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I recently posted a new album on  So very happy with how this project turned out.  While at first listen it seems simple, a closer listen should reveal how indeed it is simple and deep.  Deep in a way that only sound can reveal.    Only your attention is needed to listen to Melancholy Aura at  Here is an introduction. Melancholy is ambivalent and contradictory. Although it seems at once a very familiar term, it is extraordinarily elusive and enigmatic. It is something found not only in humans – whether pathological, psychological, or a mere passing mood – but in landscapes, seasons, and sounds. They too can be melancholy. twilight, cities and minor chords are also melancholy, evoking poignancy and the passing of time. In this selection of 19 two minute pieces I have found the sublime, dark and beautiful presence of melancholy. Don’t look for a definition of melancholy. Instead, listen for an undercurrent driven by our lives and the world we live in. What does melancholy sound like? That is the question I have asked.