.97: Mount Analog show #1 

Tucker Martine – drums, processing, mix, layng martine – bass, bruce wirth – harmonium,violin mandolin,lapsteel, steve moore – trom, pno, jon hyde – pedal steel, guitar, bass

10.4.97: Roland Barker, chris macrae, dennis rea
 electro improv 
roland – synth, sampler, drum machine, chris – theremin, micromoog, dennis rea – electric gtr.

10.11.97: Burning Man 97
 location recordings by DH
 location recordings of the nevada desert arts event

10.18.97: Imaginary Band
 improv ensemble 
mark vale – drums and keys, dick metcalf – keys and sounds, peter tomshany – various

10.25.97: Mike Shannon
 improvisations recorded in rome 
mike brought in recordings with him and 2 italian imrprovisers

11.01.97: 1000 pieces

11.8.97: Bolt 
horns and reeds improv 
jessica lurie – tenor, paul hoskin – contra-bass clar, angelina baldoz – trumpet, greg powers – trombone

11.15.97: jovino santo-neto 
solo improv 
MIDI keyboards and flute solos

11.22.97: jive chince bastards 
new jazz 
zeke kebble – drums, eric kubista – ac. Bass, simeon sjoberg – alto sax, ambrose – pno, matthew – trumpet

11.29.97: Davey williams wally shoup jeph jerman 
free improv 
williams – elec. Gtr, shoup – sax, jerman – perc.

12.6.97: Ian Stokes
 analog synth improv
electronic modular music machine

12.13.97: Ronnie Weinstein 
keyboard music 
ron – pno, b-3, skerik – sax, synth, mike stone – dr, nick polimenakos – orator

12.20.97: the Post Office
radio drama
 Stacey Levine’s radio drama with music live by black cat trio lori goldston – cello, kyle hanson -accordian, tari nelson-zagar – bass. Play recording was an ASP project.

12.27.97: the erikson building improvisation lead by susie kozawa 

location recording at building about to be torn down in downtown seattle. Mike shannon, jeff mcgrath, ester sugai, angelina baldoz, bill blavelt improvising in various spaces.


1.3.98: split show w/ christopher delaurenti and ffeg mandel 
electronics and processes
 analog and digital improvisations

1.10.98 1.26.2002: sambatuque 

brazilian drum group w/ gtr,vox,vibes.

1.17.98: fabric
 acoustic music 
elaine defalco with jules arindam-guitar, greg gilmore – hand drums

1.24.98: bobby previte, wayne horvitz, dave palmer and skerik

1.31.98: steve moore-pno,eric eagle – dr, geoff harper – bass
 new music
Lead by steve moore on piano and trombone

2.7.98: Maktub
 funk and soul 
reggie watts – vox, alex valey – keys, kevin goldman – bass, davis martin – drums

2.14.98: joe mcphee-pocket trumpet and sax, mike bisio – ac. Bass 
free jazz

2.21.98: tim young and Very Special forces show #1 
bent pop 
tim – gtr,vox, brad mowen – vox, paul moore – keys, scott bell – bass, david brogan – drums

2.28.98: hans teuber – reeds, tad brittan – drums, jeff johnson-bass,gtr,vox
 free jazz

3.7.98: interference patterns show #2 

electro collage making with samplers, beats, and vinyl

3.14.98: rhythm method lead by troy grugett 
boundary breakers
 troy – tenor sax, mark france – elec. Gtr, and 3 kit drummers andrew dury, reade whitwell and mike peterson

3.21.98: stackpole 
progressive electric jazz 
dennis rea – gtr, gregg keplinger – drums, geoff harper – bass, wally shoup – sax

3.28.98: strange voices 
club vibe with vocal siren 
nikol kollars – lead vocalist with keys, samples and drummer

4.4.98: brainstun show #2 
new acoustic music 
christian asplund keys, viola composer, jessica lurie – sax, matthew sperry – ac.bass, greg campbell -dr

4.11.98: split show mark taylor canfield and inBoil 

mark electronics improv solo and carl farrow (inboil) doing the same as solo

4.18.98: rated X miles davis tribute band lead by randall dunn

 paul kemmish, ollie klomp, dara quinn, brad houser, dave carter, john bush, paul moore

4.25.98: thickness (brent arnold) #2
 new music and noise 
brent- cello, korg poly, carl farrow – electronics, zeke keeble – drums most improvisations

5.2.98 9.7.96: phil gelb, matthew sperry, susie kozawa 
acoustic and ambient

5.9.98: jeph jerman 
natural sounds improv 
solo improvisations with natural materials

5.16.98: fremont drum collective

5.23.98: free consultation #2 
fusion jazz 
with guests tari nelson-zagar bass or violin, jim knodle -trumpet

5.30.98: naked slim duo asplund/denio 
acoustic pieces and improv 
chrisian asplund amy denio

6.6.98: office products 

doug teriault – gtr, devices, jeffrey taylor -processing, david chandler- turntablist, cynthia cyan – bass, robert millis – broken dj rig

6.13.98: talking box 
fusion jazz 
jason staczek – organ, todd johnson-dr, randall davidson- alto, jim dejuoie- bari, walter white -bass

6.20.98: james emery -gtr, micheal bisio -bass

6.27.98: land show #2 
ambient groove masters 
jeff grienke, dennis rea, leslie dalaba, bill reiflin, fred chalenor

5.18.96, 7.4.98: charles gayle trio at ok hotel 
free jazz

7.11.98: live evil 
miles davis tribute band led by Dan Heck
kevin nortness -tr, fendel, heck, guilbert, ryan burns, harper, jose martinez

7.18.98: unfolkus show #2
 improv ensemble
 eviline graff, bill horist, paul hoskin, rob bagent

7.25.98: exploding love spinich fred’s music 
dennis rea, fred chalenor, jeff grienke, elaine defalco, john hyde, nathan grieg, tucker martine

8.1.98.: bakshish show #2 

improv duo with original instruments and perc.

8.8.98: bros. Of max catharsis 
grateful dead, fusion jazz hybrid
 joe messer -gtr, jay jaskot -dr, ryan farris – bs

8.15.98: aiko shimada 

singer, songwriter with mark collins -bs, mark france -gtr and jim knodle -tr

8.22.98: intonarumori 
new music and sound
 kevin goldsmith – cello,bs, DB vox, ray hodder – vox, eveline graff – perc. Harry owen -violin pno

3.22.97, 8.29.98: ela lamblin
 improvs on original instruments built by ela

9.21.96: shreichlich

9.12.98: hans teuber – sax, jeff johnson – bass, billy mintz – drums
 jazz improvisations 
recorded live at the olde town ale house then posted for radio

9.19.98: ensemble sospeso
 contemporary classical music
 josh cody – director

9.26.98: 3rd world county 

adrian moore – gtr, ian sheuda – bass, todd johnson – dr, geoffrey cecil – trom, johnny green -gtr,vox

10.3.98: mount Analog show #2 
Tucker Martine’s band
with lori carson – vox and layne martine – bass. Tucker, bruce, john, steve.

10.10.98: rick bishop solo hour

 rick – pno, ac. Gtr, recorders, cobra shortwave

10.17.98: vincent balestri’s Kerouac
 radio theatre and music
 kerouac: the essence of jack w/ mike bisio, reade whitwell and brian kent. Vincent – vox

10.24.98: gino robair, matthew sperry, christian asplund
robair – perc, pno, ebow asplund – viola harmonium piano sperry bass

10.31.98: mowgli #2 
tribal club sound 
aaron straight – didgierdoo, jon ryser – saxes, steve scarfatti – saxes, jordan corbin – vox,pno, eddie nonog – turntables

11.7.98: miroslaw rajkowski 
ambient, textural improvisations 
miroslaw – experimental singing with mike shannon , jeph jerman, dave knott, susie kozawa.

11.14.98: dan blunk and co-conspirators 
ed petry-gtr, john morris – elec. Bass, howard ouchi – drums

11.21.98: stasis
 minimalist ambient electronics 
paul moore and david brogan

11.28.98: hirize 
progressive electric jazz 
ryan berg – elec.bass, russ grabski – gtr, jay jaskot – dr, lauren abray – sax, aarik urbanas -perc, jeremy stark – soprano, adam schwartz -keys, nathan thornburgh – alto

12.5.98: thingsomeQ
 string group improv

12.12.98: coviello

 beck henderer – gtr, chris credit – tenor, byron vannoy – dr, julian priester – trombone

12.19.98: the collective.
radio play from jsp workshop 
produced by christian mock

12.26.98: the last doghouse new years sing-a-long
 location recording in seattle
 dick dickerson at the organ. Post prod for radio


1.2.99: rockin’ teenage combo

 paul kemmish ,olli klomp, dara quinn

1.9.99: dave knott and eric major

1.16.99: sadhappy w/ michael manring 

evan schiller – drums, michael manring and paul hinklin – basses

2.6.99: plush safe
 club vibe 
john wicks -dr, whitney james – vox, darrius willrich – keys, bob heineman – bs

2.13.99: lizard bros. 
mainstream jazz 
rich halley, troy grugett, mike vlatkovich, phil sparks, rob blakeslee and william thomas

2.20.99: tim young and very special forces show #1 
bent pop band

2.27.99: toucans 
steel drums 
rob witmer, pete remine, david pascal, steve moriarty

2.7.98, 3.6.99: Maktub 
club funk

3.13.99: atalyl / bo anderson split show
 electronics and field recordings 
atalyl – electronics solo, bo anderson – location recordings from cairo down thru kenya

3.20.99: kathy moore trio

 kathy – elec gtr and vox, john wicks- dr, bob heineman – bass

3.27.99: ellen fullman’ s long string instrument 

german recordings of a long string instrument concert. Ellen introduces in studio

4.3.99: crack sabbath live at the 700 club part 1 
recorded live at the 700 club in seattle in dec 98. Two part series. This is part 1 
skerik, mike stone, ron weinstein and keith lowe and guests

4.10.99: axolotl show #1 
fusion electric
 dennis rea, bill horist, jay jaskot, ryan berg

4.17.99: karla kilstadt, gino robair matt sperry 
karla – violin, gino – perc,pno, matthew- bass

4.24.99: miss murgatoid with petra haden

 alica rose (miss murgatroid)-accordian, vox petra haden -violin,vox

5.1.99: sean meehan, john shurba, scott rosenberg 
free improv
 john guitar, scott – saxes, sean – drumset

5.8.99: ian stokes #2 
analog synth improv 
analog synthesis

5.15.99: al issac radio show from birmingham AL

 edit of r and b show posted and manipulated. Source from wally shoup

5.22.99: xoos 
jordan corbin – pno,vox, eddie noonog – dj, loops, heather ballard -violin, phil peterson – cello, bs, ed davis-viola

5.29.99: tari nelson-zagar
 compositions and improv
 tari – violin, steve moore – trom, jay weaver – dr, dave carter – tr

6.5.99: nikol kollars, tanya whittenborn, crista wells.
vox w. midi 
vocalists with midi keys

6.12.99: margo lauritzen Margo As Maria
 new music  
margo – pno, vox, brent arnold – cello, mark shepard – drums, gtr, and a bassist

: dan heck trio
 dan, joe and john

6.26.99: arts edge remote b’cast from seattle center. Mutant data ork. And bran flakes 
extreme electronics and sampler work

7.3.99: prince charming w/ philosophy major 

hip hop, lo tech beats and trip hop

7.10.99: root jooce 
club jazz beats 
ev stern – bass, john hansen – rhodes and organ, byron vannoy – dr

7.17.99: cobra session lead by carl farrow, brent arnold and patrick barber
 cobra session 
room full of improvisors with carl prompting

7.24.99.: milt simons out jazz from seattle 1971. Collected live recordings.
from tape collection of marianne hanson milt – alto, paul dusenburg – pno, dave tuss -perc, steve sanders – bass

7.31.99: radio chongching #2
lesli dalaba, fred chalenor and greg gilmore

8.7.99: talking box 
fusion jazz

8.14.99: francisco lopez solo show

 solo electronics and prepared sound pieces

8.21.99: plutopolis 
free improv lead by Mike 
Marlin – banjo,gtr, paul hoskin – clarinet,contrabass clar, angelin baldoz – tr, slide tr, jeph jerman – perc

8.28.99: jackhammer trio 
fusion, improv
 rik wright – elec. Gtr, tanner brewer – elec. Bass, simon grant – drums

11.22.97: jive chince bastards  
new jazz

9.11.99: matt ingalls, tari nelson-zagar, matthew sperry, paul hoskin
free improv 
ingalls- clar, bass clar, paul hoskin – soprano clar, contrabass clar nelson-zagar – ac bs,violin, sperry -bass

9.18.99: FCS north 
club sound, electronics 
josh warren – bass samples, keys, chad states – keys, andy sells – drums

9.25.99: rebreather 
improv electronics 
rick keller / chris delaurenti – sabotaged electronics

10.2.99: aluminum toast 
improv ensemble 
jeff couch – bass, fances lukas – sax,flute, max pinion – drums, sona harris(sp)-gtr, samples

10.9.99: stephen cohn
singer, songwriter 
guitarist, composer, percussionst. Uses unique perc. Setup with his songs

10.16.99: ron fein’s habitat for 20 boomboxes and dh, martine climax twins at vodvil remote
installation piece
studio one recording of ron’s composition for 20 boomboxes. Show closes with an excerpt of vodvil show with doug haire, tucker martine and climax golden twins.(location sound improv)

10.23.99: horns and vinyl live at the 700 club .
remote rec of club funk and jazz
 produced by arron straight. Dc cooper, pk, jon ryser, mark fendel jon wicks abigail fein, daniel fleming brian sorgum, lsdj

10.30.99: rick mandyke gregg keplinger

11.6.99: dick dastardly 
mainstream jazz,funk 
arron birrell – tenor, steve korn – dr, joe doria – b3, dave marriott – trom

11.13.99: burning Man 99
 location recordings by DH 
second of 2 unique burning man b’casts. Preproduced from location recordings. Featuring dj sound systems.

11.20.99: michael vlatkovich trio
vlatkovich – trom, anders swanson – ac.bass, christopher garcia – dr

11.27.99: steve peters solo

 delicate, tactile live electro-acoustic improvisation (from albuquerque)

12.4.99: phillip arnatoff solo piece for harmonic cannon. Designed and built by p.a. Student of harry partch

12.11.99: ela lamblin show #2 
improvs on original instruments built by ela
solos for multiple original instruments

12.18.99: soundrangers
barry dowsett – found sound, kevin tone – samples, bill wofford – microphone flambe

12.25.99: crack sabbath live at the 700 club part 2 of live from 700 club remote

12.26.98 1.1.2000: doghouse New Years sing a long


1.8.2000: hilltop wa

 live hip hop band john renolds – gtr, arron bruce – bass, brian hyder – dr, ben fowler – rhodes,sax zadok – vox

1.15.2000: liz falconer – koto, ed pias – paquawage

1.22.2000: SAMO 
club sound 
john wicks – dr, steve scarfatti – keys, bob heineman – elec bass

1.29.2000: ham and treachery 
improv duo 
john schuller – gtr, processing, mark schlipper – drums, upright bass, processing

2.5.2000: geoff cooke quintet 
mainstream jazz 
cooke – bs, composer, tony grasso – tr, brian kent – tenor, jose martinez – dr, ryan burns – pno

2.12.2000, audiofilescollective 
india location recordings 
steven miller, greyg filasine in studio introducing the recordings. Bo anderson is also a part of the audiofilescollective

2.19.2000: david russell and Jumbo 
ecentric singer songwriter 
boyd post – shortwave, david russell – vox,banjo,gtr,pno, peter toms – bass, steve lohrentz – tr,saw,alto,perc

2.26.2000: marc barreca 
solo electronics 
computer based electronic music

3.4.2000: disjunct 
electric improv 
rik wright – elec.gtr,loops, dan blunk – saxes, trumpets, simon grant – drums, samples

3.11.2000: mabuse 
original inst. Improv

3.18.2000: mike shannon, susie kozawa, dave knott, aaron wintersong
voices and small instruments (listening improvisations)

3.25.2000: subdwellers
 hip hop with a live band
 mike ritter, damon kollar, dustin weis – vox, greg garcia – dr, sandy dickerson – bs, richie audin – gtr

4.1.2000: manalive
 michael stegner
 solo keys, samples sequencers

4.8.2000: tony grasso sax quartet 

tony grasso – trumpet, brian kent – tenor, dan blunk – alto, david johnson – bari

4.15.2000: guardian alien
 twisted pop 
erik kubista – bs,concertina, christina honeycutt – vox, rob mitchelle – pno, guy davis – banjo,bs vox, harry pierce – clar, tenor

4.22.2000: wrick wolff
 solo improv and pieces

4.29.2000: hana 
ambient songs 
anisa romero – vox, jeff grienke – keys, greg gilmore – perc, ben ireland – dr

5.6.2000: ghidra
wally shoup – alto, bill horist – elec. Gtr, mike peterson – drums

5.13.2000: graffika
 cobra session #1 
this first cobra session with sil2k ensemble lead by robert henson 9 players

5.20.2000: seattle guitar circle
s tructured gtr pieces 
steve ball, curt golden, jaxie binder, bob williams, dean jensen – ac. Guitars

5.27.2000: dave scott/billy mintz quartet

 dave scott – tr/pno, billy mintz – dr, john gross – tenor, jeff johnson – bs

6.3.2000: christopher delaurenti 
wto n30 piece
 location sound mix from wto protests in seattle.

6.10.2000: brent arnold, troy swanson, zeke keeble
 brent -cello,urhu, troy swanson and zeke keeble – corpus collosum (electro-acoustic inst of troy’s design

6.17.2000: entropic advance 
improv ensemble 
casey jones – bass, seq., perc, jim deal – sax,rhythms, vinyl, wesley davis – trumpet, vox,samples

8.8.98, 6.24.2000: bros. Of max catharsis 
grateful dead fusion jazz hybrid

7.1.2000: lori goldston, frances woods ed pias
 acousic improv 
lori – cello fances – violin ed – pakhawaj

7.8.2000:No Futuro 
club vox and beats  
rodrick romero – vox, bill bernhard – sampler, gtr, keys, jeremy futuro – beats,noise,bass

7.15.2000:Harry Pierce 
harry – gtr,vox,clar, gtr drum, ollie klomp – kahon, tabla, erik kubista – bass

7.22.2000: Balconey
 hip hop  
the silent lambs – king otto, blak, jace and balconey is specs(michael hall) and textstyles

7.29.00: christian asplund, mark france, greg campbell 
new music
 c.a. pno, m.f.-elec.gtr/vox g.c. -dr

8.5.00: gravelvoice archive show
 eyvind kang michael bisio charlie gocher and tim young. 
scott colburn recording made in his studio. Free improv.

8.12.00: barricade 
club beats and noise Reggie Watts – keys, vox,  Skyler Gilmore(dj diskyze) – samples, Mike Brown – kit drum

8.19.00: burning man 97
location recordings

8.26.00: steve barsotti 
invented instrument solos
 invented instruments and found sound performance

9.2.00: turntable cobra game
 7 turntablists
steve galic, matt johnston, matt edwards, john schuller, james drage, carl farrow – turntables robert henson:the promptor

9.9.00: dave knott solo show with 99 strings 

99 strings on 13 stringboards plus various materials for improvisations

9.18.99 FCS north 
club sound, electronics

9.23.00: dena blade, barrie vye 
show music
 dena blade – vox, barrie vye – pno program of songs from WW II

9.30.00: trepanning drill 
ambient and noise improv
 casey jones – bass, john schuller – rock gtr, phil petrocelli – dr.kit, wesley davis – trumpet and process

10.7.00: player king 
radio theatre and music
  John Osebold – gtr, octobass, vox, Michael Mcquilken – dr, vox and 5 theatre announcers

10.21.00: degenerate art ensemble 
new music
 full ensemble directed by josha kohl original scores

10.28.00: blue glove club 
new jazz 
vincent gates – guitar, olli klomp – dr, james whiton – ac.bass

3.13.99 11.4.00: atalyl / bo anderson split show

  show music and commentary 
stan, vox and piano

11.18.00: exorcismo
 club beats and skree
 yva las vegas – vox, programming, dj naha (jeremy moss) turntables

11.25.00: ed petry  david gorgas 
guitar duo 
guitar improv and tunes Petry- elec,Goras – ac. Gtr

12.2.00: pagen agents 
free improv 
morgan, leinenon, vale

12.9.00: raulston/cline and co.  
jay raulson – tr, saul cline – sax, todd bishop – dr, laura wellend – bass

12.16.00: electron love theory
 electronic songs 
jeff leisawitz electonics, bs, dr

12.23.00: spirit tuck
 club sound
   forrest giberson -elec bs, john wicks – dr, micheal stegner -keys, rhodes

12.30.00: last doghouse sing a long


1.6.01: tim young and very special forces show #2 
bent pop band

1.14.01: post office 
radio drama featuring Dayna Hanson

1.20.01: gravelvoice archive show gino robair, matt sperry jon butcher

 scott colburn production

1.27.01: prince charming w/ philosophy major

2.3.01: eric apoe and they 
singer songwriter
 dennis rea -gtr, tom armstrong -perc, alicia allen – violin, damien aitken – sax, tige decoster – bass

2.10.01: street of crocodiles 
new jazz and improv
 reuben radding – bass, eveline muller-graf – sharpmetal objects, greg sinibaldi – tenor sax, bass clar.

2.17.01: 4 out of 5 doctors 
fusion jazz 
larry dennis – dr, dan tyak – pedal steel lap steel, john kessler – elec.bass, sue orfield – sax

2.24.01: kathy moore trio

3.3.01: hoskin wright shoup rainey 
free improv 
paul hoskin – bari sax, jack wright – soprano tenor, alto saxes, wally shoup -alto, bhob rainey – soprano sax.

3.10.01: model 563 
improv electronics solo 
obsolete technology

3.17.01: electrochakra 
travis metcalf – guitar, ben sharp – bass, sean sippel – dr

3.24.01: resonants
 fusion improv 
rik wright – gtr, jose hernando – gtr, reuben radding – ac. Bass, stuart mcleod – drums,samples

3.31.01: al issac radio show from birmingham AL

4.7.01: kagel 
electroacoustic improv

4.14.01: Quasi Nada 

chris stromquist – dr, jim schaefer – perc, tom armstrong – perc,vox, justin cayou –, stefan nelson – keys, njoli brown – vox, steve scalfati – keys, tenor sax, jay roulston – tr

4.21.01: Lost Valentine 

gregg keplinger – dr, wally shoup – alto sax, reuben radding – ac. Bass

5.5.01: Sonicabal Improv 
 first set: jeff mueller, kevin goldsmith, ffej, carl juarez, tony kaler second set: carl farrow, paul rubenstein, alex keller, meri von kleinsmid, jon tulchin

5.12.01: micheal stegner vs. dj Misskick 

manalive vs. dj misskick (rebecca west) manalive – keys misskick – turntables

5.19.01: denman malrony
 solo piano
 co-presented with Other Sounds solo pno and prepared pno

5.20.01: the essence of jack jack keroac vincent balestri as jack kerouac

6.2.01: Metal Men eric muhs and john hawkley
e lectro-acoustic improv
sonic mayhem and degenerate noise

6.9.01: dennis rea, simon poole, pete comley
 electronics field rec. improv 
rea modified lapsteel, comley – sounds, ac. Gtr, poole – sounds, keys

6.16.01: Noancer
 electronics duo
  casey jones – slide gtr, efx, jeff mueller – synth

6.23.01: plush safe
 club vibe

6.30.01: miss murgatoid with petra haden

7.7.01: Infernal Noise Brigade 
marching battery with loudhailer
 full drum corp. lead by grey filastine

7.21.01: Oggmung 
club jams 
adam pessl – dr, andy seaver – keys, blair jensen – sax,flute, chad mcnees –, dave ford – samples

7.28.01: Ellen fullman’ s long string instrument rec in seattle.
Gravelvoice archive session 
ellen with players. Produced by scott colburn

8.4.01: oxygen ensemble 
club jams 
klomp,rees,bell,mazzeo, reilly, carter, russo, scalfati, west, quinn large electric club sound

11.21.98 8.11.01: Stasis 
electro-ambient duo

8.18.01: Trick Deck
 electro drum n’bass, downtempo 
mark wand – electronics, kevin sawka – drums, ander burggren -elec. Bass

8.25.01: hans teuber, jeff johnson, billy mintz #2 
new acoutic jazz 
hans – sax.flute, jeff –, billy -kit

9.1.01: burning Man 99
 location recordings by DH 
playa sonics

9.8.01: jon tulchin, mike shannon, steve barsotti 
sound improvs
 invented instruments from jon and steve, mike plays ancient instruments

9.15.01: Kevin Goldsmith with vance galloway and wesley davis 

kg- bass and electronics, vance – processing, wesley-trumpet and electronics

9.22.01: Vena Cava 
acoustic ensemble 
greg sinibaldi – tenor sax, reuben radding – bass, bob rees – vibes, jesse canterbury – clarinet

9.29.01: Rockin’ teenage combo #2

 jason mcgrerr – dr, paul kemmish – upright bass, dara quinn – pno, rhodes, nord lead synth

10.6.01: exploding love spinich 
fred chalenor

10.13.01: Logic Probe 
derek linaman and dave ford – samplers, yardsale keys and computers

10.20.01: FCS north#2 
club sound, drum n’ bass 
andy sells – dr,perc,elec.dr chad states – rhodes,juno 60 joshua warren – bass, samples

10.27.01: Daniel Carter, gregg keplinger and reuben radding 
free jazz 
daniel – alto, gregg – dr, reuben – upright bass

11.3.01: simon poole with bill horist and jeffrey taylor

 simon – processed vox, synth,sampler jeffrey – electronics bill – gtr

11.10.01: xoos 

11.17.01: Dan Blunk with nathan levine and daniel eaton daniel – tenor, trom., soprano trom, melodica, dan – clarinests saxes flute perc nathan – bass. Toy pno

11.24.01: tokyo sex whale
 genre busters 
Sam mickens – gtr, herbie krietzer – dr, jherek bischoff – bass

12.1.01: 94th st.
club jams 
kevin sawka – drums, beats samplers tj berry – gtr,vox,sax efx alex zimmerman – keys, sax,mc efx

12.8.01: cobra session lead by carl farrow, brent arnold and patrick barber

12.15.01: axolotl show #2 
fusion jazz 
dennis rea, bill horist – electric gtrs, byan berg – elec.bass randy doak – dr

12.22.01: Animist Orchestra lead by Jeph Jerman 
natural materials improv 
jeph jerman, marina granger, dave knott, rober millas, jeffrey taylor, mike shannon

12.29.01: last doghouse sing a long 
remote recording of organ sing a long
 dik dikerson at the organ with a cast of 100


1.5.2002: James Whetzel and players
 world music hybrid
 jw – throat singing, sarode, gtr bombarde, darbouka yaw amposatio -perc, andrew carras – gtrs plus percussionists (5)

1.12.02: Carl Farrow Inboil 
ambient elec. Noise

1.19.02: Johanna Kunin quintet
 johanna – vox, geoff cooke – bass, charlie smith – pno, byron vannoy – dr, hans teuber – sax,flute

1.26.02: Sambatuque brazilian perc. Ensemble

 jeff busch – leads this ensemble

2.2.02: lobot 
 randall dunn – bass,keys, paul moore – pno, keys, evan schiller- wave drum, phil petrocelli – dr,perc dave carter – tr

2.9.02: greta nintzel with tony grasso sax quartet 
poetry improv 
greta – poetry with tony – tr, dan blunk, dave johnson, brian kent – saxes

2.16.2002: audiofilescollective
india location recordings

2.23.02: Rich Halley trio
 rich – tenor soprano, wood flute perc, clyde reed – bass, dave storrs – drums,perc

3.2.02: Siamese 
live drum and bass 
kevin sawka – elec and ac. Drums, david zucker – rhodes, electronics, jeremy lightfoot – bass,samples

3.9.02: geek aparatus 
electro-improv club sound
 chris stromquist – drums perc synth, ted nordlander – bass, synth, dan moor – gtr loops efx, jay roulston – trumpet

3.16.02: canoofle 
portland improv ensemble 
curtis settino, abigail grush, david gilde, liam mcnamera many instruments

3.23.02: christine gunn – cello and dan tyack – lapsteel gtr
 compositions by christine and dan for cello and pedal steel/lap steel

3.30.02: erikson bldg. Improv lead by susie kozawa

4.6.02: chewy
 club fusion with vox
 lorrie ann ruiz – vocals, chris spenser – electric gtr, Joe doria – rhodes piano, dayna smith – elec. Bass and larry bichler – drums

4.13.02: david brunn – tablas and Andy Zadrozny – ac. Bass and sarangi 

new music and improvisations for this combination of instruments

7.8.00, 4.20.02: no futuro 
club vox and beats

8.14.99, 4.27.02: francisco lopez solo show with field recordings

5.4.02: Noggin’ 
free improv on original instruments and large string section 
michail griffen – violin, adam griffen – feedvback sax, eric ostrowski – elec. Gtr, corey brewer, ross brackett, anna pack -violins, dominic battistella – viola and danielle morgan, kevin richardson -cellos

5.11.02: rueben radding – bass, gust burns – piano, jesse Canterbury – clarinet 

free form improvisations

5.30.98, 5.18.02: naked slim duo asplund/denio

5.25.02: Phantom Empire
remote b’cast to JSP from PE lab.
Robert Jenkins- sources and processes, Martin Imbach – process and RF with guest including Susie Kozawa. Sent to jsp via micro transmitter and then rebroadcast on kexp live.

8.12.00, 6.1.02: barricade 
club beats and noise

6.8.02: Sil2k ensemble (Stuart McLeod, James Drage – directing. )
New muaic and improv systems
11 players. Pieces and structrures by stuart with large improvisations too.

6.15.02: John Schuller / Jim Davis 
free improv with textures and dynamics
 big electric guitar improv.

6.22.02: Dan Heck – gtr, Joe Doria – b-3, farko rustamovich Dosumov – electric bass 

jazz minus drums

6.29.02: Wally Shoup – alto, Bob Rees – dr, John Voigt – upright bass

 free jazz

7.6.02: Loop Loop 
club beats and downtempo seattle club sound
 bryron vannoy – dr, john silverman – bass, brian pamintuan – sampler fx, don o’neill -turntables, jay roulson – trumpet, beck henderer – guitar, richard middleton – keys ken wallace – club producer

7.13.02: Rea, Collins, Scheer
 new music and improv for acostic instruments
dennis rea – acoustic guitar, objects, mark collins – ac. Bass, objects, Karl Scheer – violin, mandolin, ac. Gtr, objects, with Elizebeth Falconer – koto

7.20.02: Discohesive 
edgey rock band 
jason dashous – bass, vox theremin, Rusty Keenan – guitar, synth, Horris Bishop – drums, programming and loops

7.27.02: Anansi
 new jazz music
 jim knodle – tumpet, ken masters – electric guitar, Tari Nelson-Zagar – violin, Don Berman – drums

8.3.02: Graham Haynes and Broken Sound Barrier
club vibe electronica/free jazz
 graham hayes- coronet and processing, kevin sawka – drums, triggers, shahzad Ismaily – electric frettless bass

8.10.02: Disjunct #2 
electic imrpv fusion 
rik wright – elec. Gtr, simon grant – drums, Dan Bluck – reeds, flute, perc

8.17.02: Mutant Data Orchestra
 noise improvisations
 john bain – modified electronics, carl farrow – processing, otis f. fodder – samples, mishka morris – cello, gregory renolds – sax, angelina baldoz – trumpet, mark bain – long distance processing (amsterdam)

8.31.02: Azelia 
ensemble music 
andrew dury- composer and drummer

12.23.00, 9.7.02: spirit tuck 
club sound

9.14.02: David Haney with adam diller and alex hutchison 
free jazz 
david – piano, adam – alto, tenor, clar , alex – electric bass

10.31.98: mowgli #2
 tribal club sound

9.28.02: Alex Keller / Atlatl 
electronics improvisations 
phil hendricks is atlatl – modular synths with effects. Alex Keller – treated field recordings split show

10.05.02: Matt Jorgensen + 451
 new jazz 
matt jorgensen – dr, mark taylor – alto sax, ryan burns – fender rhodes, phil sparks – bass

10.12.02: Artie Smudge trio 
improv ensemble
 adam griffen – loops, mixes, processes, bass, toys etc danielle morgan, michael griffen and anna pack on strings, perc, trumpet etc.

10.19.02: super kali 
world club sound
 tracy ferrara – tenor sax, bill patton – gtr, terry stearns – trombone, jim schafer- congas, rachman ross – drums, stephen ross – bass

10.26.02: strange voices
 club vibe with vocal siren

11.09.02: Acoustic Rein.
 free jazz
 jack gold – drums, leader, Michael Monhart – saxes, jim knodle – trumpet, Michael Bisio – ac. Bass

11.16.02: Bran Flakes 
samplers and processing
 samples maxed

11.23.02: guardian alien 
twisted pop

11.30.02: christopher delaurenti (
wto n30 :who gurards the guardians 
composed piece made of field recordings, 2way radio and cellphone during WTO rally in seattle

12.7.02: Steve Fisk
 playing samples of various sample libraries.

12.14.02: Pulp Ensemble 
Mike marlin – leader and banjo, jesse canterbury – clar, jim knodle – tr, troy grugett – saxes, bob rees – dr, mark collins – bass

12.21.02: Matt Shoemaker 
electronics composition with field recordings

12.28.02: crack sabbath live at the 700 club part 2 
jazz murder


1.4.03: julian priester group 
new jazz music 
dawn clement, byron vannoy geoff harper

1.11.03: fred van hove/ladonna smith 
free improv

1.18.03: Pi 
clubbeat,improv electronics band
dave carter thomas bell leif dalan kevin sawka franklin mazzeo

1.25.03: Klang 
original instruments improv 
eveline muller-graff stuart mcleod carl farrow bob rees

2.1.03: Being John McLauglin 
mahavishnu cover band
 ryan burns rick mandyck mark taylor geoff harper matt jorgensen

2.8.03: Dead Air Freshner s
poetry, electric improv 
chuck swaim deanne rowley ryan ray dianne hopper l.jim Mecadams

2.15.03: Aiko Shimada Michael Stegner 
singer songwriter 
aiko – vox, gtr michael – keyboards, programming

2.22.03: Phillip Arnautoff
solo perf. On harmonic cannon
instrument built by philip

3.8.03: Consul
 electric jazz fusion
 jacob savishinsky -dr, zane williams – gtr, anders burggren – bass

3.15.03: Charlie Smith Circle
 Big Band jazz 
11 players

3.22.03: Infernal Noise Brigade
 battery perc. W/loudhailer

3.29.03: Systemwide 
live dub band 
Ezra Ereckson, josh mantle, tim andrews steve wegner, mondell wells

4.5.03: Bob Rees Greg Campbell
 percussion duo
 percussion solos and duets

4.12.03: Phonographers Union 
Location recordings improv.
9 phongraphers

4.19.03: Chessie 
electronics duo
 ben bailes and partner

4.26.03: Nervewheel 
rock jazz fusion trio 
bill horist -gtr, ben hadley- bass, Adam Gross – dr

5.3.03: Layla Angulo band 
latin jazz and salsa
 michael glynn, randy burgeson, nelda swiggett, jon than, walter torres, arturo rodriguez

5.10.03: Yoko Phono 
live electronic dub improv. 
mitchell saulsberry and philosophy major

5.17.03: Exorsimo
 club beats and skree
5.24.03: The Seattle School 
contemp. Music composers group 
mike min, ben houge, korby sears, erik aho, guy whitmore

1.31.03: Stanley Zappa Quartert
 free jazz with oration 
mark leonard-bs, wyatt doyle-oration, nick skrowaczewski-dr,stan-sax

6.7.03: Frieze Of Life
 new jazz compositions greg sinibaldi, mark taylor, chris stover, jay roulston, geoff harper, byron vannoy

6.14.03: Brainstun #3
 new music and improv for acoustic instruments 
christian asplund, troy grugett, fred chalenor, greg campbell

6.21.03: Atma
 club fusion jazz
 joe doria, mike o’doherty, allison noel, brett joseph, carlos tulloss, leif dallon

6.28.03: KMH
 laptop trio
 lead by kelly davis

7.5.03: Yoga 
free jazz lead by PK 
gregg keplinger, matt crane – dr, paul kemmish – bs, brian kent – sax, gust burns -pno

7/12/2003: Metalmen 
electro acoustic mayhem with metal

7.19.03: Monktail / Non Grata 
large band free improv.
16 players lead by John Seman

7.26.03: Kane Mathis and Rusty Knorr 
kora and percussion
 traditional music mostly from Mali

8.2.03: Igulas 
guitar jazz fusion 
andy coe -gtr, aaron walker-loud – dr, jeff rose -bass

8.9.03: Matt Sperry, Carla Kilstadt, gino robair 
free improv

8.16.03: Shibumi 
elec. Improv sound 
adrian woods, andrew woods, bill wolford, sammy lett

8.23.03: William Barton, Stuart Dempster 
didgeridoo, trombone and perc.
improv masters

8.30.03: Quasi Nada
 latin jazz and clubbeats

9.6.03: Hana 
electo with vox

9.13.03: sperry, hoskin, ingalls, nelson-zagar 
acoustic improv.

9.20.03: Cuchata 
south american folk music update 
marlelo quinonez, jon markel and bryan cook

9.27.03: Steele st. revolutionary jass band 
acoustic improv.
heather vergotis and jef brown -saxes, mike hendrickson -dr, john vassello – bass, mbira

10.04.03: Oggmung
 club jam band

10.11.03: Humph 
monk cover band
 adam diller – sax, doug haning -pno, matt crane -dr

10.18.03: Bethurum Collective 
electro club music 
ben bethurum, didi bethurum, evan flory-barnes, jay cook

10.25.03: Lullabelle
 samplers and laptop s
otis fodder plus 4 on vinyl, loops keys, bass, guitar etc

11.1.03: Jimmy Bennington Quartet
 acoustic jazz 
jim knodle, steve griggs and geoff harper with jimmy on drums

11.8.03: Trepanning Drill 
electro improv.

11.15.03: christopher delaurenti (
location rec. performance
2nd b’cast of this type with chris

11.22.03: Cipher 
acoustic improv.
tari nelson-zagar – vio, tom swafford -vio, jesse canterbury – clar, greg sinibaldi- bass clar.

11.29.03: Ahamefule Oluo Quintet 
acoustic jazz 
kevin buster, adam weiss, izaak mills, willie blair, d’vonne lewis

12.6.03: Forgotten Sol 
singer songwriter 
Daniel Moore-gtr,beatbox Cristina Orbe gtr,vox

12.13.03: Simon Poole,dennis rea, pete comley
 electro improv.

12.20.03: Big Baron 
organ soul-jazz
 delvan dumas-keys,byron vannoy -dr, tige decoster-bs, adam arcano -gtr

12.27.03: Steve Roden
 improv. Soundscapes 
software and objects


1.3.04: Transatlantic Icefloe
 gtr. Fusion 
kevin goldsmith, robert henson, carl farrow stuart mcloed

1.10.04: climax golden twins/doug teriault
 improv with unique sources
 gravelvoice archive show (scott colburn)

1.17.04: Rick Wright’s Zen Tornado 
new jazz
 rik, james whiton-bs, simon grant -dr, alica allen – violin, james dejoie -saxes, rik- gtr

1.24.04: Stan Keene 
show music/pno and voice

1.31.04: White Lady 
new jazz, mostly electric
 paul moore, ari zucker, phil parisot, stuart macdonald, jeff norwood, and lead by Alex Guilbert.

2.7.04: Jeremy and Tim Carter
 instrumental improv, gtr etc and drums
gtr, bass,flute, samples and tim on drums

2.14.04: Jon Markel 3+1 
new electric jazz 
andy coe and paul fischer -gtrs, lorne watson- dr, jon markel – bass

2.21.04: steve Peters
 electro-acoustic improv.

2.28.04: Snur 
new electric jazz 
byron vannoy-dr, jay raulston – tr, mark taylor – sax, john silverman – electic bass and leader Kacey evans – keys

3.6.04: Degenerate Art Ensemble
 large group original compostitions

3.13.04: Tashkent 
electric ethno-jazz 
Farko dosumov, -bs, micheal gotz- keys, Codgo Etienne Cakpo – vox, perc., Todd Johnson – dr

3.20.04: Paul Rucker, Hans Teuber 
composition and improv. 
paul – cello, hans-alto sax

3.27.04: Wordblender& the Full Nut Explosion 
poetry and music
 RJ May -poems, Pnapper leads jon oswalt, dudley taft jeff miller, josh gilmore and john ransome

4.3.04: Special Ops
 free jazz 
mark ostowski-dr, steve parris – guitar, john seman – upright bass

4.10.04: Tableland
 instrumental jazz/rock 
Paul Sorrells-gtr,leader, travis hartnett-keys, lacey brown-dr, saudrah humphrey-violin, kevin durr – bs

4.17.04: Toshi Makihara,Brent Arnold,Wally shoup 
free improvisation
toshi – drums, wally-alto, brent – cello

4.24.04: Pete Comley
 sound collage

5.1.04: Lower Monumental
 new jazz
 saul cline-sax, matt wayne – gtr, todd bishop – dr

5.8.04: John Butcher Gino Robair 
free improvisation
 john – reeds, gino-percussion and piano

5.15.04: Dos(e) 
1st. Set live at Mars Bar remote
 john wicks-dr, joe doria- hammond b-3

5.22.04: Brian Dewaide 
recordings from his loft parties 
brian hosts this selection of jams from his loft

5.29.04: Apes Of Wrath 
speed metal 
mike peterson – dr, brad mowen -vox, bob groves -gtr

6.5.04: Dave Knott Ensemble 
Matt Sperry memorial compostions 
large group playing 2 knott pieces for his instruments

6.12.04: Bros. Of Max Catharsis #2
 instrumental electric trio 
gtr, bass, dr. Show #2

6.19.04: Denman Malrony
 solo piano improvisations

6.26.04: Horns and Vinyl at the 700 club
club beat jazz

7.3.04: Animist Orchestra
 improv with unique sources

7.10.04: Carr Nord Hoffman
 new jazz music 
richar carr – violin, mike nord – gtr, georg hofmann – dr, randy kem – sax

7.17.04: Ian Stokes #2

7.24.04: Mike Bisio Quartet 
new jazz music
 bisio – bass, billy mintz – dr, joe giardullo- reeds, Rob Blakeslee -tr etc

7.31.04: OTB live at Polestar anniversary
 free improvisation 
gust burns, gregory reynolds, greg campbell, tom swafford and more

8.7.04: Supersones 
cuban acoustic music 
kevin connor-tres,vox, david trejo-gtr.,vox, tige decoster-bs, steve smith – perc, justin maggart – lead vox, perc

8.14.04: 94th st
club beat jazz

8.21.04: Michael White 
mi chael – violin, guido perla – dr, geoff harper-bs, leisei chen – vox, tim young – gtr

8.28.04: Monster Definance Headquarters 
noise assault 
mark barth, jeremy stanton, jody mclemurry, anthony passono, bertand christoph

9.4.04: Bert Wilson and Rebirth
 bert – reeds, nancy curtis – flute, craig hoyer – pno, chris symer – bass, james zitro – dr

9.11.04: Sublime Frequencies record label
international obscure music mix
 allen bishop curates tracks from his label

9.18.04: Obelus 
jason goessl and adam live electronics

9.25.04: Shesa collective 
franklin mazzeo – dr,electronics, david broach – violin, wally shoup-sax

10.2.04: Hathead 
groove jazz 
ari Zucker – gtr, tom zgonc – dr, mike weiser – keys

10.09.04: BNSF 
improv remote under magnolia bridge
 jason anderson, adam diller, matt crane

10.16.04: ben houge/jay hamilton and gordon frazier
 split show ben-electronics jay and gordon improv
jay acoustic instruments gordon mostly plays jews harps

10.23.04: MTKJ quartet
paul kikuchi -dr, ivan johnson -bs, jason mears-sax, kris tiner-brass

10.30.01: Infernal Noise Brigade
 marching band with loud hailer

11.6.04: Super Kali 
electric fusion

11.13.04: Polestar remote #2 
remote rec at polestar gallery 
lebarron, fuchs, kirchner, muller

11.20.04: Phantom Empire
remote b’cast of noise improv.

11.27.04: Steinwagon
 dual keyboard project 
dawn clement and ryan burns-pno and keys

12.4.04: Dos(e)
remote rec of 2nd set at mars bar 
wicks and doria

12.11.04: John Schuller and Jim davis 
guitar based noise improv.

12.18.04: Michael Vlatkovich trio #2
michael andgreg scholl – trombones mark burdon -dr

12.25.04: Seattle Harmonic Voices 
vocal ensemble
 stephen fandrich with among other jarrad powell, jessica kennedy


1.1.05: Bernard Gal
 sound art electronics 
composer sound artist

1.8.05: James Whiton & the Dowtown Apostles 
song based band with some vocals
 jay jascot, john fricke, bill patton, james whiton

1.22.05: entropic advance #2 
improv electronics 
wesley davis casey jones

1.29.05: SILK2K #2
 ensemble improv and pieces 
6 players/composers

2.5.05: Kane Mathis 
kora and percussion

2.12.05: Iron Kim Style
 fusion jazz

2.19.05: Doug Theriault, Bryan Eubanks
 improv gtr and electronics
doug – sensor gtr, bryan – open cuircut electronics and sax

2.26.05: Non Grata #2
15 player group improv
 john seman-director, Montail ensemble offshoot

3.5.05: Ben McAllister
 gtr and electronics solo

3.12.05: PI
 soul jazz club beat

3.19.05: 2 Bit Trio
 seth alexander-sax, ethan cudaback-dr, Birch Pirera-bass

3.26.05: Bran Flakes

4.2.05: Systemwide
 reggae dub live band

4.9.05: Na 
improv trio 
Yamada, Nomura, Watanabe

4.16.05: Daniel Carter, Reuben Radding,Greg Kepplinger 
free improvisation

4.23.05: Matt Shoemaker #2
 electro-acoustic music

4.30.05: Synth Club 
electronics improv 
reggie watts, steven scalfati, daniel spils, sean horton

5.7.05: Knot Pine Box 
found sound singer songwriter
 Karen Hancock

5.14.05: Yoko Phono
 electronics and beats

5.21.05: Harry Pierce Ensemble
 iconoclastic songwriter performer
7 piece review harry – pno,gtr,vox,composer

5.28.05: Plastiq Phantom
 electronica improv.
Darrin Wiener w/ tristan Marcum and Mary Thinnes

6.4.05: Jimmy Bennington, David Haney, Mike Bisio
music of Herbie Nichols
piano trio

6.11.05: Mike Shannon 
Hurricane Season 
florida hurricane field recordings

6.18.05: Frieze of Life
 ensemble pieces

6.25.05: Deepayan & James Whetzel 
east indian club sound
 electronics and east indian instruments

7.2.05: David Paul Mesler Ensemble 
The Beautiful a score for 7 players
 american theme acoustic ensemble

7.9.05: Eric Lanzillotta
live analog synthesis

7.16.05: Picoso 
new cuban music 
6 players

7.23.05: Olympic Sound Collective 
soul jazz
 delvon dumas – organ, clav, charlie workman – dr, mike saskor – gtr

7.30.05: Seattle School

8.6.05: James DeJoie Quartet
 quartet plus guests

8.13.05: Gust Burns reuben radding jesse canterbury
acoustic improv pno bass clar

8.20.05: Ego Band usa
 electro jazz fusion duo
 ty bailie-keys, Jacques Willis-dr

8.27.05: Broken Human Machine 
noise improv 
quartet lead by stan reed

9.3.05: Portland Bike Ensemble 
improvisation on bicycles 

9.10.05: Swampdweller 
soul jazz big band 
8 players lead by Marc Fendel

9.17.05: Axototol
fusion jazz

9.24.05: Threat Of Beauty 
acoustic ensemble composition
 lead by Evan Flory-Barnes -bs quintet

10.1.05: Sublime Frequencies #2
record label selector pgm. 
alan bishop selector

10.8.05: Fish Out of water
 improvisation Liz falconer-koto, toshi makihara-perc, susie kozawa-objects

10.15.05: BMW Trio 
organ jazz 
ryan burns -organ, reade whitwell – dr, Rick Mandyck-gtr

10.22.05: Noancer 
electronics improv

10.29.05: Plastic System
 free jazz
 chris stromquist – dr, mark oi- gtr, masa kobayashi – bass

11.5.05: Akoma Ensemble 
african drum ensemble 
Eugene Yaw Amponsah – leader, drummer

11.12.05: Oxygen Ensemble #2
free noise and beats
 thomas bell, olli klomp, dave carter, franklin starbody

11.19.05: Noggin’ 
free impov string group

11.26.05: Blue 4 Trio
casey macgill, matt weiner, mike doherty

12.3.05: Pat Wright and the total experience gospel choir 
all a capella 
small choir, not full exp. Choir plus tamborine

12.10.05: Adam Diller Matt Crane 
 adam- sax, electronics matt- drums

12.17.05: Tuning The Air 
9 acoustic guitarist/original comp. 
curt golden – director

12.24.05: Severhead
 power noise trio 
gtr, dr, bass

12.31.05: Last doghouse sing along 
loc. Rec of bar sing along


1.7.06: Martin Bland
 samplers, turntables, delay lines 
Tom Price

1.14.06: Altered States of Funk
 7 piece funk band 
Winfield Ezell, Scotty Chrisopher, Mike Saskor, Anthony Warner, Funk Doc, Mike Barber, Mike Theiss

1.21.06: Paul Kikuchi 
free improv. 
paul – drums, perc, Aaron Shallenberger – percussion, electronics, Tom Swafford – violin

1.28.06: Trans-Atlantic Icefloe
 guitar fusion

2.4.06: Focsil 
idm band 
Tyler Swan- drums, Ryan Trudell – keys, Anthony Moore – horns, Adam Swan – keys, Specs One – MC

2.11.06: Charlie Smith Circle 
Big Band
 Charlie Smith – composer, director 11players

2.18.06: Nels Cline, Wally Shoup, Greg Campbell 
free improv.

2.25.06: KJ Sawka
 cross genre electronica
 Kevin Sawka – drums/laptop, Kent Halvorsen – keys, Christa Wells – vox

3.4.06: More Zero 
new music for quintet 
Chris Stover – trombone / leader, Chris Stromquist – drums, Ben Thomas – vibes, John Silverman – bass, Stuart McDonald – tenor sax.

3.11.06: Ann Talbot, Gregg Keplinger, Michael Monhart, Paul Kikuchi 
free improv. 
Ann – guitar, vocals, Gregg – drums, Michael – sax/percussion, Paul – percussion

3.18.06: Cuchata 
south american folk music update 
live band

3.25.06: Noisettes 
noise, beats, entertainment
 Brian Horst – loops/drones/efx, Joy Spainhower – synth/efx, Noah Nine – loops

4.1.06: Eric Barber, Paul Kemmish, Matt Crane
free improv. 
matt – drums, Paul – upright bass, Eric – tenor/soprano sax

4.8.06: Forgotton Sol 
singer, songwriter

4.15.06: Spicer Trio 
organ jazz and soul 
Nathan Spicer – keys, Jeff Fielder – guitar/vocals, Chris Stromquist – drums

4.22.06: Bruce Hamilton
 electro-acoustic improvisation 
with Raymond May

4.29.06: Billy Mintz
 solo kit drum performance

5.6.06: William Barton Stuart Dempster
 digeridoos, trombones and percussion

5.13.06: Jim O’Halloran Quintet
 latin jazz
 jim – flute, Jeff Busch – perc., Ricardo Guity – perc., Chris Stromquist – drums, Dean Schmidt – electric bass

5.20.06: Jason Anderson 
improvised electronic music 
guitar, sampler, laptop, stick, stone, arrowhead

5.27.06: L’Aguafois
 jam band 
Daniel Landin – guitar, Ben Burns – sax, Jamie Stillman – drums/harp, Brendon Hoagan – keys, Aaron Shelly – bass

6.3.06: Dirty Culprits 
funk band 
Birch Pereira – bass, Cameron Peace – guitar, Ben Krulewitch – rhodes, David Bush – drums, Art Brown – sax

6.10.06: Eric Barber Quartet 
new music ensemble 
Eric – saxes, Jesse Canterbury – clarinets, Tom Swafford – violin, Gust Burns – piano

6.17.06: Steve Roden
 lowercase sound

6.24.06: PK and What Army
 15 piece large band
paul Kemmish – bass/leader, Jessica Lurie – sax/director

7.1.06: Emma Zunz 
dark torch songs
 Cristen Miller – vocals/guitar, Annie Lewandowski – vocals/guitar/accordian

7.8.06: Anansi 
 Jim knodle – leader/trumpet

7.15.06: Degerate Art Ensemble
 art songs, theatre, performance
 Alex Guy, Joshua Kohl, Haruko Nishimura, Josh Stewart, Paris Hurley, Ambrose Nortness, Paul Walsh

7.22.06: Oval League 
4th world new music
 Bill Wolford – banjo/guitar/mandoline, Dave Faigin – cajon/perc., Todd Baker – electric bass, Olli Klomp – uke/voice

7.29.06: Tom Baker Quartet
 chamber jazz 
Tom – guitar/fretless guitar, Jesse Canterbury – clarinets, Brian Cobb – bass, Greg Campbell – drums

8.5.06: Waves 
wall of sound 
Mary Genova – guitars, Don Blair – drums

8.12.06: Aiko Shimada with Michael Stegner
 singer, songwriter

8.19.06: Ghosting 
electro-acoustic improvisation 
Zachary Reno, Janice McKeachern, JP Jenkins

8.26.06: Seewall 
 Ryan Berg – electric bass, Mike Weiser – keys, Tom Zgonc – drums

9.2.06: Kazutaka Nomura 
guitar and voice

9.9.06: Bob Rees Greg Campbell 
percussion improvisation

9.16.06: Pocket Change
 funk band 
Scott Morning – trumpet, Art Brown – alto sax, Jon Armstrong – tenor sax, Cameron Peace – guitar, Orlando Morales – rhodes, Jake Amster – bass, Tarik Abouzied – drums

9.23.06: Lullabelle’s Junk Shop
 beat and noise bath 
Alex Lopez – vocals/keys, David Lutz – laptop/bass, Jeff Robinson – laptop/ guitar/ keys

9.30.06: Tangent Trio 
latin jazz for trio 
Ben Thomas – vibes/ bandoneon, Eric Likkel – clarinets, Jovino Santo-Neto – piano/ melodica

10.7.06: Dead Men 
funk band
 Adam Gross – drums, Jon Armstrong – tenor sax, Art Brown – alto sax, Scott Morning – trumpet, Birch Pereira – bass, Brooks Miner – keys

10.14.06: Assisted Living 
 Jason Kopec and Dan Kaufman – samplers, keys, bass, field recordings

10.21.06: Tom Varner Trio
 chamber jazz 
Tom – french horn, Eric Barber- saxes, Greg Campbell – percussion with Gust Burns – piano

10.28.06: Dub Championz
 live dub 
Lennox Holness – bass, Adrian Xavier – vocals/perc., David Carpenter – drums, J.C. Bogle – keys, John Ryser – sax, Pete Remine – dub process

11.4.06: David Haney with Alex Hutchinson and Adam Diller 
free jazz
 david – piano, alex – bass, Adam – saxes

11.11.06: Fantastapotamus
 Sam Krulewitch – keys/bass keys, Ian Caputo – guitar/bass guitar, Sam Berrett – drums

11.18.06: Greg Sinibaldi Group
Geoff Harper – bass, Mark Taylor – alto sax, Byron Vannoy – drums, Ryan Burns – rhodes, Greg Sinibaldi – tenor sax

11.25.06: Megatron 
soul jazz
 Paul Chandler – trumpet/efx, Delvon Dumas – hammond B-3, bass keys, Julian MacDonough – drums

12.2.06: Anna Homler and friends 
 Anna Homler – voice/toys, Liz Falconer – koto, Susie Kozawa – percussion / sounds, Lori Goldston – cello, Stu Dempster – trombone/percussion, Bill Horist – guitar

12.9.06: Bennington Blaney Swafford
 free jazz
 Jimmy Bennington – drums, Paul Blaney – bass, Tom Swafford – violin

12.16.06: Grey Filastine
 smashed up international street beats 
laptop, darbouka, loudspeakers, triggers, junk

12.23.06: Nepotistas 
latin soul jazz
 Jacques Willis – vibes, Lorne Watson – congas/percussion, Ivo Naicou – drums, Paul Fischer – guitar, Nathan Spicer – organ

12.30.06: Bang Kung Assn.
radio traveler 
field recordings and processing


1.6.07: Aunt Jamamas Big Band Vigilantes 
electric jam band 
dennis jolin – gtr, michael McDermott – bass, Brett Sokolowsky – sax, Scott Humphreys -keys, michael Perry – drums

1.13.07: Greg Gilmore / Steve Fisk
 duo improv set 
greg – percussion, loops, steve – sampler

1.20.07: bisio giardullo, blakeley, mintz 
new jazz music

1.27.07: However 
quiet sound
 Angelina Baldoz – trumpet, mutes, flutes, Jaison Scott – percussion, Torben Ulrich – voicings, Lori Goldston – cello

2.3.07: Sasson 
new klezmer 
Eli rosenblatt – gtr,vox, keith judelman – double bass, vox, benjimin gown – accordian – vox, adam kessler – perc, shawn weaver – clarinet, sax Lalo Bello – congas, perc.

2.10.07: Yann Novak 
performance specific composition of altered field recordings

2.17.07: Loop 2 4 3 
original percussion duo
 vast percussion array Lorne Watson and Thomas Kozumplik

2.24.07: Industrial revelation 
new jazz music
 D’Vonne Lewis – drums, Aham Oluo – trumpet, Josh Rawlings – pno, fender rhodes, Evan Flory-Barnes – bass

3.3.07: Sil2k ensemble 
large game improv system

3.10.07: David Kwan
 jsp gallery artist 
electronics and field recordings

3.17.07: Deal’s Number 
improv trio from monktail 
mark ostrowksi – drums, john seman – bass, billy monto – sax

3.24.07: Perri Lynch / clark Wiegman
 field recordings and electronic beats 
title of hour is “Shear”

3.31.07: Jack Gold / Chris Pugh 
a symphony for guitar and drums 
jack – drums, chris – electric guitar

4.7.07: Katie Gately 
processed field recordings 

4.14.07: Soul Kata
 soul jazz
 katrina Wible – vox, nate omdal – elec bass, will holiday – drums, josh rawlings – keys, vox

4.21.07: Gust Burns 
inside piano performance 
gust – piano and dowl rods

4.28.07: The Tiptons
 new music for 4 saxes and drums
 jessica lurie – alto,tenor,vox, Amy Denio – alto,vox, Tina Richerson – tenor,vox, Tobi Stone – bari,vox, Faith Stankevich – drums

5.5.07: Dean Moore w/Esther Sugai and Mike Shannon 
percussion music 
dean – percussion (gongs), esther – flute,melodica, perc, mike – cello, harmonium, guitar, perc.

5.12.07: Das Vibenbass 
new jazz music
 geoff larson – double bass, justin sorensen – vibes, jc bockman- drums, josh clifford – tenor sax

5.19.07: Guardian Ear
 new chamber music
 clark battle- cello, irene alexander – oboe, john delp – percussion, jeth rollins odom – guitar

5.26.07: Sufferin’ Fuckheads
 club funk and jazz 
ron weinstein – hammond b-3, craig flory – sax, mike peterson – drums, tom marriot – trumpet, dave marriot – trombone, melodica

6.2.07: Monster Defiance Headquarters
extreme guitar noise

6.9.07: Animist Orchestra #2 
improv using natural materials 
recorded live at The Chapel at good shepard eric lanzillotta, rachael jackson, dave knott, mike shannon, david stanford, dean moore, suzie kozawa, esther sugai, bob millis and carl lierman

6.16.07: EQLateral Ensemble
 electric chamber music
j ohn ames – cello, peter toms – bass, susan dumett – vox, sebastian lange -violin

6.23.07: Library Science
 playful electro-dub music
 peter lynch – guitar, keys, xylophone, courtney barnebey – keys, melodica, Andy Arkley – bass

6.30.07: Son Of Rose 
grand piano treatments 
piano and processing

7.7..07: Spider Trio
 free garage skronk 
david abramson – drums, Jeffrey Taylor – guitar, Wally Shoup – alto sax

7.14.07: Syphilis Sauna

7.21.07: Seattle Phonographers Union #2 
ensemble improvisation with unprocessed field recordings
dale lloyd, toby paddock, chris delaurenti, pete comley, katie gately, steve barsotti, johathan way, mark griswold rob millis

7.28.07: Sunship 
swinging intergalectric jazz 
andrew luthringer – bass, david revelli – drums, stuart dempster – trombone, michail monhart – sax, brian heaney – guitar

8.4.07: Snoose Junction 
electric jam band 
5-track- guitar, john foss – vox, john leighton beezer – guitar, wes amundsen- upright bass, evan strauss – elec. Bass, vince amades – drums

8.11.07: Omake &Johnson 
off-shore, urban electro-acoustic folk
dave knott and matt shoemaker – lots of acoutic and electronic sounds

8.18.07: CytoSoul
 new down tempo jazz music
 birch pereira – bass, Cynthia dillard – piano/vox, adam gross – drums, Art brown – sax

8.25.07: AeSense of Time 
electric reggae funk jazz
keith judelman – bass/vox, bryan griese-gardner – trumpet/vox, dan rapport – gtr, jake evans-dr, delvon dumas – keys, ivan glavez -perc

9.1.07: Sonicabal
 large game improv system

9.8.07: Ziggurat Quartet
 new jazz music
 bill anschell – pno, byron vannoy – dr, doug miller – bs, eric barber – saxes

9.15.07: Khazak 
michele khazak – keys/vox, eli rosenblatt – guitar, adam kessler-drums, birch pereira – bass

9.22.07: Mark Wand
 laptop performance
 drum n bass, techo, processing

9.29.07: Hat and Beard
 composed and improvised music for 2
 dan blunk – woodwinds, ken paine – percussion

10.6.07: your drugs my money/ la Maison
split improv show
 alex smith and garret farmer are la maison and your drugs is justin borer, philip kruse and patrick muich. Mostly electronic and old sound sources

10.13.07: Orkestar Zirkonium 
balkin music
 12 players

10.20.07: Breath Play 
new music
 byron au young – water, chinese perc, er-hu, vox, piano christopher yohmei blaudel – shakuhachi

10.27.07: Kuru Cult
ethan cudaback – dr, zack shaw – sax/electronics, timm mason – bass/electronics, simon henneman – gtr and sax

11.3.07: Jim Haynes
 drones, field recordings, tactile objects
electro-acoustic solo performance jsp gallery artist

11.10.07: The Curious Mystery
 art pop music 
nicholas gonzolez-vox gtr original inst., Shana Cleveland – vox,autoharp,banjo, guitar andrew frank – bass, faustine hudson – dr

11.17.07: In Lake’ch
 psychedelic jazz rock 
andy coe – guitar, gary palmer – keys, jacob evans – drums

11.24.07: BNSF 
trio impro at Balmer yard

12.1.07: Fuchs Lebaron kirchman muller 
live at polestar improvisation

12.8.07: Tiffany Lin 
prepared piano music of john cage 
prepared piano

12.15.07: Cod Launcher 
electro improv. 
dennis jolin – drums/vox, blett sokolowsky – sax,perc,zither, aaron stepp – bass

12.22.07: Stephen Cavit and Ken Masters 
composed and improvised music for 2
 stephen – drums and ken on electric and acoustic guitars

12.29.07: Burning Man 2007
 location recordings on the playa
 dj sound systems at burning man


1.5.08: Evelyn Bosker 
jazz hybrid 
Matt Morrish Chris Proft James Carragher

1.12.08: Rick Mandyck Gregg Keplinger #2
jazz and improvisation 
rick – electric guitar gregg – drums

1.19.08: Portland Bicycle Ensemble
 improvisation on bicycles

1.26.08: Goat
 metal noise instrumental 
skiff Feldspar – guitar, Denali Williams – drums Greg Sinibaldi – EWI, tenor sax

2.2.08: knot pine box (karen Hancock)
singer songwriter

2.9.08: Big Neighborhood 
new jazz
 doug miller – bass, david white – guitar, steve korn – drums, chris fagen – alto sax

2.16.08: I, Norton (Gino Robair) 
opera. large ensemble

10.20.08: correspondents 
indi-chamber music 
johnny Goss – bass/synth, doug arny -gtr, olie eshleman – gtr, Ola Hungerford – clarinet/synth

3.1.08: PK and What Army
 big band jazz improv

3.8.08: Moraine 
dennis rea -gtr, alica allen – violin, ruth davidson – cello, jay jaskot – dr, kevin millard – bass, warr gtr

3.15.08: Synth Clu b
electro – dance improv

3.22.08: The Teaching 
josh rawlings – elec. Piano, perc. Vox, Jeremy Jones – drums, Evan Flory-Barnes – bass, vox

3.29.08: Monktail Raymond Scott Project 
large ensemble playing music of R.S.
 large ensemble monktail creative concern

4.5.08: Phillip Arnautoff #2
performs Soliloquy
 playing the harmonic cannon

4.12.08: Unused Lexical Variable
 chamber music
 robert blatt – ac gtr/processing, Jeremy Jolley -guitar, John Teske – upright bass and processing

4.19.08: Dub Champions
 reaggae dub played live

4.26.08: Figeater 
improv noise, texture 
beth fleenor – clar, bs.clar, vox mike hams – percussion, Jeff Huston – guitar/electronics

5.3.08: James Whiton and the downtown apposiles 

5.10.08: Andy Sells Michael Stegner 
new music 
andy – drums, michael – keyboards

5.17.08: Dorsey Dunn 
asp gallery artist electronics 
gallery artist

5.24.08: Tangent Trio 

5.31.08: Skerik
 electronics, saxes, etc

6.7.08: Threat of Beauty 
ensemble jazz

6.14.08: Jonathan Way
 field recordings 
improv with field recordings and processing

6.21.08: Here Now 
instant composition 
cody rahn – drums, perc, elec charlie smith – keys,sax,bass, guitar

6.28.08: Paundy 
indi-improv ensemble 
9 players

7.5.08: michael Owcharuk sextet 
katie mosehauer – violin, Jim Knodle – trumpet, beth fleenor – clarinet, michael – piano, nate omdal – bass, mike hams -drums

7.12.08: Jason Kopec
 field recordings
field recordings and processing

7.19.08: Anomie Belle
 trip hop and downtempo 
toby campbell with penelope sheets – keys, anna wiliams – vox, bryan smith – sax, peter lynch – trumpet

7.26.08: Pontius Pilot s
piano with samples and triggers
victor noriega – piano robert nelson – sequencer and sampler

8.2.08: Dave Knott Large Ensemble
 improv with original instruments

8.9.08: Black Friday
 free jazz 
paul kemmish – bass matt norman – piano

8.16.08: Bagger 288
 improv with electronics, etc
 john farrell and john fisher

8.23.08: 3 spot 
club jazz 
reshard radford – piano, keys michael catts – basses, mike hams – drums and vibes

8.30.08: Yellow Hat Band 
brass and perc marching music 
lesli dalaba -director 11 players

9.6.08: grey filastine
 dj and electronics

9.13.08: David Haney Sextet
 free jazz
 frank clayton -dr, dan blunk – sax, doug haning – clarinet, juan pablo carletti – drums, marc smason – trombone, david haney – piano

9.20.08: Analog America
 sound and instrument improv to answer phone tapes
garrett kelly- phone tapes and field recordings, Amber Kai Morgan – same as garrett doug arney and olie eschleman – guitars and efx

9.27.08:Chris Stover Quartet 
new music

chris – trombone, victor noriega – piano, byron vannoy – drums, chris symer – bass

10.4.08: Oval League
 new music

10.11.08: bucher muller van der schyff
 free jazz
 john butcher – saxes, torsten muller – bass dylan van der schyff – percussion

10.18.08: Sylvi Alli 
solo singer songwriter 
vox piano instruments and process

10.25.08: Martin Bland #2 
radomized control trials 
8 cdr players

11.1.08: Fish Out of Water 
flaconer kozawa nakmari

11.8.08: Neil Welsh and the Narmada Project 
neil – tenor sax, brian kinsella – piano, cam peace – guitar, luke bergman – bass, chris icasiano – drums

11.15.08: Meepers / Morta Haze
johnathan Hewes – meepers Estebon Ocha – morta haze

11.22.08: Free World Jazz 
fusion jazz 
keith judelman – bass, andy coe – guitar, jason chamblis – trumpet, phil parasot – drums, lalo bello – perc, ivan galvez – perc

11.29.08: ER Don with Foscil 
samples and beats with live band
er – mpc 2000, guitar tyler swan – drums, adam swan -rhodes, anthony moore- bass clarinet and trumpet

12.6.08: Milo Peterson trio
milo electric guitar chuck kistler – bass brad boal- drums

12.13.08: Bombergirl 
experimental music
 ed davis- computer, keys, violin Abbey Dehnert- vocals, keys stuart Arentzen – guitar, phonograph and lo-fi electronics

12.20.08: Cherry Ghosts
zack shaw – reeds and percussion, matt norman- piano, keys ethan cudaback – drums, samples

12.27.08: seattle harmonic voices
harmonic singing


1.3.09: Spicer Trio
 organ jazz

1.10.09: Uncle Pooch
 jazz noise improv 
greg sinibaldi -ewi, noise, denali Williams – drums, Tony Stevens -guitar, Shane smith – bass, noise

1.17.09: Billy Mintz 
drum solo

1.24.09: Sparkle Girl 
improv sound
 jim evans and kurt delaney

1.31.09: Brass and Nickel Septet
Tom Varner – fr.horn, Chris Stover -trom, Brad Gibson – dr, Clark Gibson – horns,flute, John Silverman – bas, Ben Thomas -vibes, Andrew Boscardin – guitar, leader.

2.7.09: Matt Shoemaker #2 
electronics, atmospherics

2.14.09: Manghis Khan 
latin afro jazz 
Yaw Amponsah – ashanti drum, djembe, Tony Grasso – tr, Viren Kamdar – cajon, congas, Tim Carey – bass

2.21.09: Baker Moore Duo
 Dean Moore – gongs, bells, Tom Baker – electric guitar

2.28.09: Andrew Oliver Kora Ensemble 
Kane Mathis – kora, guitar, Jim Knodle – tr, Andrew Oliver – piano, Brady Millard-kish – bass, Mark Di Florio – dr

3.7.09: Marc Barreca #2 
electronics, synth s

3.14.09: Bert Wilson and Rebirth

3.21.09: Yo Kai No Uta Trio
KVN HTM, Bert and Jody Mckane – all instruments

3.28.09: Jesse Canterbury and Vertigo 
new music 
Jesse Canterbury – clarinets, Lori Goldston – cello, Chris Stover – trom, Tom Baker – guitar.

4.4.09: Pete Comley #2 
Field recordings and electronics
a sound collage for radio

4.11.09: Matt Crane, Paul Kemmish, Eric Barber
free improv

4.18.09: Paintings For Animals 
structured improv 
Pearson Wallace-Hoyt with evan gilman – gtr, jackie Ah and costi Parveuleco – violins

4.25.09: Ahamefule Oluo and the New Brass Ensemble
 new jazz music
 11 players. Aham – composer, conductor and piano. Vocals and lyrics by soulchilde

5.2.09: Andy Clausen Group
Andy Clausen – trom, Corey Dansereau – tr, Xavier Del Castillo – tenor sax, Gus Carns – piano, Nolan Woodle – bass, Evan Woodle – dr.

5.9.09: Jason Anderson 

5.16.09: Blue Cranes 
Reed Wallsmith – alto, Sly Pig – tenor, Rebecca Sanborn – pno, keys, Keith Brush – bass, Ji Tanzer – drums

5.23.09: Luna Moth 
improv, drone 
Kenny Day – dr, Levi Fuller – bass, Mark Schlipper – guitar

5.30.09: Josh Rawlings Trio
josh Rawlings – piano, Nate Omdal – bass, Adam Kessler – dr

6.6.09: Tim and Jeremy Carter 

6.13.09: Orville Johnson 
acoustic ensemble music 
Orville Johnson – dobro, mandolin, guitar, vox, John Miller – guitar, Paul Elliot – violin, Keith Lowe – bass

6.20.09: Joie Tet 
 James Dejoie – woodwinds, Evan Buehler – vibes, Walter White – bass, Randy Doak – drums

6.27.09: Dale Lloyd
 field recordings
 sound artist

7.4.09: Guitar Monks 
duo music 
Tim Young and Andri Otraskin – acoustic guitars Rebroadcast

7.11.09: Triptet 
jazz improv
 Michael Monhart – sax,perc, Tom Baker – guitar, Greg Campbell – dr

7.18.09: 100 Pieces 
noise and beats 
Kristopher Takasumi – beats, Joy Von Spain – electronics

7.25.09: Reptet
Izaak Mills – woodwinds, Samantha Boshnak – trumpet, flugelhorn, John Ewing – dr, Tim Carey – bass, Nelson Bell – tuba, trom, Chris Credit – saxes

8.,1.09: Jason Kahn
 sythesis and cymbals 
synthesizer and bass snare drum

8.8.09: Hardcoretet
 Art Brown – alto, Aaron Otheim – keyboads, Tim Carey – bass, Tarik Abouzied – dr

8.15.09: Diminished Men 
surf noir
 Steve Schmitt – guitar, Dave Abramson – dr, Simon Heieman – bass, Sam Wambach – sax

8.22.09: Ian Stokes#2 
analog synthesis

8.29.09: McTuff Trio 
organ jazz 
presents the Dave Lewis Revue. Joe Doria – organ, Andy Coe – guitar, D’Vonne Lewis

9.5.09: Perish The Island
Mark Schlipper – drums and lapsteel, Greg Miller – bass and noises

9.12.09: Rated X
 Miles Davis tribute band

9.19.09: Lattorre and Wickham-Smith 
electronic music
 split show – laptop work

9.26.09: Pop Art 4
 serge gainsborgh tribute band 
Todd Bishop – dr, leader, Rich Cole – sax, Dan Duval and Chris Mosely – guitars, Jaon Goessl – bass.

10.3.09: Anjuman
 rhumba meets raga 
Pgil Georgas – bass, Seth Littlefield – drums, Chaz Hastings – perc, Brandon Mcintosh – sarod

10.10.09: Steinwagon 
dual pianos and rhodes

10.17.09: Vusac 
laptop and electronics 
Isaac Peachin – laptop and keyboards

10.24.09: Toy Box Trio 
composed music 
Nate Lee – tuba, Dana Wen – toy piano, Harlan Glotzer – english concertina

11.1.09 START SUNDAY AIRTIME: Rob Angus 
ambient industrial
 sampled and acoustic instruments.

11.8.09: White Lady 
electric jazz

11.15.09: Wishyunu 
Tony Bertaccini – drums, Bei Yan – synth

11.22.09: Matthew Sperry, Gino Robair, Christian Asplund

11.29.09: Brother Raven 
ambient improv 
Jamie Potter and Jason Anderson – analog synthesis and tapes

12.6.09: Madly In Dub 
dub music 
Dartagnan – vox, Michele Tomyuk – tabla, beats samples, Sarry – keys, gtr, beats, Todd Pruitt – bass, keys

12.13.09: Michael Vlatkovich Trio
 2 trombones and drums jazz

12.20.09: Unlearn 
new music 
Greg Feruson – drums, James Key – keys, guitar, Christian Taylor – keys, guitar, perc. Jason Kopec – bass, keys, melodica

12.27.09: Stasis 
drone music


1.3.10: Vance Galloway Noise Poet Nobody 

improv with electronics and original instruments

1.10.10: Bad Luck
 jazz improv 
Neil Welch – sax, processing Chris Icasiano – drums

1.17.10: Cobra Session
 game ensemble

1.24.10: Obelus 
Adam Pessl – drums etc Jason Goessl – guitar, pedals, efx

1.31.10: Broken Mask 
ensemble music
 guitar, keys cassettes, voice Mike Shannon- cello,perc,kaen, etc

2.7.10: Ronin
 Kenny Mandell – sax,flute Don Berman -drums Nate Omdal – bass

2.14.10: New Art Orchestra 
Large ensemble improv

2.21.10: Matt Carlson 
electro-acoustic and digital synthesis

2.28.10: Ting Bu Dong
 fusion prog rock 
Atze Ton – bass, Dennis Rea – guitar, Jim Dejoie – sax, clar, Phil Rosplesch – guitar, Olli Klomp- drums

3.7.10: Broken Human Machine 

3.14.10: Asplund / Campbell 
Christian Asplund – piano, prepared piano Greg Campbell – percussion

3.21.10: flory teuber martinez weiner 
period jazz 
craig flory-sax, clarinet, Hans Teuber – flute, sax, clarinet, Matt Weiner – bass, Jose Martinez – drums

3.28.10: Fraser Havens
 solo compositions
 pedal steel guitar

4.4.10: Adam Diller Matt Crane

4.11.10: Jesse Paul Miller
 field recordings composition 
jpm – field recordings

4.18.10: Jason Parker quartet
 JP-trumpet, Josh Rawlings – piano, Evan Flory-Barnes – bass, D’Vonne Lewis – drums with Cynthia Mullis – tenor sax.

4.25.10: Fabulous Party Boys
 groove jazz
 Scott Macpherson – sax, Ray Larsen – tumpet, Andy Short – guitar, Jon Hansen – tuba, Marshall Petryni – drums, Elliot Gray – keys.

5.2.10: Bo Anderson / Atalyl 
noise location recordings

5.9.10: Yes, Well
Jeph Jerman and Dave Knott – misc. percussion, guitar, piano, voices

5.16.10: Steve Treseler Group
 ST- sax, clarinet, Taryn Webber – cello, Dawn Clement – piano/keys, Dean Schmidt – bass, Steve Korn – drums

5.23.10: Noisettes 

5.30.10: Shoup Corsano Horist Yeh
Wally Shoup – alto, Chris Corsano – drums, C. Spencer Yeh – violin, voice Bill Horist -guitar

6.6.10: Polyrhythmics 
groove jazz 
Bill Bloom – guitar, Grant Schroff – drums, Jason Gray – bass, lalo Bello – perc., Scott Morning – tumpet, Eli Clarh – trombone, Art Brown – sax.

6.13.10: Ellen Fullman
long string instrument

6.20.10: Ph0n0n 
Chris Harris – electronics

6.27.10: Olympic Sound Collective #2 
organ funk 
Damien Aitken -sax, Nate Spicer – B3 organ, Mike Saskor – guitar, Charlie Workman – drums

7.4.10: Jabon 
Scott Colburn – keys and sounds

4.11.10: I, Norton 
opera conducted by Gino Robair with large Seattle ensemble

7.18.10: Oyo 
hip hop
 – electronics, guitar, Mextacy – vox, Ifthen -mc, vocals, Swim – vox

7.25.10: Doomsday Device
 jazz fusion 
Scott Morning – trumpet, Aaron Jenkins – sax, Adam Kessler – drums, Nate Omdal – bass, Rich Pellegrin – keys

8.1.10: Eli Rosenblatt 
klezer, cuban swing 
Timba Harris – violin, Hadi Asil – tar, Ahamefule J. Oluo – trumpet and woodwinds, Eli Rosenblatt – vox, guitar

8.8.10: The Curious Mystery 
 swamp pop

8.15.10: Dan Duval Sextet 
 Lee Elderton – sax, Mary-Sue Tobin – sax Tom Garcia – sax, Dan Duval – guitar, Joaquin Toler – bass, Todd Bishop – drums

8.22.10: Jonathan Way  
field recordings composition

8.29.10: Erin Jourgensen  
marimba music 
EJ – marimba and vocals

9.5.10: ER Don and Focsil 
electro funk

9.12.10: Zen Tornado 
electric jazz
 Rik Wright – guitar, Jim Parsons – drums, James DeJoe – woodwinds, Walter White – bass

9.19.10: Wyndel Hunt 
electronic music

9.26.10: Robinson Smason Davis
 free jazz 
Perry Robinson – clarinet, Marc Smason – trombone, Dalton Davis – drums

10.3.10: Afro Cop
 club funk 
Andy Sells – drums, Jayson Powell – perc, Quinton Musgrove – bass, Noel Brass Jr. – keys, Collin Higgens – guitar

10.10.10: Harry Zeitlan
 solo improv 
hz – acoutic guitar

10.17.10: Rich Pellegrin Quintet
 Rich Pellegrin – piano, Neil Welch – sax, Scott Morning – trumpet, Evan Flory-Barnes -bass, Chris Icasiano -drums

10.24.10: Cipher 
quartet improv

10.31.10: Lara Candland Christian Asplund
Lara Candland – vox, texts Christian Asplund – electronics

11.7.10: Jon Sheckler Group 
JS – drums, Devin Duval – sax, Robin Cain – bass, Seth Ahnert – piano

11.14.10: Steve Barsotti 
 invented instruments and field recordings

11.21.10: David Haney 
 solo piano

11.28.10: KJ Sawka  
live drum and bass

12.5.10: Combo Craig 
organ jazz 
archive series

12.12.10: Paul Hoskin 
solo improv contra-bass clarinet

12.19.10: Spyn Reset fusion jazz
 full band

12.26.10: Roger Nelson 
Satie’s Vexations
 solo piano excerpt from JSP presentation



1.2.11: Rai  
jazz funk 
mike saskor -gtr and leader

1.9.11: However
 voice and improv

1.16.11: Helix
Eric Barber – tenor Greg Sinibaldi – tenor Greg Campbell and paul Kicuchi – drums kits

1.23.11: Labyrinth and the Desert 
electronics, keys, noise and overtones
Andrew McInnis – keys and electronics

1.30.11: David Marriott’s Pop Culture 
new jazz music
 MarcFendel – alto, Geoff Harper – bass, Brad Gibson – dr, David Marriott jr. – trombone

2.6.11: Brown Cloud
 noise composition 
Andrew Swanson – sax and keys, Chris Icasiano – dr, Kristian Garrard – guitar and electronics

2.13.11: Yann Novak 
electronic atmospheric

2.20.11: Uncle Pooch #2
experi – metal
 Tony Stevens – guitar, Shane Smith – bass, Denali Williams – drums Greg Sinibaldi – EWI

2.27.11: Foday Musa Suso
 music for kora and voice 
Foday – kora, voice, electronics

3.6.11: Rob Millis

3.13.11: Crosstalk
 new chamber music 
Jesse Canterbury – clarinets, Tiffany Lin – piano, Brian Cobb – bass, Paul Kikuchi – drums

3.20.11: Critters Buggin’
cross genre splatter core 
sonarchy archive show

3.27.11: Pran 
dhrupad music for modern brass
 Greg Powers – trombone Stuart Dempster – digeridoo, etc

4.3.11: Orkestar Zirconium
 balken big band

4.10.11: Gravity
 funky jazz and electronica
 tim kennedy – keys, Ian Sheridan – bass Claudio Rochat-Felix – drums

4.17.11: Neil Welch 
solo sax improvisations

4.24.11: Satellite by night
CjJ Lazenby – guitar, charango, vox, Mike Antone – gtr, lapsteel, vox, and supporting band

5.1.11: Library Science
 electronics and dub

5.8.11: Aunt Jamma’s big band vigilantes #2
 jam band
 5 players

5.15.11: Das Dhoom 
ethnic vibe – cross cultural 
James Whetzel – voice, sarod, synth, beats, Sebastian Lange – violin, beats, synth

5.22.11: Jamie Potter 
electronic music

5.29.11: Water Babies 
Brad Gibson – dr, Aaron Kassover -bass, Josh Rawlings – keys, Jason Parker – tr and flgl.

6.5.11: Anismist Orchestra #2 
natural materials improv

6.12.11: Panabrite 
electronic music
 Norm Chambers – hardware electronics

6.19.11: Dos(e) 2nd set 
organ jazz

6.26.11: Kinski
 noise rock improv 
Lucy Atkinson – bass, Chris Martin and Matthew Reid – Schwartz – guitars, Barrett Wilke -drums

7.3.11: Seattle Phonographers Union #2

7.10.11: Orkes Manohara
 experimental javanese music
 Krusnedi Sukarwanto – cello, ukelele, voice, Maeg O’Donoghue – Williams – voice, ukelele, shruti box

7.17.11: Hat and Beard 
jazz duo

7.24.11: Kaleidosaur 
live sound collage 
Malaki Stahl – guitar, loops, efx, Jeff Gardiner – drums, synth loops, Mark Shepherd – sequencer, samples, loops, synth

7.31.11: Double Yoko 
Beth Fleenor – clarinets, voice, electronics, Paris Hurley – violin, voice, tape recorders

8.7.11: Rich Halley Quartet #2 
jazz compositions
 Rich Halley – tenor sax, flute, perc, Michael Vlatkovich – trombone, perc, Clyde Reed – bass, Carson Halley – drums

8.14.11: Loop 2 4 3 
percussion compositions

8.21.11: Racer Session #1 
improv collective
 Jared Borkowski – guitar, David Balatero – cello, Andrew Swanson – keys, sax, Rob Hanlon – EWI, Naomi Siegel – trombone

8.28.11: Santos Ensemble
 jazz and hip hop 
Phil Sparks – bass, Leif Totusek – guitar, Bob Antolin – saxes and flute, Pete Schmeeckle – drums and MC

9.4.11: Derek M. Johnson
 electro-acoustic music for cello 
Derek – cello, electronics and amplification

9.11.11: Cascadia 10
 afro – beat 
Tracy Ferrara – tenor sax, Bele Bele – clave, Jayson Powell – congas, Jon Ryer – bari, Steve Steele – guitar, JJ Moon – guitar, Kevin Burkett – bass, Moose Barber – trumpet, Andy Sells – drums

9.18.11: Jason Kopec
 field recordings

9.25.11: Trimtab
 fusion jazz 
Jason Goessl – guitar, Peter Cali – bass, Brian Oppel – drums

10.2.11: Degenerate Art Ensemble 06 
large ensemble new music

10.9.11: Blue Monster 
organ blues and jazz
 Jason Lollar – B3, keys, James Harrington – bass, Ken Jacobsen – guitar, Donovan Curry – perc, Nigel Browne – drums

10.16.11: Eric Apoe and They #2 
Eric Apoe – guitar, voice, Alicia Dejoie – violin, Danny Godinez – guitar, Tige DeCoster – bass

10.23.11: Steve Roden 

10.30.11: Oosik 
electro – acoustic 
Evan Schillier – electronics Branden Harper – drums

11.6.11: Comfort Food
 fusion jazz 
Bob Antolin – winds, guitar, Kamal Abdul-Alim – trumpet, Rady Clere – bass, John Ferrer – guitar, Rob Pastorle – keys, Kofi Anang – djembe and perc., Sammy Alamillo – drums

11.13.11: Anna Homler 2006 
voice and improv

11.20.11: Choro Loco
Rosalyn de Roos – clarinet, flute, Marc Smason – trombone, Stuart Zobel – guitar, Amy Rubin – accordian, Tony Taylor – panderio

11.27.11: Racer Session #2 
improv collective 
Kate Olson- soprano sax, clarinet, Steve Treseler – tenor sax, bass clarinet, Don Berman, Jen Gilleran and Brandon Lucia – drum kits

12.4.11: Jason Wolford
 ambient electronics
 Jason – electronics

12.11.11: Hexaphonic 3 
improv jazz
 Bruce Greeley – bass clarinet, Mike Sentkewitz – bass, Ryan Burt – dr

12.18.11: Christian Asplund Ensemble 
new chamber music
 Christian Asplund -viola, Eyvind Kang – violin, Brad Hawkins – cello, Greg Campbell – perc, Michael Lee – narrator

12.25.11: Vapor Music 
drone process
 field recordings and process


1.1.12 Last Doghouse New Years Sing-a-long
Location recording

1.8.12 Brain Fruit
Electronic music
Jon Carr – machine drums and synths, Chris Davis – synths and processing

1.15.12 Eric Ostrowski and King Frog
Free noise improvisation
Eric bass violin and bugle, Hazel Ostrowski – timpini, vocals, Ian Ostrowski – guitar and Garrett Kelly – drums

1.22.12 RM Francis
Computer music

1.29.12 Racer Session #3
Free improvisation collective
Gregg Keplinger – drums, Simon Henneman – guitar, Natalie Hall – cello, Vincent LaBelle – trombone and Aaron Otheim –synth.

2.5.12 Robert Millis with Jesse Paul Miller
A sonic interaction with Rob’s JSP gallery installation entitled Fragments of a Story

2.12.12 Eric Barber’s Metrilodic
New jazz music
Eric – saxophones, pocket synth, iPad, Paul Kemmish – electric bass and Olli Klomp – percussion

2.19.12 Kagel
Electro-acoustic ensemble

2.26.12 Fluke
Jazz trio exploring composer, James Knapp’s compositions.
Brian Kinsella – piano, Chris Symer – bass and Chris Icasiano – drums

3.4.12 The Schwa + Science
Avant-ambient jazz music
Justin Sorensen – vibes, Geoff Larson – bass, Chris Credit – reeds, Bob Rees – percussion and Robb Davidson – electronics and science.

3.11.12 KGT Trio
Free improvisation
Kate Olson – tenor and soprano sax, Gary Prince – guitar and Tim Cohen – drums

3.18.12 Sentient Explosive
Industrial atmospherics
Dean Moore – electro-acoustic percussion and Noisepoetnobody – modular syth and vocals.

3.25.12 Burnlist
New directions in jazz
Greg Sinibaldi – tenor sax, Cuong Vu – trumpet and processing, Aaron Otheim – keys and Chris Icasiano – drums.

4.1.12 Yesod
Ethnic/jazz hybrid
Ahmad Yousefbeigi – percussion, cajone, Bill Wolford – banjo, guitar, trumpet, mandolin and Jerry Schroeder – bass

4.8.12 Non-Grata #2
Free improvisation big band
14 players from the Montail collective organized by John Seman

4.15.12 Mutant Data Orchestra
Hardcore electronics from 2002

4.22.12 Zero Goose
New directions in jazz
Mark Taylor – alto sax, Jason Goessl – guitar, bass, Tom Zgonc – drums and Ryan Burns – rhodes piano and bass.

4.29.12 Wally Shoup Quartet
Free jazz
Wally – alto sax, Gust Burns – piano, John Seman – bass and Mark Ostrowski – drums

5.6.12 Peter Vukmirovic Stevens
New compostitions for piano and cello
Peter – piano and Paige Stockley – cello

5.13.12 Unsinkable Heavies
Soul jazz
Nathan Spicer – hammond B-3, clavinet, Ben Bloom – guitar, Jason Gray – bass, Art Brown – alto sax, flute and Grant Schroff – drums.

5.20.12 Jon Butcher and Gino Robair
Freely improvised music
Jon – reeds and Gino – percussion, piano.

5.27.12 Fungal Abyss
High-sound pressure psychodelics
Nathan Smurthwaite, Daryl LaRochelle and Aaron Mc Innis – guitars, Dorando Hodous – bass, Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy – drums and Sam Yoder – percussion.

6.3.12 Brent Arnold
New music for cello and electronics

6.10.12 Dull Knife
Electronics duo
Adam Svenson – bass, vocals and Garek Druss – synth, drum machine and vocals

6.17.12 Racer Session #4
Free improvisation collective
Neil Welch – saxophones, Chris Icasiano – drums, Evan Woodle – drums, Andrew Olmstead – piano and Andrew Swanson – clarinet

6.24.12 Phantom Empire
Sonarchy Archive Series
Robert Jenkins sonic event for radio

7.1.12 Erin Jourgenson
Marimba and vocals

7.8.12 Batholith
Fusion music
Ken Masters – baritone guitar, Dennis Rea – guitar, Geoff Harper – bass and Stephen Thomas Cavit – drums.

7.15.12 Echore
Pan-global music inspired by photographs
Esther Sugai and Michael Shannon – acoustic instrument, electronics and field recordings.

7.22.12 Systemwide
Sonarchy Archive Series
Live dub

7.29.12 Wah Wah Exit Wound
Prog rock
Dave Webb – guitar, Bowie McLean – bass, vocals and Warren Pease – drums.

8.5.12 David Kwan
Solo electronics

8.12.12 Sidewinder
Electric jazz fusion
Ryan Berg – bass, Jame DeJoie – reeds, flute, processing, Jim Knodle – trumpet, Everett Sarono – guitar and Dylan Savage – drums.

8.19.12 Byron Au Yong Ensemble
Sonic investigations
Byron – er-hu, vocals, Paul Kikuchi – percussion, Tari Nelson-Zagar – violin and Tiffany Lin – piano, toy piano.

8.26.12 Poontet
New jazz music
Brad Gibson – drums and compositions, Scott Morning – trumpet, Bryan Smith – alto sax, Ari Joshua – guitar, Gregg Belisle – guitar and Jason Gray –bass.

9.2.12 Carl Lierman
Solo electronic atmospheres

9.9.12 Eric Verlinde and Steve Kindler
Freely improvised music
Eric – piano and Steve – 6 and 9 string electric violins

9.16.12 Graham Hayes
Sonarchy Archive Series
Electric band

9.22.12 Bran Flakes
Sampling duo

9.30.12 Slumgum
New jazz music
Trevor Anderies – drums, Jonathan Armstrong – saxophones, Rory Cowal – piano and David Tranchina – bass.

10.7.12 William Barton Stuart Dempster
Sonarchy Archive Series
Digeridoo duo plus percussion and other instruments.

10.14.12 Chemical Clock
Instrumental fusion
Ray Larsen – trumpet, processing, Cameron Sharif – keys, Mark Hunter – bass and Evan Woodle – drums

10.21.12 Rippin’ Chicken
Organ trio
Delvon Lamarr – organ, bass keys, Ben Bloom – guitar and Olli Klomp – drums.

10.28.12 Small Face
Improvised chamber music
Aaron Otheim – piano, David Balatero – cello

11.4.12 Afro Cop

11.11.12 Noise-a-Tron
Noise drone rockers
Jason Bledsoe –drums, Lea Bledsoe – bass, keys and samples

11.18.12 Ply
New jazz music
Michael Owcharuk – piano, Beth Fleenor – clarinet, Paul Kemmish – bass and Max Wood – drums.

11.25.12 Bill Horist
Solo prepared guitar improvisations

12.2.12 Barricade
Sonarchy Archive Series
Reggie Watts, DJ Diskeyze and Mike Brown

12.9.12 Alex Guilbert Trio
Jazz trio
Alex – piano, Jeff Norwood – bass and Brad Gibson – drums

12.16.12 Lou Lou Hernandez
Circuit-bending genre jumpers
Ryan Tranum – sampler, Kate Olson – flute, bass clarinet, Alan Guitterez – keys, vocals, Daniel Comisky – text

12.23.12 Chad McCullough Ensemble
Chamber jazz
Chad – trumpet, Brent Jensen – soprano sax, Christian Pincock – trombone, Paul Gabrielson – bass and Dan Kramlich – piano.

12.30.12 Bang Kung Assn.
Field recordings and processing